15 Interesting Facts About Haridwar You Probably Don’t Know

Haridwar is a famous tourist destination as well as one of the 7sacred places in the Hindu religion. It exactly means ‘An Entryway to God’.Haridwar is that place where the divine Ganga River leaves the Himalayas to stream down to the God’s favourite city. There are numerous of devotees that visit Haridwar each week to holy bath in the Ganga River and get together for the evening prayers or Aarti at the famous “Har Ki Paudi”.

Since, Haridwar is connected with hundreds of mythologies, from periods as ancient as Ramayana; each corner of the city has a unique story linked to it. There are so many people who have visited Haridwar several times but do not know the fascinating facts related to the renowned city of India. So, below are the 15 interesting facts about Haridwar:


1. The Haridwar city is the 1st place that welcomes the sacred River Ganga after flowing down from the Himalayas. As mention in the mythological books of Hindus, a man namedBhagirathafetchedthe River Ganga to the earth with the purpose of purifying the souls of all his descendants.

2. Haridwar is also one of the most important places for the famous Kumbh Mela festival thathas the world’s utmost peaceable gatherings. Besides Haridwar, the other 3terminusesof Kumbh Mela are Allahabad, Ujjain, and Nasik. This festival is apprehended once at every single venue afterwards a break of twelve years.

3. Har ki Paudi that actually means“into the footpaths of God Shiva”is the entrance point of the River Ganga.Every single evening, numerous of Hindu devotees gather near by the Har ki Paudi and offer their prayers to the deity Ganga by ignited days which drift on the surface of the river.

4. The famous food streets of the Haridwar city originates in huge diversity with a very low price that can be afforded by ant person easily. When you walk down the old streets of the Haridwar, you will acquire the chance to consume all types of native food stuff.The foods include the famous chaat papri, jalebi, Kulfi faluda in addition to thebadam milk.

5. The world wide famous Centre for yoga is also the Haridwar city. It constituted of incomparable yoga ashrams for that reservation have to be done in advance.

6. Haridwar is also the karma bhoomi of famous yoga guru Swami Ramdev.He has also opened a university name as Divya Yog Mandir Trust University. Itschief branch named as Patanjali Yogpeeth is in the same city. Several people from the whole world come to visit this place every year.

7. There is a long rope way in Haridwar that transports different devotees to the hilltop temple known as Mansa Devi. This temple is one of the Shakti paths of Indian pilgrimages.

8. There is one more famous temple named as Chanda Devi which is also situated on the top of the hill in Haridwar. It is said that all the wishes of the devotees are fulfilled here.The main idolin the temple is believed to be put in the eighth century by Guru Adi Shankar acharya, who was one of the main spiritual gurus of Hindu religion.

9. One of the famous and old markets of the Haridwar is the Upper Road Bazaar. It is situated next to the renowned Moti Bazaar. Here, the visitor can visit a number of shops related to all types of stuff and handicrafts.

10. The one moreancient market is the Moti Bazaar.It is as old as the Haridwar city. People can find all types of foods, clothes, jewellery items, decorative stuff from this market.

11. There is one renowned 13th-century dargah in Haridwar known as Piran Kaliyar.It is an ancient as well as beautiful dargah which was constructed by the emperor Ibrahim Lodhi.

12. If a person wants to have perfect knowledge about Ayurveda and Hinduism, then Shanti Kunj Haridwar is the best place for that.It is globally known for its study and research in the herbal and Ayurveda fields.

13. Haridwar is one of the only places left in India where you can relish the ancient Tonga ride or tuk-tuk ride. Peoplemay hire them for the entireday trip to watch the city from nearer.

14. There is a Pardeshwar Mahadev Templelocated in Haridwar which has a Shiva-lingam built of mercury. It is very rare to find a Shiva-lingam of mercury anywhere.

15. Birla Ghat is also the ancient Ghatsin Haridwar that also provides the tourists some seclusion.

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