Top 10 Best Equity Mutual Funds to Invest in India 2015


There are many aspects associated with the equity mutual funds. These are the best way to earn good amount of bucks but at the same time, it is also subject to market risk. However, if we know the details about the market, then it becomes easy to invest. The equity mutual funds tend to fluctuate but the trend can indicate the potential to investment. If you are not aware of the equity market, then here are the top 10 equity mutual funds to invest in India.

Best Equity Mutual Funds

10. UTI Equity Mutual Fund

This is one of the safest and low risk funds to invest. The ratio of investment in this fund is generally 80 to 20 for equity and debt instruments. In the last 10 years, it has yielded 16% annualized return.

9. ICICI Balance Fund

This scheme from ICICI invests in the security and equity. However, it also invests in the money market and fixed income securities. The prime reason of investing in this fund should be the performance of last 10 years. It has given 17% annualized return and that is quite good as per the market.

8. ICICI Pru Focused Blue Chip Fund

This fund focuses on the 20 large companies and 200 stocks listed on NSE. This is one of the high performing funds and has given 18% annualized return in last decade.

7. HDFC Balance Fund

The aim of this fund is to generate capital appreciation. It generally uses the mixed portfolio of debt instruments and the equities. The performance of this equity fund has been phenomenal in last decade. It gave 20% annualized return in this tenure.

6. Franklin High Growth Cos Fund

This fund is bit different than others and it invests on the Indian Companies. It generally focuses on the best trade off companies to ensure high return. If the performance of last 10 years is seen, then the fund has ensured 20% annualized return.

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