10 Reasons Why Alone Girl is a Responsibility and not an Opportunity

Look around you. Wherever you are, there is always a girl in sight. In fact, when it comes to world’s population, women are much higher in the count than men. Women are the ones that suffer a lot to give birth. Women have to carry the painful menstrual period every month. Women will make all men complete and women are considered to be the most versatile diamond. So, they must be respected.

However, in different countries women are the saddest person who lives. Girls have lesser freedom than boys. Women are considered to be weak. They are called as depended creature in a way that they always need someone to rescue and protect her. And the saddest part is, men think that women are just a source of entertainment. This is the reason why most of them receive abusive treatment and disrespectful handling.

There is a so-called “right” for females. A right to have education, a right of expression and a right to have freedom. But the execution of these rights goes really unfair and broken. Most people believe that women are not equal to men and never will be. Is that so? It’s your time to break that stupid stereotype. When you see a girl who is alone, never think her as an opportunity, she is your responsibility.

Why You Need to Change Your View for Women

10. A girl deserves respect

Read her Eyes

Whether you are a boy or not, you probably have a mother, right? Do you treat her as someone who is worthless, low and weak? Every woman, either young or old, a sister or friend, they deserve to be respected.

9. A girl is the best company

boy talking with girl

A girl is more than just your guy friend. She makes you laugh, she makes you think crazy things and she lets you feel your worth even when you’re not. It is your foremost responsibility to guard her.

8. A girl is worth to have freedom

Indian Girls

A freedom is for everyone. A girl deserves more to have it. When you found a girl alone, it does not mean she is inviting you or she is looking for someone to pick her up and go somewhere. Sometimes, a girl needs to be free and find chances to think about the wonders of life.

7. A girl needs a broad mind

best friend

When you found a girl going out with a guy, it does not mean she’s that flirt. She just needs someone other than her field to believe that she exists. She needs people to understand her deeply and make her feel that she can do anything she wants.

6. A girl wants a man to shield her

Compliment Her

Wonder why most men are bigger and harder than women? Because they are born to protect them. It does not mean that they are under women’s arms; it only means that boys who protect girls are heroes.

5. A girl can help the world to be better

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Most girls are hard-working, caring and loving. If you found the world to be cruel and destroyed, girls can help it to be better and greener for the future.

4. A girl is not born to be treated as an object

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When you see a girl, go deep on her personality. Consider her heart. She is not an object to be used for pleasure or a punch a bag.

3. A girl is asking every man to be a gentleman

girl kiss on the hand

Show to a girl how much you love her. Be humble and learn to speak with appreciation. Let the good man out in you. Most girls love it.

2. A girl needs to be treated fair

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If you think that a girl is unequal to man, think again. Man and woman are both human. They live on one planet and they have one breath.

1. A girl is a good friend

girl with boy

Everyone needs trust and loving arms. You can’t find them in most man because only woman does. So, value her and value your friendship with her.