4 Smart Watches for Girls Who Love Technology

Technology is everywhere. And honestly, it sometimes feels like we are living in a sci-fi movie. While we are yet to have something as impressive as flying cars, we already got some other cool gadgets like wearable technology, AR and VR, drones, etc. Even after being surrounded by technological marvels, people still believe that it is only men who love technology. But then there you go. Here, we are trying to find the perfect smart watch for girls who love technology.


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The tech industry has a lot to offer anyone who is looking for a smart watch for girls. There is a range of high-tech wearables available in the market that do not compromise on the style factor. Now, these smart watches for girls will not whip you into the best shape of your life or make you more punctual or even ensure you get enough sleep, but they sure as hell would assist you with all of that and ensure you look amazing as you seize the day.

The Pink Panther

pink watch

Get in touch with your feminine side with this light pink smart watch for girls. There are so many reasons for you to love this little devil. Its cutting-edge technology allows you to switch between over a hundred watch faces, designed to match whatever your vibe is for the day. Its user interface is simple yet attractive, making it easy to use its advanced 20+ fitness tracking features. Additionally, it also has several intriguing health-focused features like round-the-clock heart rate monitoring, SPO2, body temperature, women’s health tracker, etc.

Fiery Red for the Fierce

There is no shade that is sultrier and more seductive than red. Whether it is a red dress, a red lipstick, or a red accessory like this smart watch for girls, whoever adorns this colour is bound to catch the eye as soon as they enter the room. It is a colour that commands attention and no one wears it better than a confident woman. And when you top it up with exquisite features like a 1.69” large display, built-in virtual assistant, menstrual tracking, advanced sports modes, and 100+ watch faces for every mood, this gorgeous red smart watch for girls sounds like a deal no tech-loving woman can resist.

All That Glitters is Rose Gold

Gold is old news. Whether you are buying jewellery or a smart watch for girls, you can never go wrong with rose gold. This shade is perfect for any woman looking to make a subtle, graceful fashion statement. And that is what makes this smart watch for girls perfect for when you wish to add a little bling to your outfit without going overboard with the glitz and glam. Besides looking exquisite on your wrist, this little gadget would also make your life easier with its features that include menstrual tracking, stress monitoring, advanced activity tracking, built-in Alexa, etc.

Blue for Women who Mean Business

Besides having your work speak for itself, power dressing is another way to leave a lasting impression at your workplace. And when you think ‘power dressing,’ shades like dark blue, black, and grey pop up in your mind, don’t they? This smart watch for girls in deep blue projects a certain level of refinement without being avant-garde. Laden with features like a one-of-a-kind 2.5D curved display, women’s health tracking, sedentary reminders, and 24×7 HRM, this smart watch for girls will make a perfect addition to your work wear as well as everything else!

Smart watches for girls are a fun accessory that you can do so much. Their versatility along with their functionality has made them a popular alternative to traditional watch styles, especially for tech lovers. Not to forget, these smart wearable devices are also an investment, so it is best that you spend your money on trusted brands such as Fastrack, which are known for creating lasting products rather than gimmicks.

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