Top 10 Best Pan Masala Brands in India 2016-17

There are many things among us which have a tradition and history attached to them. Many of these things are being followed as a practice even today by many more as a habit that just as a tradition or history. Over a period of time, beyond tradition and habit, these things become more of an identity of individuals who belong to a certain community or region. One such thing that undergoes this evolution is Pan Masala. Pan Masala acts as the proud identity to represent certain communities and set of people who belong to specific regions.

Let us have a look at the list of Top 10 best Pan Masala brands in India:

10. Pinki Pan Masala

Pinki Pan Masala

Pinki Pan Masala is one of the key Pan Masala brands in India. It is considered as a reliable Pan Masala brand that offers quality Pan Masala to its users. The brand ensures that people do not enter into any health complications using their brand Pan Masala. The fresh flower ingredients fond in this brand Pan Masala gives it a mesmerizing fragrance that lasts long for an extended period of time.

9. Shahi Bahar

Shahi Bahar

Shahi Bahar is one of the high flavored brands in India which belongs to Shourya Tobacco OPC Private Limited. The saffron blended Pan Masala from this group is a unique product available in the Pan Masala market in India. The high quality Beetle nuts used in this brand of Pan Masala adds a lot of value to the fragrance of the same

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8. Leoza Pan Masala

Leoza Pan Masala

Known more as Premium Leoza Pan Masala in the market place, the refreshment this Pan Masala provides to the users is considered as one of the best among its competitors. Leoza is preferred by different sect of people who feel the requirement to take a break from their tiring work schedule. Economically priced to enable everyone concerned to buy the same, Leoza is undoubtedly one of the superior qualities Pan Masala available in India

7. Bekarar


This Sada Pan Masala advertises that it contains no tobacco or nicotine. Bekarar comes out of the business house headed by Chander Mohan Saxena who has decades of rich experience in Pan Masala business. The many flavours Bekarar Pan Masala comes in make it a great choice for Pan Masala users. Bekarar comes in different flavors like Pan Chutney, Pan Masala, Pan Elaichi and plain Mouth Freshener

6. KC 1000

KC 1000

Karamchand Premium Pan Masala is the expanded version of KC 1000. The brand deals with many Tobacco products like Khaini, Gutkha, Zarda, Chewing Tobacco, Gudakhu and Jafrani Patti among the many others. KC 1000 is the trademark brand of Basant Kumar Makhija. KC 1000 focuses on hygienic packaging which retains the flavor of the Pan Masala

5. JMJ Group

JMJ Group which works out of Goa is an established brand in the Pan Masala business. The high quality Pan Masala produced by this brand has been famous for many decades now. JMJ Group ensures that timely deliveries are made to the various selling venues every time. This brand Pan Masala has highly flavored ingredients like Elaichi, Catechu, Lime, spices and Saffron which make it tasty and enjoyable

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4. Shikhar Pan Masala

Shikhar Pan Masala

One of the best Pan Masala brand from the house of the Shikhar Group, Shikhar Pan Masala is highly popular in the field. It is one of the largest selling brands of Pan Masala in India. Shikhar Pan Masala can be used for multiple purposes like welcoming the guests or serving the same to the guests after meals etc. This is considered as one of the Pan Masala that does not affect the health of people consuming it

3. Vimal Ultra Pan Masala

Vimal Ultra Pan Masala

Vimal Ultra Pan Masala is based out of Delhi. The high fragranced betel speices and sweetened scented Supari used in Vimal Ultra Pan Masala makes this brand Pan Masala a preferred choice of Pan Users in India. Vimal Ultra Pan Masala is appreciated for the freshness with which it is packed and the rich taste it offers to the tongue. The abundant availability of this Pan Masala at all points of time in many network shops acts as one of its main strengths

2. Dharampal Satyapal Group (Rajnigandha)


Dharampal Satyapal Group is considered as one of the largest manufacturer of Pan Masala and Gutkha in India. The many names under which their products are sold are BABA, Tulsi and Rajnigandha. Rajnigandha and BABA in particular have a special place in the minds of people among the many others. The words used in Rajnigandha advertisements is very attractive – Kuch Kar Aisa Duniya Banna Chahe Tere Jaisa. This brand Pan Masala has a good track record as far as the health care aspect of the same is concerned

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1. Manikchand Group (RMD)


The product named RMD that is released by Manikchand is famous among lakhs and lakhs of people in India. Manikchand brand Pan Masala is one of the largest selling one in different parts of India. The Pan Masala is known for its hygienic packaging and high levels of flavor. Manikchand Pan Masala is a nice mixture containing sweeteners, flavors and nut mixture. It is the preferred Pan Masala which acts as a mouth freshener by many in India. The brand uses permitted colors and flavors which makes it safe for use without getting affected with toxins. The highly interactive network that has proved its presence across India is one of its biggest advantages over other groups





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