Websites to Consider When Investing in Crypto

Ever thought of investing your money in money? Wow, that sounded like perfection! And yes, we are referring to crypto. Crypto is making big waves, and without any doubts, it is one of the quickest and safest ways to earn money.¬†You probably have heard more about it on the news, and you’ve heard more people talk about it. While some have read the headlines and discussed it, others are grabbing the huge opportunities and getting to work becoming a part of this revolution. Now, it is up for you to decide which one of the two you are willing to be. Of course, you would want to go with the latter one.

There are countless benefits with crypto, if you are still confused whether or whether not to invest in it. Crypto accounts allow you to make and receive payments online. It can be used to save money. Apart from that, it offers the biggest opportunities. Bitcoin is one of the best examples. A $200 investment five years ago would be worth $5000 by now if you made it today. Two hundred dollars would have been worth $3.8 million ten years ago if you had invested it early. There is still a lot of upward movement for Bitcoin’s price. Sure, there are occasional blips. A savvy investor can also make great returns with other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple, and Lisk.


Getting educated and gaining some experience is necessary to know which coins to invest in. What’s the point of wasting time? The time has come to get crypto-savvy, learn how to spot the opportunities and take advantage of them.

If you are a newbie and have no idea which websites or apps to look up to, this post is for you. We have compiled a list of the best websites that can help you get a better grip on cryptocurrencies. But do make sure that you have a reliable and high-speed internet like Charter Spectrum because you will have to search a lot.

Below are the top 4 websites to reach out for crypto knowledge: has a great user interface for beginners and has a decent track record for buying/selling cryptocurrencies. Crypto funds belonging to its customers have never been lost at CEX.IO. Besides offering low trading fees, the exchange offers a rewarding crypto staking program. Despite its many positive features, some areas could be improved, including the complex fee structure for withdrawals and deposits.

In comparison to other trading platforms, CEX.IO’s spot trading platform has very low fees. Fees are based on your trading volume, with 0.25% being the highest. This is why you should avoid Instant Buy whenever possible and stick with the main platform.


It is one of the most recognized and traded exchanges in terms of volume and recognition for seasoned traders around the globe. All countries except a few can trade fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto through it. Other notable features include margin trading, limit and stop orders, over-the-counter (OTC) trades, and others. The dashboards and menus have an impressively intuitive design, with many options to choose from. Although Bitfinex utilizes robust security measures, it has been hacked twice (in 2015 and 2016). The security of the system has been significantly improved since then, and every user has been compensated for loss of funds.


It is the busiest cryptocurrency exchange in the world because it is run by expert algorithm traders, developers, and economists. BitMex is one of the first names you will come across when looking for cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Additionally, it provides all the tools and techniques for advanced and beginners to trade cryptocurrencies.

The platform, also called Bitcoin mercantile Exchange, offers 100X leverage, no expiry date for trading, and industry-leading security. Furthermore, they remain one of the few exchanges that have never lost Bitcoin due to hacking or fraud.


Cryptocurrency investors should check out this popular exchange. The platform has a broad variety of cryptocurrencies for trading, but is more limited in the U.S. Although the platform offers low fees, it has been subject to regulatory scrutiny and is currently being investigated in the United States. Beginners and advanced users alike will find this exchange useful. The UI also provides the option to switch between the two modes, making it very user-friendly.

Due to its constant ranking as one of the top three exchanges on CMC, you won’t ever run into liquidity issues.


We hope the post was convincing enough to make you invest in crypto. At least make you consider it for the future. That is all for this article. We hope you found it helpful.