10 Surprising Facts of People Born In October

The Gregorian calendar is the one which is in use in most countries across the globe. In this calendar, the 10th month is October. People born in this month have a balanced approach to life. They normally maintain consonance between parties with brilliant diplomatic skills. They are gifted with great minds which are logical and make them great thinkers. People born in October are good when it comes to analyzing situations and in most cases, come up with solutions. They give intellect first priority. Octoberians rarely get into heated arguments and they are the ones who come out of wild party easily. It is their resolve and their calm that makes them great thinkers in whatever situation they find.

Here are some 10 interesting facts about people born in October:


10. They Are Peace Loving

If you have October born people in your life or they are surrounding you, then you will experience the utmost peace and you will feel comfortable in your everyday life in the society. They are peace loving people and they don’t like war. Wherever they are, they make sure that people are living in harmony with their surroundings.

9. They Are Fair

They are normally very fair towards others. They make sure that everything has equality and fairness. In case others are seeking for justice, they will assist them and make sure that they get it. They have this believe that, everyone, whether poor or rich, is equal and deserves the same privileges and rights. The scales will never be in the extreme and they will always choose the middle path so that they please everyone around them irrespective of the issue. They are well known for balancing and maintaining harmony between two warring sides. They are level headed and thus good to be involved in a situation where a practical solution is required.

8. Easily Get Offended

It is very easy to offend the October babies. They are proper and prim most of the time and very careful in each and every move they make. Though at times they look to be quite accommodative, exceptionally positive, cordial and upbeat, there are times when they are on their low and in such circumstances, they can be hard to deal with and negative to the extent of lacking feelings about what harm they are causing to others.

7. They Consider Family A Priority

For the October babies, there is one important thing which must get priority all the time, and that is family. They love building a family, which is nestled in a home that is full of good and positive vibes in which there is unconditional love for everyone.

6. They Possess Creative Minds

In general, everyone human being has a great mind. But for the October babies, this is an inborn quality and that is what helps them when it comes to real work setting in the industry where they work. That is why it is no longer surprising when you find an October baby very successful in the field of interior design or art.

5. They Tend To Throw Personal Remarks

This is the worst trait that is possessed by October babies. And it is the trait which makes many people find them extremely annoying due to their nature of giving too personal remarks. They do it in such a carefree manner, without a care that they are hurting someone somewhere.

4. Business Oriented

October babies  are good when it comes to doing business. They have strong interests in abusiness that is why they try all the best in learning the ins and outs of every business industry they are into.

3. Not Good In Decision Making

This is another downside of the October. It is one which makes them feel helpless as they are unable to make decisions and at the same time, very hard to learn from their previous mistakes and amend their mistakes. They normally cope with it by utilizing their accurate intuition and rational minds.

2. They Have A Strong Psychological Aptitude

October babies have the intellectual capacity and full of it for that matter. Their brains are well equipped with all the knowledge to survive on planet earth. That is why they are extremely effective working in real estates, stock markets, and the food industry.

1. Highly Competitive

Since they are born with overflowing brains full of knowledge in their minds, they  are very competitive. That is what makes them be everyone’s competitor, so if you have an October baby in the vicinity, watch out and tread carefully lest you find yourself overtaken. Their practical and intuitive minds can be the key to this amazing character in them.

People born in October have this charismatic personality with their good looks and brains which are in a single package. Due to this, they are successful in life and they do make a place for themselves in this world. Though they at times find it hard to make decisions,but that is just a downside which they have to live with. With the right encouragement and motivation, they normally overcome their emotions easily. When you get to know this Octoberians well, you will love their company. Share this with friends and family so that they learn more about the weak and strong points of the Octoberians. Share it on social media for a large coverage.


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