10 Cool Ways to Take Selfies

Taking selfies is undeniably one trend these days that truly influenced a lot of people all over the globe. It is the newest trend in taking snapshots with your camera or smartphone. In fact, millions or even billions of individuals are taking selfies every single day. In relation to this, here are 10 cool ways to take selfies that you must consider:

10. Make Sure to Have a Good Lighting

Capturing great high quality photos will always be achieved with a good lighting. Hence, if you want to have great selfie pictures, it is best to ensure that a good lighting is there before doing the thing.

9. Apply Makeup Flawlessly

Selfie pose

Always keep in mind that selfie photos are done in a focus way. Hence, any imperfection in applying makeup would be very obvious. This is the main reason why you have to make sure that you put makeup the proper and the flawless way.

8. Check Yourself First

Prior to clicking your camera or smartphone, it is very important to check first yourself if you are in a good condition for taking photographs. See to it that you’re wearing a good outfit, and you’re wearing beautiful makeup.

7. Use Beautiful Filters

Filtering and editing your selfie photos is not bad, depending on the purpose of your photos. If you’re not happy with the angle and final photos you have captured, then why not make use of beautiful filters. After all, it is the main reason why filters are invented.

6. Check the Background


See to it that the background is appropriate for your selfie photos. If you are not happy with it, then change location. It’s as simple as that. You’re the director of these picture-taking moments, so go ahead and have a blast.

5. Remain Still

One challenging thing when taking selfie photos is to remain still. It might sound so easy, but a lot of people find it a bit hard not to move while the camera is processing the captured photos. In this way, the photos will definitely look good and of high quality.

4. Take as Many Selfies as You Can

Having good and beautiful photographs will always rely on knowing your good camera angles. Take many selfie photos as you can, and choose the best ones later on. It’s just normal to have awkward-looking photos sometimes anyway.

3. Be Silly

selfie silly

Sometimes, good photographs cannot only be captured by having formal poses. Being silly in front of the camera is never a silly thing. It doesn’t mean that you can have silly photos when you strike silly poses. Thus, be creative and do the poses you want.

2. Take Selfie Photos in the Mirror

It cannot be denied that facing the mirror while taking selfie photos is a good way to photograph yourself. In fact, a lot of people from the different walks of life are trying this way of taking selfie photos.

1. Be a Poser

Being a poser doesn’t mean you have to steal some beautiful photographs of some other people. What it truly means is strike as many pose as you can. Think out of the box, and come up with extremely unique photographs while maintaining that captivating beauty.

These are 10 cool ways to take selfies that you must not forget. Capturing beautiful photos is actually just a matter of knowing how to look great in the camera.

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