5 Advantages and Disadvantages of a Small Family

A Small Family, also known as a nuclear family which only includes the children and their kids. Today, in the twenty-first century a nuclear family is most commonly seen unlike a few decades ago when a joint family was the only way of living life. Even though a nuclear family is much more promising to its constituents than a joint family, yet one couldn’t ignore the fact that a joint family is more nourishing and loving for the spirit of the elderly and children. Even though it is the way of life today, one sure needs to know the advantages and disadvantages of a small family.

Read on to discover the top 5 advantages and disadvantage of a small family.

Advantages of a small family

small family

1. Quality of life for your children is better

Since a nuclear family only has the parents as the senior authority, therefore, all the important decisions and choices for the children is in the hands of the parents and not the other elderly family members. The point here is to say that the quality of life of children is less miserable than that of a joint family. The child gets better attention and much better resources such as a good school and good food. It isn’t something like the children in the joint family eat bad food but the resources are divided in a joint family, unlike a small family.

2. The good economic growth of the family as a whole

As mentioned above, in a small family the resources are not as divided as in a joint family. In fact, parents with one or two children are the happiest given the fact that they can survive within the least amount of income with much better living conditions. If you ever think, why the government lays emphasis on smaller family, it is for the same reason. One can work more and earn more without too much of burden and dependence. Sooner or later, the children will come to an age where they will start contributing in the household income and the overall economy of a small family will only go on to get better.

3. Freedom to take decisions on your own

The major reason for the shift of upcoming generations towards smaller family is the fact that it gives them the liberty of making choices and taking their own decisions. It is most often observed that in a joint family any decision needs the approval of one and all adult in the family. Although, the decision is not always against your goodwill, yet one needs the freedom to be able to make mistakes and learn from them.

4. Better life quality for the Mother

In a joint family, all the stress comes on the women of the family. They have to be working all the time and if anyone wished to work for their living this liberty is not granted. Therefore, for the working mothers, a small family is most favorable. One can easily divide the daily chores into all the members of her small family. This will be a good way to teach the children about responsibility and family lessons which will help them when they grow up. So, this will be a great way to help your family by contributing to the family income. This way the mother is not always stressed and she can focus on the welfare of her children, the family and herself which is most often neglected when in a joint family.

5. Better education

It is the most obvious benefit of being in a small family, that is, promised higher education. Unlike in a joint family where the elderly are would want the grand kids to marry in a safe age, a small family would always want its children to receive as much education as they want. This is why the shift is happening because the new generation wants to be able to get an opportunity of building themselves good career before settling for matrimony. Career is the most important priority for a small family than marriage.

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Disadvantages of a small family

1. Introvert Children and not a well-rounded individual

No matter how much love the parents give to their children, a child deserves the love and attention of their grandparents during the initial years of their life. In order to ensure that your children grow up to be a well-rounded person who is humble, kind and good to all they need to experience the love and kind ambiance of a joint family. A child develops his own character and choices by looking at the ambulance around him. The most important character that a child learns in a joint family is sharing and caring for more than just you.

2. The children grow up selfish

As mentioned above, a child raised in a joint family grows up by learning the importance of sharing and caring. Whereas, in a small family the children grow up to be selfish and self-minded. It is most natural because of the fact that they are given everything they ask for. Even the relationship between siblings is not as good as that of a joint family.

3. The child grows up lonely

The worse fact about growing up in a small family is that the children in a small family have to cope with the loneliness that comes with it. Even though the parents are loving and caring, yet the fun of a joint family never happens. In a joint family, with a group of cousins and grandparents who will have your back is a major benefit of the joint family.

4. The family is without the blessing of its elderly

Every family needs to have the blessing of an elderly person. This is due to the fact that the elderly always cares for you and will always want the best for you. No matter how favorable the life may sound without them, yet it will be empty. Just as mentioned above, without the elderly a home is just a house with no spirit in it.

5. There is no binding force of love in a small family

This is the conclusion of the entire list of disadvantages which says that without the attention and care of elderly and knowing how to share the home is loveless. They will always be into the hustle and bustle of life that the love for the family will almost vanish away. Slowly, the parents will start to grow older and their children will grow apart from them just like they did.

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