3 Reasons You Need SSL For Your Site

Website security has a lot of facets, some essential, some optional. It can be tough to distinguish the difference between nice-to-haves and must-haves. If you’ve been been thinking of relegating SSL certificates to the former, think again. SSL certificates are basically mandatory for websites these days for a few reasons. If you’ve been thinking about whether to purchase an SSL certificate by Namecheap or another vendor, this article should help cement your decision.

Internet Safety

Read on to find out three reasons you need SSL for your site.

You can’t beat SSL encryption

Let’s start with the main draw of SSL certificates – their functionality. SSLs may be small digital certificates, but they play a huge role in keeping your and your website users’ information private. It does this by fostering an encrypted link between your site’s server and the browser of anyone visiting. This means that data transmitted over this connection is kept private from potentially prying eyes. If bad actors attempt to intercept it, all they’ll see is scrambled information that can only be unscrambled with the aid of a specific key. This is especially important if you have an e-commerce site, but all website types can benefit from this extra layer of protection.

Online services expect SSL

Beyond the excellent security it provides, SSL has become all but mandatory in today’s online landscape. Especially when it comes to popular web browsers. Browsers like Google Chrome have begun penalizing websites without SSL. If you don’t have it, anyone trying to visit your site will be greeted with a scary warning telling them your site may not be secure, losing you a whole host of potential visitors. Now good. Plus, search engines tend to favor sites with SSL over those without it, so why miss out on an SEO boost right from the start?

So do customers

Because online services have become so strict with SSL certificates, that knowledge has trickled down to consumers. When they visit new sites, they know to look for the SSL padlock symbol in the address bar to ensure that they’re on a safe, reliable website. If you don’t have one, they’re unlikely to trust you, and leave. Ensure customer trust by securing your site with an SSL ASAP.


From the excellent security it provides to web browsers, search engines, and customer trust, there are countless reasons as to why SSL is so important in this day and age. Give your site a fighting chance by installing one of these digital certificates on your server today.

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