What Are The Factors Behind Cart Abandonment?

Customer abandoning their shopping cart midway is termed as abandonment of cart. Whether they abandoned the cart because they changed their mind or due to flow related issues, it’s something that is becoming increasingly common in eCommerce businesses. The causes of cart abandonment can vary, but there are some commonalities among them: One of the biggest causes of cart abandonment is confusion. When customers don’t know what they’re looking for or how to use a particular product, they easily get lost in the process and leave without completing their purchase. You’ll likely see increased sales if you can simplify your online store and simplify things for your customers. 

Why does cart abandonment happen? 


1. Unexpected shipping costs are one of the main reasons why people abandon their carts. It’s not uncommon for shoppers to get frustrated by the high shipping cost, especially when purchasing relatively small items. Shipping costs can quickly start increasing, so it’s a good idea to research before placing an order. In addition to looking at the total price of the item, you should also consider whether or not there is a free shipping option available. If you don’t mind waiting a few extra days, free shipping can be a great way to save money while still receiving your purchase on time. 

2. New account creation is responsible for the majority of cart abandonment. The main reason is that it takes a significant amount of time to create a new account, and users will abandon the cart if they are not comfortable with the process. This can be avoided by using an integration method that reduces the friction in creating an account. 

3. Researching to buy later is often a result of hesitation. People may be hesitant to take action, whether buying something they don’t need or spending more than they are prepared to. They might hesitate because they don’t know what they want, or they can’t decide which product offers the best value. When people are in the early stages of their shopping journey, they may not have a clear picture of what they want or how much they’ll be willing to spend, leading them to push back on buying things that don’t fit their budget or that aren’t necessary. 

4. Payment security is a critical factor. But because these companies are not responsible for preventing fraud, they can’t guarantee that customers will be able to make purchases. As a result, many consumers abandon their carts because they fear their payments will be declined or stolen. 

5. Extended Checkout is responsible for cart abandonment. Customers frustrated by checkout may abandon their carts. One reason customers abandon carts is when they can’t find the checkout button or if it takes too long to complete the checkout process. Another reason customers abandon carts is if they think the checkout process is confusing or too long. 

6. No Coupon codes- Coupons are usually available only in limited quantities, and you’re usually unable to get them. The reason is simple: they’re hard to come by. They might be more common than you think, but they rarely pop up on all sites. Some sites won’t even offer them at all. Because of this, many people are reluctant to spend money on a site that doesn’t have coupons or offers extra discounts. This can lead to many people abandoning their carts because they feel like they didn’t get anything for their money. 

7. No Express shipping options Express Shipping is a huge part of the e-commerce business. But, it can be a problem if shoppers are unaware of the costs involved and abandon their carts before checking out. That’s why it’s so important for e-commerce businesses to provide clear shipping options that are affordable and reliable. If there’s no way for customers to track their orders, they are likely to abandon their carts and lose out on sales. That’s why it’s essential to offer express shipping options that are convenient and affordable. 

8. Website errors and crashes are responsible for many cart abandonment. If a customer can’t enter their credit card information or they get stuck on a page, they might choose to leave before they have even had a chance to check out. On top of that, if users wait too long to see any progress, they might be less likely to continue the checkout process. If you can reduce these errors and crashes, you will improve your conversion rates and increase your revenue. 

9. A poor return policy is one of the most common reasons people abandon their shopping cart. A customer’s main concern should be whether or not they can trust the company they’re buying from and whether they will get what they ordered. Poor policies and customer service aren’t the only things you need to worry about. Make sure you have a good return policy so that customers know what is acceptable when returning their products. 

Summary   Nimbbl checkout is an easy and user-friendly platform to increase your conversions. By allowing your customers to pay with a one-click checkout, Nimbbl can help reduce cart abandonment. By collecting data from visitors before they complete a purchase, you can make changes on the fly to improve your customers’ experience. These small changes can have a significant impact on your revenue. 

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