Sagittarius Zodiac Sign – 10 Facts, Characteristics & Personality Traits

Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of those people who are born on November 23 up to December 21. This is symbolized by a half animal and half human creature. The upper portion of the Sagittarius is a body of a human being, while its lower part is a body of an animal known as horse. Without a doubt, the image of the Sagittarius says how interesting those Sagittarius-born individuals. In this regard, here are 10 facts about Sagittarius zodiac sign personality that you should know:

10. Sagittarius-born people are definitely independent in nature. It is not that they want to be alone, they just want to measure their own selves if they can live without depending to some other people. Being independent is something that they would want to do as they become older and older.

9. Being emotional is not their forte. You can never find Sagittarius-born people who break down in their emotions. They will never allow their emotions to control them. Instead, they make sure that their emotions are properly controlled. If they become a bit emotional, they make sure that other people will not notice it.

8. They are great explorers. The idea of exploring something that is still not known to a lot of people is one thing that can stir their great interest. They love the fact that they are the firsthand discoverers of a certain thing. This is also their own way of acquiring a considerable amount of wisdom; through exploration.

7. Sagittarius-born people are great philosophers. They can always depend themselves whatever kind of situation they are currently facing. It is not their thing to let themselves lose in anything. They always find a way to reason out, especially if it is all about a conversation or confrontation.

6. They are extremely encouraging in nature. This is the reason why a lot of people want to make friends with them. They never fail to encourage their circle of friends, especially during down and tough moments. In other words, they are the lights that keep on shining on the dim roads that you are taking.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

5. They have a golden heart. A golden heart is something that they always possess, no matter what situation it is that they are facing. They feel pity for others, especially those who have nothing in hand. They do not want to see poor people because their hearts will be crumpled by that scenario.

4. They are positive thinkers. Entertaining negativity in life is not what they usually do. They always find a way to block the negativities that may hinder them to attain their aspirations. They always think positive for they know that acting and thinking positive will lead them to a positive result.

3. Sagittarius-born people are not jealous types. Yes, it is true. In fact, some other people wrongly judged them that they are rude since they will never show emotions when it comes to jealousy. It is very rare for them to get jealous on something or someone. If they feel a little bit of jealousy, showing it to some other people is not their thing.

2. They are extremely conversant. If you want to be with someone who love to talk, then these people are the ones that you should be with. They are the controllers of the conversations most of the time. They make sure that there will be no dull moments while they are talking to someone or to a certain crowd.

1. Great sense of humor is something that they are very proud about. Because of this, having boring times while you are with Sagittarius born people will never happen. They always find a way to make you laugh and break the ice of a certain conversation or discussion that can lighten up the atmosphere.

These are the 10 facts regarding Sagittarius zodiac sign personality that you should take note of. Now that you already know them well, there’s no reason for you to misinterpret them anymore.