Pisces Zodiac Sign – 10 Facts, Characteristics & Personality Traits

Pisces is the zodiac sign of those people who have birthdays on February 19 up to March 20. This particular zodiac sign is considered to be the proverbial dreamer. The lucky colors associated with Pisces are sea green, violet, purple, lilac, and mauve. The lucky stones are pearls, emerald, bloodstone, and aquamarine. Moreover, here are 10 facts regarding Pisces zodiac sign personality that are important for you to take into account:

10. Pisces-born people are very adaptable. They can be put everywhere, and whatever situation it is. They can live with it for sure, since they are known to be extremely adaptable. You do not need to teach them or tell them some important points since they will do the discovery on their own, and cope up with the place or situation.

9. They are oversensitive sometimes. Yes, oversensitivity is one particular negative personality that Pisces-born people naturally possess. This oversensitivity of them can make them over reactant on a certain situation that may then spoil the entire harmony.

8. They are imaginative in nature. They always make use of their own imagination in every single thing they are trying to do. In other words, they will always use their minds. Because of this, it is expected for them to come up with the very best result for something.

7. Pisces born people have this problem in laziness. Being lazy is one attitude problem that a lot of people are facing right now, and Pisces individuals are no exemptions. This is one personality that is important to be overcome since this can be the main reason of failures in life. Keep in mind that if you want something to achieve, then work for it.

6. They are very compassionate. These people can never be selfish. They always consider the other people around. They always show their concern, and they sympathize to other individuals. This is the main reason why they have a lot of friends, and many people love them much. They love to share what they have since they strongly believe that sharing is loving.

Pisces Zodiac Sign

5. Pisces individuals are known to be indecisive. Indecisive simply means hesitant. In other words, they are somehow hesitant in some aspects of life especially when it comes to making some great decisions. They can never identify good decisions from bad ones. Maybe, it is all because of the fact that they’re afraid to fail.

4. They are very considerate. They accept the idea of others, and they accept the fact that every human being has unique personalities, so there are always good explanations regarding their behaviors and attitudes. They can never be one sided, since they always consider things up before concluding.

3. Pisces people are not that good when it comes to leadership. Well, there is actually no question about that since they are not good in decision makings. They tend to get worried very easily. They become self-conscious about what would be the outcome of their doings or decisions.

2. They are too good to reject people. Rejecting or ignoring some other people is not their forte, even though this is the right thing to do. Even though ignoring is usually not a good thing to tolerate, it might also be advantageous on your part sometimes especially if there are no enough reasons for you to entertain such person or situation. However, it is still undeniable that these people don’t want to hurt the feelings of other individuals.

1. They sometimes self-pity. This is really something that must be wiped out in the list of personality a human being should have. It is simply because self-pitying may lead you to unsuccessful life and failures in a number of endeavors that you are trying to work on.

These are the 10 facts regarding Pisces zodiac sign personality everybody should instill in mind. Pisces people are the same with other individuals who have positive and negative personalities to deal with.