10 Strange Cases of UFO Sightings Around The World

We probably hear about UFO or Unidentified Flying Object stories. Their existence is difficult to believe. They might just be possibly mistaken, a kind of illusion or something about fairy tales. However, it is more difficult to believe that there are hundreds of notorious alien sightings found everywhere in the planet today.

Whether you are interested in UFO sightings or not, the fact that scientist discover something unexplainable inside and outside the Earth will change your mind. Reported incidents include structured sky craft, light orbs of any size and actual living entities that do not appear to be of earthly origin.

10. The Phoenix lights

The Phoenix lights

On the evening of March 13, 1997 thousands of people in Nevada and Arizona reportedly saw an immense V-shaped object with outlined seven lights. Some people on that day have seen orbs and triangles in the sky as well. One witnessed said that he had watched lights passed 500 feet directly above head.

9. V-shaped lights

V-shaped lights

The V-shaped lights were found in the suburban area of Hudson Valley last March 24, 1983. It was the scene of the large V-shaped array of lights that moved slowly. It silently pass the sky that night. Witnessed said that it was really big enough.

8. Streaking green fire

Streaking green fire

Numerous residents in Kecksburg Pennsylvania saw an object that they called as something streaking green fire that pass through the sky before it crashed in the field. Local residents describe it as a corn-shaped and about twice the shape of Volkswagen Beetle.

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7. Circular object hovering overhead

Circular object hovering overhead

Early in the afternoon of January 7, 1948 in the Madisonville Kentucky, dozens of residents in the area telephoned a police to report that they have seen a circular object hovering overhead and giving off extreme radiance. The airfield tower crew spotted a thing that looks metallic and is terrific in size. The crew was then unexplainably crashed and killed.

6. UFO aircrafts in Los Angeles

UFO aircrafts in Los Angeles

In the morning hours of February 25, 1942 in Los Angeles, radar operators spotted an unidentified object but then inexplicably vanished from their screens. The object is reportedly described as 25 aircrafts flying at 25,000 feet high with the speed of 200 miles per hour.

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