Top 10 Tallest Women In The World Ever

As we explore the world, there is always one thing that makes us interesting – seeing different and unusual people. In fact, they always make our head turn either for their incredible personality or unique disability. But what will make us more interesting? When we get to know them.

However, when we speak about world records, there is a long list for men. And we came to the point that women are being underestimated everywhere in the world. Today, let’s turn the spotlight for women. Let’s know how they make the world change and what makes their height distinction really amazing.

Let’s check out the Top 10 Tallest Women

10. Heather Greene in Las Vegas

Heather Greene in Las Vegas

Heather Greene was an American woman with a height of 6 feet and 5.5 inches tall. It may be hard for her to find closets that match but at least people in the USA respected her a lot.

9. Gitika Srivastava in India

Gitika Srivastava in India

GitikaSrivastava measures 6’11” tall. She lived in India. She was a former basketball player in the country.

8. Zainib Bibi in Britain

Zainib Bibi in Britain

ZainibBibi is about 7’2” tall and was only allowed to live permanently in Britain country. Her home country is actually Pakistan but because of her height, people expelled her.

7. Maria Fassnauer in Germany

Maria Fassnauer in Germany

Maria Fassnauer is a German woman with a height of 7’3” and is distinguished to be “the Giantess of Tirol”. Her family was farmers. At the age of fifteen, she was two meters tall already over her peers. Because of her height, she was frequently invited to some circus works and because the job aggravated her body, she retired just a few years later. However, her life ended at the age of 38.

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