10 Best Maharashtrian (Marathi) Food Recipes

Maharashtrian cuisine is the cuisine of the Marathi people that lives in the state of Maharashtra in India. The cuisine of Maharashtra is full of flavors and the dishes that this cuisine covers ranges from mild flavor to the spicy ones. While you are in Maharashtra, you will not control your hands from the foods as the foods of the Maharashtrian cuisine is full of flavors and tastes.

If you are the one who wants to ride the train of flavors of this really interesting Maharashtrian cuisine, then here is your way. Check the list of the top 10 Best Maharashtrian (Marathi) Food Recipes down here:

10. Aamti

This one is the Maharashtrian style of cooking desi dal. Aamti is one of the most delicious formsof dal that is made with the yellow gram dal. When this dal is cooked along the typical Indian spicesalong with the typical tarka of curry leaves, this dal will leave you completely satisfied.

9. Kolhapuri Vegetables

Next on the list is the vegetable thing for all my vegetarian lovers. The name of this dish says it all. This one is the dish that originates from the city of Maharashtra, Kolhapur. This one is a popular dish that is having the fresh vegetables all cooked in the traditional Kohlapuri style with the tangy touch of lemon and yogurt.

8. Misal Pav

Another one of the really amazing and the delicious dish that also belongs from the district of Maharashtra is Misal Pav. This dish is fiery mélange of the fresh vegetables like potatoes and sprouted beans. These vegetables are made in the spicy paste of the hot masalas. You can team this amazing dish with the bread or roti to make it a perfect Maharashtrian meal.

7. Pooran Poli

Next on the list is another tempting Maharashtrian dish that can give your meal a happy ending. This one is some sort of the sweet bread that can delight your taste buds with its awesome taste. This dish is considered to be the festive dish on the Maharashtrian occasions.

6. Bharleli Vangi

This one is the stuffed egg plants and is considered to be the common dish from the Maharashtrian cuisine. The egg plants are cooked with the sweet and the tangy taste along with the stuffed masala. The goodness of coconut in this dish makes it a well- nutritious package.

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