10 Hilarious Differences Between Men And Women

There is an old saying ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’. While many psychologists have tried to understand both the genders and their behavioral patterns, there is very little breakthrough. Genders are learned and enacted behaviors. It falls across a nuanced and wide spectrum filtering through a prism of individual experiences. While men do not care much about what women say, women care a lot about what men day. Let’s look at a few hilarious differences between men and women. Read on and entertain yourself.

#10. Women tend to smile even when they are unhappy and when they are extremely happy, they will laugh like crazy. Men tend to smile or not smile depending on their mood. Their smiles are not situational, they are genetically determined.

#9. Kneel down and place one elbow on your knee. Try and extend your arm and mark the furthest point with a matchbox. Now clasp both your hands behind your back and trying picking the matchbox with your mouth. If you can do all these steps without losing balance, you are a woman.

#8. Women remember things better than men. Women are also better at remembering where things are kept than men. The best thing to do for men is to always remember their wife’s birthday or the wedding anniversary. His wife will remember the date and also remember where the knife is kept in the kitchen.

#7. Women believe that a mess in the kitchen needs cleaning. Men believe that a mess in the kitchen is a natural thing. So much so that men below the age of thirty tend to use used pizza boxes as plates to avoid messing up the kitchen.

#6. Cleaning the car is the most important thing for a man. Women compare cleaning the car to cleaning the bottom of the shoes. It only needs to be clean if it is entering the house. For a woman, a car is just a convenience to move around comfortably. For a man, his car is his life and even the smallest scratch to it will cause him severe heartburn.

#5. A drunken man will suddenly feel love for all his male friends and will not hesitate shouting it out loud combined with inappropriate tight public hugs to all his male friends. Women, on the other hand, will end up having a good time enjoying a few drinks with her girl friends and will return home to show love to her husband.

#4. Men consider perfect parallel parking as the most amazing accomplishment on the face of the earth. For a man to achieve perfection with his driving is the greatest feeling on earth. Women will just look to park close to her destination and in a few cases will park wherever she feels like it. This will be irrespective of the vehicles around her. For a woman to drive a car around without bumping into another car or running over a person is the best feeling in the world.

#3. If a man says it will take him five minutes to get dressed, it will take him just five minutes to get dressed. For a woman, five minutes to get dressed equals blow drying the hair, applying makeup, painting her toe nails and finger nails, choosing which dress to wear, selecting matching shows for the dress, changing her mind about the dress as it makes her look too fat, changing the shoes once again, going back to wearing the previous dress as she had already worn the second dress once before, checking her makeup in the mirror once again, and finally walking out the door to leave.

#2. If a man sees another man at a party wearing the exact same t-shirt, they will end up talking and greeting each other cordially, share a few laughs through the evening, and become best friends for life. If a woman sees another woman wearing the same dress, she will try and avoid the woman or even give her the death stare. She will consider the woman a threat to her social status and will try and plot her downfall at the party.

#1. If a man asks his wife if he is looking fat, he will expect an honest answer and he can live with that answer. He will not get offended at being called fat and he will make an effort to lose weight as well, for a couple of hours. If a woman asks her husband if she is looking fat, she is not expecting an honest answer. She just wants her husband to say that she is the perfect example of size zero and hotter than a super model. The husband has to give this answer, irrespective of his wife being fatter than two or three women put together.

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