10 Things to Consider Before buying a VPS Web Hosting

You are a blog owner or any site owner which is getting good no of visitors you can’t take risk of using shared hosting , in that case you have to go for either dedicated or VPS hosting.

Dedicated servers are much costlier for most website admins to purchase hence many beginners might have to stick to VPS for a startup option; or maybe even a stable option for existing shared web hosting server users. Before buying a new VPS web hosting server subscription, 10 things should be noted.

VPS Hosting

1. Managed or Unmanaged VPS Service

Depending on the subscriber’s level of expertise, a managed or unmanaged VPS server may be most convenient. For advanced users who love to craft their own specific settings according to the website needs, an unmanaged solution would be the best. For less experienced users, a managed setup could be the best setup for startup.

2. Operating System Preference

VPS servers are usually based on two operating systems – either Linux or Windows. Linux costs less and also offers more flexibility in terms of features. Windows is slightly costlier and also less customizable.

3. Primary Memory

The RAM on server PC is an important factor for advanced servers like VPS. Since the system needs to process complicated tasks at different use cases, having a higher RAM option would always be helpful. 512 MB to 1 GB is considered a good startup.

4. Uptime

A VPS should have above 98% of uptime. Most hosting provider would promise a blazing 99.9% in the papers but don’t get melted so soon, because in practicality it’s difficult to maintain even a 98%. Check with existing user reviews for assurance.

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5. Technical Limitations

Depending on the package purchased, a VPS hosting server may offer a limited band of features. Depending on the website those functionality requirement would vary by a great extent, of course a blog and a shopping cart wouldn’t require the same backbone features.

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