10 Hollywood Movies You Can’t Watch with Your Parents

There are truly certain movies that you should not watch with your parents. Frankly speaking, you and your parents are different. You have different wants. You have different hobbies and you have different experiences. If they will buy movie tickets and you want to be included, ask yourself first: Are you ready to face those awkward moments? Can you dare to sit next to them and willing to see boredom scenes?

Unless if you are particularly fond of those views and with their parental guidance, it might just be fine for you to watch with them. To help you avoid those crushingly bad and uncomfortable scenes in the future, there are some movies that you need to be aware of.

List of top Movies that You Should Not Watch With your Parents:

10. Natural Born Killers

Natural Born Killers

From the name itself, it would surely teach you how to become that bad at a very young age. In the movie, there are various relentless swearing, sexual abuse, and so much violence.

9. American Psycho

American Psycho

The American Psycho can be considered as a great one for some but there are various uncomfortable scenes in it that you should never watch with your parents. The movie has awkward and seemingly bad scenes that include prostitutes and Christian Bale who is pointing himself in the mirror while doing the so called “job”. The movie doesn’t deserve to be invested for the young ones.

8. Black Swan

black swan

The movie is all about a dancer with a seemingly fractured view on the world and embracing the black side of it. The worst bit is the worst sex scene.

7. American Pie

American Pie

The movie is a sort of comedy but it tells us with the awkwardness of parents and sex. It is a story of a group of friends that try to lose their cherry before heading to college. The is such a kind of bad influence.

6. Antichrist


Antichrist is one of the most extreme films where the story is a no holds barred experience. It still presented sex with a mix of something insanity. There are scenes of masturbating until bleeding and some typical horror violence.

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