10 Of The Largest Churches In The World

Churches are known to have amazing architecture and an amazing history. While some churches that have been recently constructed too have managed to incorporate detailed architecture and beauty, the sacred materials, statues, glass window paintings and more make some churches stand out.

Here’s a list of some of the most beautiful and large churches all over the world

10. Ulm Minster, Germany

Ulm Minster, Ulm, Germany

Size: 8260 Sq. Mts

The Ulm Minister stands 161.5 meters high and is the tallest church in the world. This church is a classic representation of the Gothic church architecture. In order to get to the top of the church one needs to climb up 768 steps. Once at the top, you can see a panoramic view of the city of Ulm. The church was constructed in 1377 but since the construction was on and off it finally got completed in 1890.

9. Basilica Of Our Lady Of Pillar, Spain

Basilica Of Our Lady Of Pillar, Aragon, Spain

Size: 8318 Sq. Mtrs

This church is the first ever church in Spain that has been dedicated to Virgin Mary. It is said that Virgin Mart appeared to Apostle Saint James while he was at prayer on the bank of the river Ebro. He was given a wooden stature of herself during this vision and instructed him to build a church. He constructed a small church post which the construction continued to be added to it. The El Pillar Basilica, was built around the pillar where Virgin Mary’s statue was placed and the pillar and the statue till ate remain intact. A number of pilgrims flock Spain to visit the statue each year.

8. Church Of The Holy Trinity, Portugal

Church Of The Holy Trinity, Santarem, Portugal

Size: 8700 Sq. Mtrs

This is one of the largest churches in the world that can accommodate 9000 worshipers at a time. The church has a number of chapels and also has 44 concessionaries. The church was constructed by prominent Greek architect Alenxandros Tombazis from the year 2004 to 2007. This is one of the modern day churches that look very different from the ancient churches you will normally find.

7. Liverpool Cathedral, United Kingdom

Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Size: 9687 Sq. Mtrs

The Liverpool Cathedral is the largest Cathedral in UK that is 189 meters in length making it the longest Cathedral in the world. The church is about 101 meters in height and is also popularly known as the Metropolitan cathedral of Christ the King. The church was constructed in 1904 and took a while to get completed. The church was finally ready in 1978.

6. Basilica Of Our Lady Of Lichen, Poland

Basilica Of Our Lady Of Lichen, Konin, Poland

Size: 10090 Sq. Mtrs

This is one of the largest churches in the world that stands tall at 141.2 meters. The church begun construction in 1994 was completed only in 2004. There are 33 steps that lead towards the church and it represents the early life of Jesus Christ. The church has a total of 365 windows, 52 doors and 12 columns that symbolize the number of days and weeks in a year and the 12 Apostles.