10 Disgusting Ingredients In Food Products You Don’t Know You Are Eating

For a human being, the food is one of the essential things on this earth that they need to consume for surviving purposes. These food items not only consist of healthy nutrients but also provide them strength to fight against diseases. But do you know that the food products which you are eating consist of the shocking ingredients such as human hair, crushed beetles or anti-freeze? Yes, this fact is very hard to believe but it is a bitter truth. The following are the 10 shocking ingredients in food products you don’t know you are eating:

10) L-Cysteine

The sandwich which you buy from the market contained this apparently harmless-sounding element in it i.e.L-Cysteine. The main aim to add this chemical is to lengthen the shelf life of the foods. For example, the bread which is available in the market usually contains this chemical. The more disturbing thing about the L-Cysteine is that it is a human hair and you can visualize that how it feels if you consume it by mistake sometimes.

9) Castoreum      

Castoreum is occasionally found on the constituent list of the food product under the classification of the “natural flavoring”. On the other hand, castoreum is a big example of a natural thing that is also very awful. This is a kind of slush emitted through the anus of an animal i.e. beaver. Now, you must be wondering that where this product is used? Well, in making the ice cream, particularly vanilla, this castoreum is used as a flavor.

8) Dimethylpolysiloxane

The next name in the list is of Dimethylpolysiloxane which is an anti-coating chemical that is usually found in the chewing gum,soft drinks, chocolates and the instant coffees. Besides this, this chemical I also discovered in the caulk, Silly Putty as well as the industrial oils. Hence, you must avoid the foods which contain this chemical if a slurp of caulk found to be tasty.

7) Carmine

Carmine is occasionally known as the Crimson Lake or the Natural Red 4.This is essentially a food coloring which is prepared through the shells of a bloodsucking bug that exists off the nutrients establish in certain cacti. If you do not want to taste this awful bus then is advisable for you to avoid the foods which are of red color. The foods which consist of this shocking ingredient are red candy,red sodas, red velvet cake mixes, red yogurt and much more.

6) Ammonium Hydroxide

The subsequent name is Ammonium Hydroxide which is utilized as a sterile agent inside the processing of automatically alienated meat.This chemical is also usually used in washing the products as well as for removing the stains on the furniture. It is also recognized with one more name i.e. ammonia.The beef industry used this product for keeping their food fresh.

5) Shellac

There are so many children who used the shellac for the projects of arts and crafts in their school time. It is basically great for offering a finish to the art and craft work in outstanding shape for several years. This product is also generally used as a polish for furniture or dead body preserved. Besides this, it is also utilized by the food industry for making the fruit, candies,and pies which look delectably shimmering.

4) Glyphosate

Glyphosate is commercially identified as the Roundup. This chemical can be found in almost everything. Glyphosate is so extensively used due to the presence of pervaded rain, crops, and soil. Although,the Monsanto Company (which introduced this herbicide to the market) had made their members drink this stuff for knowing its harms.

3) Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxideis one of the extreme unsafe chemicals which are found in the cigarette smoke.This chemical is also used by the packages of the red meat. This chemical benefits in keeping the food from rotating an unpleasant taste. This is not only unhealthy but the company also fool its buyers by making their products fresher due to the usage of the most chemical.

2) Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is an aircraft unfreeze or antifreeze constituent which is usually found in numerous salad dressings and sodas. This compound is also used in preparing the propylene glycol that is found in beer, lubricated condoms,cake mixes, ice cream, beaten dairy toppings, etc. Propylene Glycol is basically a non-toxic product that is why it is used in making the lubricant condom.

1) Tert-Butylhydroquinone


The top name in the list is of Tert-Butylhydroquinone.This chemical additive is mainly found in the nail polish and biodiesel fuels. Besides this, it is also used in crackers, gums, processed meats, beverage whiteners, etc. This chemical is tremendously poisonous as well as harmful. If a person consumes this chemical somehow then the chances of the vision difficulties and tremors can get arises.