10 Countries With High Rates of Cardiovascular Disease Death

Heart diseases is a term which refers to various conditions that affect the heart. It ranges from generic defections to infections and blood vessel diseases. It is a proven fact that, most heart diseases can be prevented if we can have a healthy lifestyle choice and yet, it is the number one health threat in the world.

Here are top 10 countries with the highest rates of cardiovascular

Ischaemic Heart Disease

10. United Kingdom

It is responsible for high rates of death in the country annually. It is estimated that the United Kingdom loses 160,000 people every year due to heart and circulatory diseases. In percentages, 37% females and 38% of male deaths are caused by cardiovascular diseases (CVD). This makes the country to lose 19 billion pounds annually in direct costs attributed to CVD. The risk factors contributing to the high rate include, raise cholesterol levels with a half of the UK adults having high cholesterol conditions. 1 in every 500 of the population has Hypercholesterolemia. Exposure to lifestyle related risks such as high alcohol intake, sedentary lifestyle, excessive smoking, and fatty diets increases the risk.

9. Ireland

CVD is a number one killer in this nation. Every year, 10,000 lose their lives due to cardio vascular, amounting to 33% of the total reported deaths. Half of this is due to coronary heart disease, with CVD is contributing to 13% of the premature death of below 65 years. Every year, 2,000 people die from a stroke, and about 30,000 people live with a debilitating condition as a result of a stroke.

8. China

Over 230 million people are suffering from cardio vascular disease in China with 931 deaths per every 100,000 being as a direct result of CVD or stroke. 1 in every 5 adults in China has a CVD. A 50% increase is expected between 2010 and 2030. With the increase rates in high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and Type 2 diabetes, there is likely to be an increase in the number of deaths from CVD.

7. Argentina

CVD is one of the leading causes of death in this country. A study contacted found out that 25,142 cases of ischemic heart disease and 18,654 cases of stroke people die annually. Lack of physical activity is one of the major cause of rise in CVD death in Argentina. 17% of patients who died due to CVD were found to be less active. The mortality rate due to CVD has significantly dropped due to the rate of smoking going down in recent years in Argentina.

6. Czech Republic

1,077 people out of 100,000 individuals in the Czech Republic die due to stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Coronary heart disease is responsible for at least 34.04 % of the total death in the country. Causes of the higher rate in CVD include high cholesterol, sedentary lifestyles, hypertension, excessive alcohol intake, and smoking.

5. Poland

A study carried out in 2011 estimated that, between 2008 and 2030, the mortality rate will increase from 17% to 25% due to ischemic heart diseases and cerebrovascular disease. They are the leading cause of death in this country. But with the advancement in medical treatment, lowering blood cholesterol, reduced smoking, and increase in physical exercises, a decrease in the number of deaths might just be witnessed.

4. Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, over 60% of the death of the population is attributed to CVD. A study carried out that, there is an increase in CVD cases in young people aged between 30 and 40 years. This has made Bulgaria to sign the European Health Charter, which is a continent wide campaign, which aims at reducing CVD related illness in Europe.

 3. Romania

Every 1283 per 100,000 people die each year due to cardiovascular disease and stroke. A study carried out found that, Hypercholesterolemia and high systolic blood pressure were the main factors of CVD.

2. Hungary

1,330 Hungarians out of a total of 100,000 die every year from CVD. The main cause is the junk food which is taken by the Hungarian people. The Cuisine which is full of refined sugar, pork fat, and cream sauce is a delicacy for many.

1. Russia

57% of all reported deaths in Russia are due to CVD. It is the highest amongst all the developed countries of the globe. 1752 people out of a total of 100,000 die every year due to CVD. Factors influencing the high rate include alcohol intake, hypertension, tobacco smoking, physical inactivity, unhealthy eating habits, and obesity.

After reading the above statistics, do something about your lifestyle and avoid being a statistic. Share with friends so they can too avoid becoming statistics.

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