20 Interesting Facts About Facebook You Probably Don’t Know

Aside from its creator Mark Zuckerberg, what else do you know about Facebook? For your own additional information, here are 20 interesting facts regarding Facebook that you probably don’t know:


1. Facebook is amongst the causes of divorce cases. Facebook is one of the leading causes of divorced marriages. Out of 5 divorce cases, 1 is caused by Facebook.

2. Breastfeeding photos are not allowed on Facebook. It’s not allowed to post a picture of a mother breastfeeding her baby since Facebook finds it extremely revealing.

3. 25% of male users were dumped via Facebook. Believe it or not, there are lots of Facebook male users who were dumped by their girlfriends via Facebook.

4. Average Facebook users have 130 friends. It’s found out that the average number of friends average Facebook users have is 130.

5. Facebook accommodates thousands of status updates every minute. Since there are billions of Facebook users, it may be not surprising that it caters 293,000 status updates per minute.

6. Facebook is very populated like a country. If Facebook would become a country, it would be one of those extremely populated nation; 3rd on the rank.

7. Millions of “Likes” are given on Facebook every minute. The total number of “Likes” given by Facebook users is 1.8 million per minute.

8. Facebook’s older version displays the face of Al Pacino. If you’re one of those first users of Facebook, then you have definitely seen this foggy face of Al Pacino on its homepage.

9. Facebook is one of the most visited places after having sex. Yes, around 36% of Facebook users check their accounts right after having a great sex with their partners.

10. Facebook pays $500 to those who can hack it. Yes, it’s true that hackers who can successfully hack the main site of Facebook will be paid $500.

11. Facebook’s founder is color-blind. Mark Zuckerberg only sees color blue as the clearest one in his eyes. This is the reason why blue is the primary color of Facebook.

12. Facebook employs a man who successfully hacked it. Chris Putnam successfully hacked the main site of Facebook, which is why he has been hired by the Facebook management in 2006.

13. Facebook addiction disorder is suffered by many. There are more than 350 million people who experienced the so-called “Facebook Addiction Disorder”.

14. Photo-Sharing is supposed to be not allowed in Facebook. Thanks to the effort of Sean Parker who convinced Mark Zuckerberg to allow photo-sharing on Facebook.

15. Facebook is the inspiration of the movie titled “The Social Network”. Such movie earned over $224 million from its viewers all around the globe.

16. Facebook’s founder is one of the richest men in the world. It is all thanks to the earnings of Zuckerberg on Facebook. Approximately, his total wealth is around $17.5 billion.

17. Many Facebook users were bribed by Burger King. Burger King has this advertising campaign convincing Facebook users to delete 10 members from their friends’ list in exchanged of “Angry Whooper” hamburger.

18. Facebook is averagely active 20 billion minutes every day. 18-20 minutes is the average time spent by average Facebook users in checking their accounts.

19. TheFacebook.Com was the original domain name of Facebook. Until these days, you can still open Facebook through this particular domain.

20. Facebook is banned in 3 Asian countries. These countries are North Korea, Vietnam, and China.

These are just 20 of the interesting facts you probably don’t know about the famous social media site known as Facebook. For sure, you also know some that other people don’t know.

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