10 Reasons Why It’s Awesome To Have a Sister

Sister relationship is a lot more special than friendships. The fact that you grow up together, you learn together and you first know each other will strengthen the reality that no matter what, it is awesome to have a sister. Having an endless fight and troublesome misunderstandings over the silliest things is something that makes the bond more special because, at the end, you’ll still need each other’s back.

Your sister seems to be the most irritating and annoying person in your life but admit it, you still love her. This is why the best friend you can have is no other than your sister. So love her, not just as your sister but your forever friend.

What Makes a Sister Really Awesome

10. She can help you when it comes to ‘what to wear’

It takes few minutes or even an hour for a girl to find the perfect suit. But if you have a sister, it would be the easiest thing to decide. Deciding what to wear can be daunting but your sister can help you a lot on it.

9. You don’t have to worry about make-up sessions

Because both of you are girls, and so each of you can understand that every girl can’t live without make-up. You don’t need to get a make-up artist or buy all make-up necessities; you both know the word ‘share’.

8. She will always tell you frankly

If you are sick hearing the fake words of your friends then, love your sister the best that you can. She is the person that can tell you straight and she can offer you honesty second to your mother.

7. She knows the real you

She knew you better than your friends and she accepts who you are better than your special someone. You grow up together and you live in one home together. Even when time comes that you need to split apart, the strong bond that once made will always make you closer.

6. She can be your role model

Whether she is older or younger than you, each of you always has differences. You will always have different experiences because both of you live with different life. She can teach you what life is heading and how to deal with it. Most importantly, you can learn each other, always.

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5. She is always your company

You would never live alone if you have her, your sister. Aside the fact that both of you will grow up together, both of you will everyday see each other as well. You can have the best company anywhere and anytime so make her as your best friend.

4. For better or for worst, she is your best buddy

You can mutually make crazy things, hang-out together and make her as your best partner in crime. You can have someone to share the trouble with when your parents find out your mess. You can have someone to look at when your parents make truly uncomfortable comments.

3. She is the most helpful human

If you have a bunch of assignments or hundreds of different projects, she is there to lend a hand because she knew you will also help hers. You don’t have to feel weary on house chores; she will always make everything easier.

2. When you are down, she will always lift you up

She knows everything in you. She knows the real you, your secrets, your weird moments and even the ugliest side of your life but choose to keep it. She protects you. She can’t live happily when you are in sadness mood. She will always make you fine.

1. She will always have your back

No matter what happened, she’s there. She is there to help you even when you don’t like. She is there to guide you even when you think it’s too much. She is there to love even when you don’t. Blood is thicker than water, as they say.

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