AccuSure Gold Test Strips: Features, Uses, Pros and Cons

The noticeable fact of AccuSure, your goal test strip, is that designing is so perfect that it perform the accurate reading. The noble metal electrode Strip is an incredible option for precise readings. The monitoring done with this method helps people to identify the result without a doubt.

The blood sample required by the test strip is 1.4 microlitre. It is pretty less that results in virtually less pain. The design is easy to understand by people, so it is user-friendly. Plus, it keeps 150 test memories with date and time. It helps people compare their reading and comfortably reach their target goal without admission to hospitals. This strips are compatible with AccuSure Gold Glucometer machine.

AccuSure Gold Test Strips

Key uses of AccuSure gold test strip –

Self-testing the blood sugar level

Key benefits

  • The design of the strip consists of the noble metal electrode that is simple to use for testing blood sugar levels.
  • The instruction is straightforward that is user-friendly for all types of people, either elder or younger.
  • The amount of blood required for sampling is 1.4 microlitres.
  • It requires less blood amount, and the pain is also less when you are testing for the sugar level in the blood.
  • The result given by the test strip is precise and accurate to take into use frequently. As a result, it helps to achieve the target.

Directions for use

The AccuSure gold test strips are user-friendly strips that help determine the blood glucose level. Consider the following steps.

  • Place the test strips on the glucometer by examining the design of both strips and glucometer.
  • Prick the finger to provide the sample of the blood. Then, apply the blood on both the edges of the strip.
  • The result is immediate and will be shown on the blood glucose monitor screen.

This is the short and straightforward process of the blood test strip.

Safety Information

  • Be sure that before using test strips, your hands are entirely washed and dry. Then, it gives the appropriate reading.
  • Try not to squeeze your finger when picking the pin available on the test strip while taking a blood sample.
  • Storing the test strip at a cool and dry temperature between 4–30°C is convenient.
  • Read the instructions given on the package of test Strip carefully to make the best use of the strip.
  • Keep it away from the infant since the thin pin might hurt them and cause bleeding.

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