Top 10 Best Sedan Cars In India 2017

The sedans have been the trend for the Indian Auto Industry. The Indian automobile markets supposedly have the most diverse selections in terms of sedans, perhaps in the entire world next to China and the US. And subsequently, the premier car and automobile companies in India have put all the effort to get the best of sedans in India. Though a lesser lot has not made it big in the market for Sedans in India, there is quite a handful that has driven it through the Indian Market for sedan class of cars. The experts have had it sorted for the top 10sedans to make big in the Indian Markets.

10. Tata Manza

Tata Manza

Manza is the most economic sedan class car available in the country. The reason is quite obvious because of the very best in the business involved in the production of the car for the Indian Markets, Tata Motors ventured into the class of sedans through Manza leading the way in the country. The base model is quite elaborated with the entire essential and the car is an overall leader for economy aspect in the Indian Markets for Sedan

9. Fiat Linea

Fiat Linea T Jet

A late entrant into the Luxury sedan segment, the car was accepted with quite a success even though the entry was bitten on a hasty side to reach out to the Indian market with all the needed vivacity. The Fiat Linea is still an attractive option for many in the showrooms across the country since the car is quite brilliant on the value for money and comforts available at such low prices.

8. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

A complete revamped sedan from the country’s leading Car manufacturer. The Suzuki CIAZ is exquisite in terms of the design quality and the adaptation to the varied Indian Terrains. And surely, CIAZ has a level up on the cars in the Sedan class with the local market competitor and the trust factor from Maruti Suzuki.

7. Ford Fiesta

The oldest surviving model in the sedan class for India, Ford Fiesta has been the leaden for many years and gaining applauds from many competitors. The company has redesigned the New Fiesta with sporty themes and styling for an up kind vibe in adventurous looks for Fiesta, unlike the subtle designs of the past. The car is quite a showstopper and quality to abide.

6. Nissan Sunny

Nissan Sunny CVT Automatic

Competitive pricing and safety features top the list for this sedan, the Japanese car makers have extended their priceless safety technologies in cars to the Indian market with Nissan Sunny. An impressive value on money and class form Nissan.

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