15 Really Surprising Facts about Universe You Won’t Believe

Universe has always been a subject of amazement for us. It is incredibly large to fit almost anything you can imagine. Since ages, humans were trying to know more about the wonder of universe. Till today we only know a bit of it. With every passing day, the scientists were making new discoveries related to space and were trying to launch more space mission. However, our knowledge about the universe is like a drop of water in an ocean.

In this article we will discuss about 15 amazing facts about universe that you might have never heard before.

Facts about Universe

15. We are always in Motion

You would be amazed to know that even if we are standing still, we are moving as our planet rotates 24X7 which means each and every object that you can imaging of is in motion. We all are rotating with our Milky Way galaxy at the speed of 225 km per second.

14. Uncountable celestial objects

As of now, we are unable to estimate the size of universe. However it is pretty much clear that our universe comprises billions and trillions of stars. It is even possible that the number of stars in universe might outnumber the number of sand grains on earth.

13. Asteroid collision

According to the astronomers and the scientists that in 2029 our planet might get hit by a mighty asteroid that will wipe out life from earth. The incidence of asteroid collision has happened before in the history of our planet that led to the mass extinction of several species. The steroid named Apophis is said to hit the planet in 2029. We hope that the asteroid changes its path and spares our planet.

12. Humans are composed of stars

Don’t get amazed. Yes we are made up of the chemical components that are available in star. According to research, any other element heavier than hydrogen is made in star.

11. Enormous size of sun

Would you believe if we say that sun can fit one million earths like planet in it? And if you are still wondering about the size of sun then let me tell you that sun is classified as one of the small stars among other stars. There are several other stars are present in the universe that are larger than sun.

10. Mars has massive mountain ranges

If you are thinking that Mount Everest is the highest mountain peak then you might be mistaking. Mars is known to have massive mountain ranges that are even higher than Mount Everest.

9. Clash of galaxies

Our very own Milky Way galaxy is on the way to collide with adjacent Andromeda galaxy. However, this Celestial event will take place in another three billion year.

8. Earth is quite old

The age of earth is estimated to be around 4.45 billion years. However, it is relatively a new planet in our solar system. During these billions of years life has taken different shapes and forms from single celled organisms to complex humans.

7. Dark matter

You would be amazed to know that all the starts and celestial objects comprises only 5% of the universe and 75% of the universe is dark matter. The composition of the dark matter is yet to be discovered.

6. Clouds of alcohol 

A planet known as Sagittarius B which is 26,000 light years away from earth and is surrounded by the alcoholic clouds. The alcohol is in form of vinyl alcohol which is considered as a vital organic compound that is essential for existence of life.

5. The smell on moon is similar to gunpowder

Astronauts have mentioned in their reports that the dust on moon smells like gunpowder. According to them it might be because of the gas and dust particles that are composed of small shards of silicone dioxide glass.

4. Asteroids following earth

according to scientist they have figured out that there are several asteroids that keeps following earth as earth rotates around the sun.

3. Rotation around the Milky Way

According to the scientists, earth takes around 250 million years to rotate around our galaxy. Now imagine, the last time our planet was in its current position, the planet was dominated by the dinosaurs.

2. Centre of universe smells like Rum

According to the researchers the centre of the universe smells like rum. It is because of the fact that the centre of universe is filled with a gas known as ethyl formate which smells like rum.

1. Diamond planet

Scientists have discovered a planet named 55 Cancri e which is known to have its core made up of diamond. It is due to the presence of carbon in huge quantity. The planet is 40 light years away from earth.

Universe is filled with mystery. In coming years we will be able to know more about our space.