30 Easy Ways to Reduce Global Warming

One of the most terrible problems humans face today is the global warming. We all know that we are now experiencing such curse but the reason why global warming occurs is often forgotten. Sometimes, we ignore that the only cause why climate change happen is – us. And because we humans are the primary root of global warming; we humans are the only solution for it, but how? Consider these very easy yet so effective ways.

Ways to Reduce Global Warming In or Out the Home

Global Warming

30. Support and give donations

There are so many organizations and foundations today who are working hard on solutions to climate change but rely on financial support from citizens, you can help to them to fulfill their missions a lot more effectively. If you can’t be one of them, your little support can make a difference.

29. Protect and conserve the forest

Trees are not the only important things found in the forest. There are also other plants and living organisms there that could help a lot in preventing global warming. Protect then and save their lives.

28. Let your voice

Encourage others to reduce global warming just like you did. Extend your positive influence throughout the world and encourage them to take action. We can help the world if we work together.

27. Use the shower

Using the shower instead of bathing with a pail can help maximize the energy saving. A shower takes up to four times less energy than using a bath. Try to avoid power showers and use low-flow showerheads because they offer affordable and comfortable use.

26. Never leave appliances on standby

If your appliances are not in use, turn them off. If you let them stay in a standby mode for more than 12 hours, it uses about 40% of energy. Such amount is already a waste. And when we waste energy, we could make the carbon footprint increase.

25. Be a wise buyer

If you love to buy drinks in bottle or foods in pack, choose to have those bigger ones. The bigger would be the better because you can save more plus you can reduce the waste.

24. Choose a more fuel efficient vehicle

If your car only consumes 3 miles per gallon, you can save 3,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year. Go for fuel-saving vehicles if you want to have one so you and the planet can both benefit.

23. Know where your investments go

Make sure that your money is being invested in companies, products and projects that address the climate change issue. If you know where your investment goes, you can help a lot the world.

22. Spread awareness

Help others to be aware that if we won’t take an action right now, all of us will suffer later. After you educate yourself, try to educate people about global and we could stop it or minimize it.

21. Be informed

There are many different and latest news about climate change every now and then so be informed about them. You can also join some community service whose mission is to strengthen the campaign against global warming.

20. Choose a renewable power

You can ask your utility bill to switch your account a clean and renewable power such as the wind farms so you can help prevent global warming more often.

19. Start a carpool trips

You do not have to use your own car along with friends, try to leave your buddy and ride with them. Carpooling can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 1,590 pounds a year.

18. Travel less

Travelling most especially by air leaves a huge carbon footprint behind. Before booking your next flight trip try to consider greener options like buses or trains. You can also choose to have vacations closer to your home.

17. Be green on commute

It is about 25 percent of greenhouse gas emissions transportation can give. So, walk or take transit whenever you can. Walking does not just allow you to save a lot of penny but make your body feel good at the same time.

16. Weatherize your home

If you are going to properly insulate and weatherize your home, you can save 25% of your home heating bill and you can save about 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. Make sure your walls and ceilings are well-insulated for a better way to reduce global warming.

15. Dry the clothes outside

Instead of using dryer, why not dry the clothes outside for the same result? If you use clothesline as possible as you can for three months, you could help save for about 700 pounds of carbon dioxide. Letting the clothes dry in the air is very much helpful for you to save money and of course the planet.

14. Be trained to conserve water

Bear in mind that water needs energy to draw and filter them into the ground. If you have wasted several gallons of water each day, we could provide unclean drinking water to various different nations around the world plus we could raise the risk of global warming.

13. Buy only energy efficient appliances

Buying products that can save energy can help a lot in saving a good amount of energy on your electric bill. Energy efficient appliances can’t just save energy and saves money but reduce carbon footprint at the same time.

12. Learn to trim garbage

Garbage in landfills produces methane. Methane is a strong greenhouse gas that can cause global warming. It is better to compose kitchen scraps and garden trimmings or compost pits so you can put everything biodegradable there.

11. Use energy saving light bulbs

Replace you bulbs regularly by a more efficient one. You can change the light bulbs to compact fluorescents or LEDS. Lights like these can consume 70% less energy and can live a long life other than those ordinary bulbs.

10. Go for renewable and clean fuel options

We have now an electric car but if you can’t afford it, buy only the cleanest gasoline as you can. Renewable fuel provides various benefits. Fuels like this can be a little bit expensive but at least you can save the environment even though what you have is such kind of vehicle.

9. Simplify your life

Most people never ever care that simplifying life is one of the most effective ways to reduce global warming. This is because when you live simply, you consume less. And when you consume less, you ruin the Earth less. Simplicity does not actually ruin the economy from running, but it helps.

8. Try to ride a bicycle rather than a car

One way to reduce daily carbon emissions is by considering the importance of a bicycle. Cars and other vehicles are highly dependent upon fossil fuel energy and dramatically increasing carbon spreading throughout the globe.

7. Let friends support your choices

If you want to help saving the Earth from broken, tell others. If you are going to share your values, people around the world can be united too for one main purpose, reducing global warming. You can only live in community and support ecovillages. Ecovillagers have mission to change the Earth ecologically and culturally.

6. Build a home that helps the planet

Modern houses are built with synthetic products like concrete. These materials have high embodied energy that is actually huge contributors to global warming. It takes a huge amount of energy to produce concrete and the manufacturing process of this material is so much polluting. To help global warming, it is better to build a straw bale home or a cob building.

5. Eat fresh and natural foods

Fresh foods can give you healthy body but it can make the environment a lot healthier at the same time. Processed foods will only give to much garbage in the surroundings that can’t even be decayed for a long period of time. Go for organic in season food in the market to reduce carbon.

4. Avoid buying products with too many packaging

Products that are being packed with too many packaging can only add a lot of garbage in the environment. It will just end up in throwing the waste at landfill sites and pollute the environment more. You better go for products that only use less packaging and are eco-friendly.

3. Consider solar energy

If you go solar, you can help reduce global warming. Solar energy allows you to save electricity as well as money. Solar saves environment from global warming at the same time. The installation of solar panels is something that can be accessed easily and readily. There are so many energy organizations that offers Green Energy so go for it.

2. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Reduce the use of products that can harm the environment. Consider buying eco-friendly products for a more effective planet-saving. Reuse every reusable material like bottles to decrease the amount of waste. Don’t forget to recycle those things that can be use again for the second time around. Recycling is not just a money-saving tip, it only saves the planet.

1. Plant trees

Whether you plant trees at your own backyard or at the forest, you help reduce the upsetting effect of global warming. This is because trees can’t just help your home to have cool environment but shields the whole planet as well. Trees give oxygen in order humans to breath but it also take in carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is an element that is considered to be the main source of global warming.

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