10 Surprising Facts of People Born In November

When on a Julian or Gregorian calendar, November is the 11th month of the year which has 30 days. But if you check the ancient Roman calendar, November used to be the 9th month  and its name is derived from the Latin name Novem which means nine.  So how do the November babies behave? They are dynamic and extraordinary, wonderful creations who are just attractive and very high emotion wise.  To them, loyalty is a commitment and they are very dedicated to work. These sweet babies are driven by Pluto command which, if not controlled well, can make them be on the negative, but if well controlled, they are worthy of all the praise and are very successful in whatever they do.

Here are some 10 surprising facts about people born in November


10. They Are Very Secretive

November babies think that they can handle their things without telling other people about it. They don’t like bothering others and this is the reason why they have a nature which is very secretive. So it should not hit you as a shock if your loved one is born in November and keeps so many secrets away from you – it is their nature.  They are not those hard and cunning type as their nature dictates that, they have to protect their inner self in a secretive corner within their inner being. If they don’t do that, they find themselves being victimized and hurt.

9. Most of The Time They Are Misunderstood

Most people don’t understand these babies born in November. Quite often, they are misunderstood. This might be attributed to their secretive nature because in most cases, they will not explain their side of the story, thus leaving people to decide and judge them. So it should no longer surprise you if you find yourself not understanding a November baby – you now know the reason behind the mistrust.

8. They Are Full of Charisma and Are Very Sexy

Don’t be shocked when you get jealous because of a November baby, naturally, they are sexy and full o charisma. It surrounds their entire being and it is expected automatically that, once they are in a group, they can be picked out as the sexiest baby around. They are always noticeable through no fault of their own.

7. They Are Very Hardworking

They will always want to be noticed in whatever they do, thus they work hard for that recognition to come. With this, they make sure that they make it perfect, finish early and make sure that everything stands out so that their work is commendable.

6. They Do Not Ask For Favors

When it comes to wanting people to favor them, that is not their bed  as they are too shy to even start asking for it. They are also very proud which deters them from asking for favors. Whatever the reason that they have, the November baby will seldom ask for favors.

5. They Love Sex

This is a fact. If you want a partner who never gets tired of having sex, then get a November baby. Your sex life will be fulfilled as they love sex to the maximum. They derive relaxation and pleasure from having sex. They have this fire burning for their partners that they want it to be cooled by having great sex every now and then.

4. They Are Mysterious

If you are looking for a friend who is an open book, then avoid the November babies as they are closed books. They are very mysterious and understanding them is a problem. You will never understand a November baby as even they do not understand themselves.

3. They Are Gentle and Harmless

The babies born in November are harmless and very gentle. Though they have this trait, some people still find them annoying. If you are looking for a lover or a friend who is gentle and loving, then look around for a baby who was born in November. This is a person who will never dare harm you and you should feel safe being in their company.

2. They Are Loyal To Their Friends

They love socializing and making new friends at every opportune time. Making friends is part of their nature. And when it comes to friendship, they make the most loyal friends that you will ever find on planet earth. So if you are searching for friendship with loyalty, these are the people to check out for. They are worthy of your friendship.

1. Attention Magnet

Babies born in November will always shine no matter where they are. You will be shocked that in a crowd of so many people, they are picked up. The main reason behind this attention magnet is the fact that they have high charisma which is very natural  which grabs other people’s attention. Even if you don’t want their attention, they will somehow attract you for no fault of theirs.  This attraction is both in nature and behavior thus making them the attraction point with whoever they are with.

In general, people born in November are unique and tricky and it might take you quite a while to understand them. Most of their characteristics are pegged on how they want to live their lives. Share this piece of information with your friends so that they know what to look for in a November baby.


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