20 Most Revolutionary Inventions that has changed the World

Inventions are something that has made our lives much easier. If we step almost 1800 years back, we will find a lot of difficulties and problems that the ancient people had to face. Thanks to the great ancient people who have made our lives convenient enough so that we can live in harmony without having any difficulty. It is an often quoted proverb that “Necessity is the mother of Invention”, and it is really true in a sense that all necessities lead to the inventions of such revolutionary things that has changed the way of our lives.

From the discovery of wheel to invention of Computer, there are many revolutionary inventions which had took a lay man to surprise on how this invention can change the face of our lives. But through those some important inventions, a modern man is able to reach his destination. Those revolutionary Inventions are mentioned below:

20. The Plough

The Plough

This invention seems not too much interesting as compared to others but this invention is the important one that made all the other inventions possible. The plough made the work of farmer easier and faster. But the history of plough is not exactly known although it is quite an efficient invention that made harvesting far more easily.

19. Anesthesia


Some people may not consider it the revolutionary invention but for me, it is one of the best inventions that save the people’s lives. There would be no way to surgery without anesthesia.

18. Penicillin


Another important invention of the ancient world is Penicillin, which saves the lives of trillions of human beings till the time of its discovery. It is a group of antibiotics that fights with the number of bacteria and also the infections that can cause even the death of the person. This antibiotic was discovered by Scottish Scientist Alexander Fleming and is attributed for his excellent discovery.

17. Light bulb

Light bulb

Thomas Edison was the one who discovered the light bulb. It is one of the important inventions in the history because the only sources of light before its invention were candles, moonlight and lanterns. This revolutionary invention has led to the discovery of electricity.

16. Printing Press

Printing Press

Another important invention on the list is the printing press that has made the present world educated. This printing press enabled the printing of the enormous books that have recorder huge amount information. The printing press was firstly discovered by Johann Gutenberg.

15. Refrigeration


The need of all the modern homes, refrigerators are one of the revolutionary important inventions of the history that had made our lives much more convenient. The refrigeration helps to cool down the things so that they can be stored for longer period of time. This facility made the shipping of the food commodities to far off places easy.

14. Fire


The most important discovery of all times, fire made the revolutionary changes to the world after its discovery. Without fire, no work could be done. But the invention of fire made the world to look in the varied aspect. But the discovery of fire was an accident but this accident was really a great invention.

13. Steam Engine

Steam Engine

The invention of Steam Engine changed the way in which we live. This invention has made its way when the discovery of wheel and fire was already done. Steam engine is a powerful locomotive that shorten the ways and distances.

12. Paper & Pen

Paper & Pen

Paper and pen is the greatest discovery of all times. If we go in the pyramids or the caves, we will find various inscriptions on the walls. These inscriptions lead to the discovery of the paper and pen that can be used for the large paper work in all the fields. This invention is the best way to communicate and to store data.

11. Airplane


This invention is really a source of good travelling that had made it easy to travel all across the seas. Thanks to wright brothers who gave the idea of the flight. This invention is also the revolutionary invention that began the quick mode of transportation.

10. Internal combustion engine

Internal combustion engine

This probably the modern invention of the 19th century but this also a revolutionary invention that brought revolution in the whole world. This engine brought up the variety of machines and aircrafts.

9. Camera

Nikon D4 Digital SLR Camera Body

Camera is another revolutionary invention which has become an important accessory of the youth now-a-days. The invention of camera was founded firstly in the year of 1825.

8. Smartphones


Smartphone is yet another most important and revolutionary invention of the modern world. This invention combines all the other inventions that have made our standard of lives much more high like personal computer operating system, camera, etc.

7. Cotton Gin

Cotton Gin

An important invention that results the end of the slavery. Cotton gin brought about the revolution and saved the time from separating cotton fibers from their seeds.

6. TV


This invention brought about the great revolution as it helps in gaining the knowledge and also helps the insight or to pass time.

5. Telephone


Another way of communication, telephone is one of the greatest inventions of all time. It had made the communication between the far off places very convenient. This invention works on the principle of transmitting signals wirelessly.

4. Compass


This is one of the invention without which a person would not be able to find his direction and his destination. Before the invention of the compass, people determine their place and position through the landmarks along with observation of stars and celestial bodies. The compass was first developed by the Chinese from the lodestone, which is naturally a magnetized piece of magnetite. This is really an important invention in history of man.

3. Wheel


How can we forget Wheel? It is also one of the revolutionary inventions of the history that has made the way to other inventions. The wheel made the transportation of goods much faster which have paved the way for the trade. The wheel and axle was first founded in the year of 3500 BC. Now, wheel has been used in everything from the clocks to transport goods.

2. Internet


Another most important invention on the list. It is really an outstanding invention that has made the world a global village. It has vastly influenced all the trades and businesses occurring at the modern age.

1. Computer


Computer is another revolutionary and the invention that has changed the world in the completely new world. This invention made the calculations, communications and manipulating information very easy and faster.