Voter ID Card Karnataka: Apply Online, Check Form Application Status & Download

For an Indian citizen to cast his/her vote during an election should possess a voters’ ID card. In India, a person is eligible to apply and acquire a voter ID card if he/she is 18-years or above 18-year old.

A voters’ ID in India is considered as the most important and valuable document, it can prove the cardholders nationality, age, address, and identity. Most of the Indian institutions both private and public accept voters’ ID card as proof of identity, age, nationality, and address. Karnataka being a state in India comes under the Election Commission of India. Today, there are two methods that allow the natives of Karnataka to apply for a voters’ ID

  1. Offline method and
  2. Online method

The offline method is the oldest method and was the only method for applying for a voters ID. It includes the applicant visiting the election office in person and filling in the form and submitting the form along with the proof documents attached to it. This procedure as we know is a time consuming and hectic procedure that most of the people if given option would want to skip. This is where the new online method comes in. The online method of applying for a voters’ ID comparatively takes lesser time than offline method. Here is everything you need to know about applying voters’ ID online Karnataka.


  • Scanned copy of the applicant’s Passport size photo
  • Scanned copy of Age proof
  • Scanned copy of Address proof

Documents eligible

  • Age Proof – Birth Certificate, Driving license, High school mark sheet, PAN card, Aadhaar letter issued by the UIDAI, and Passport.
  • Address proof – Passport, Ration card, Driving license, Land phone bill, Electricity bill, Gas bill, Rent Agreement, Income tax assessment bill, letter or post delivered by the Indian postal department and Water Authority bills

Step by step procedure to apply voters’ ID online Karnataka

Step 1: Visit the website of CEO Karnataka or click here .

Step 2: on the homepage of this page, you will have the option asking you to register if you are a new user. Select this option, and enter the name and email id and the server will then send the login details to your phone via SMS.

Step 3: Now, enter these credentials to log in to the account.

Step 4: Once, you have logged into the account using the credential send through SMS, now, select the option to apply for a fresh Voter ID.

Step 5: The page will now ask you to fill in the “Form 6” with all the correct details as recorded in the official records.

Step 6: On the fill-up form, you will have to enter all the details like place of birth, parent’s details, date of birth, present address and the details of family members.

Step 7: Once, you have started filling in the form, you will have mandatory fields that will ask you to upload all the necessary proof documents on the site including the applicant’s photograph, age proof, and address proof documents.

Step 8: After successful completion of the filling in and document uploading procedure, click the “Submit” button below.

Now the screen will display a reference number which can be used in the future to track the status of the application. However, the procedure ends only once the Booth Level Officer visits the applicant’s residence to verify the details submitted and upon successful verification, the process will move further. The Voter ID will then besent to your address within a month

Track application status of voters’ ID Karnataka.

Step 1: Visit the official website of CEO Karnataka or click here instead

Step 2: Enter the details as requested on the form, this includes the “District” and “CellPhone No”

Step 3: Now, click the “Search” button below.

Once the entered details match the records on the server, the page will display the status of the application submitted.

Download the voters’ ID Karnataka

Step 1: visit the official website of CEO Karnataka or click here

Step 2: Select the option “Search my Name in Voter List” and then the “Assembly Electoral Roll” from the home screen or click here

Step 3:On the new page, select how you need to search your name on the electoral list and then, enter all the details as requested on the form and click the “Search” button.

Now if the records match the records on the server, the page will display your name, click this name and the voter’s details will be displayed on the screen with a Print option below.

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