Top Ten Most Dangerous Forests in the World

Forests are found across the world, and their rich habitat makes it a place of living for many wild animals. There are various forests, which are very dangerous and can be hazardous for a human life. The Forests are spread across the globe and very few of them are non dangerous at all, few of the forests are converted in a Wildlife Sanctuary, making it secure for humans and the remaining are just open to all, which is very dangerous for a normal human being. These forests are dense, rich in its flora and fauna and are a home for wildlife. Apart from the dangers of the wildlife, few forests are haunted as well, which makes them extremely dangerous and people avoid getting into these forests, as there are stories about the ghosts in the forests, it can be true and it cannot be true, hence it also makes the forest very dangerous.

Here is a list of Top Ten most Dangerous Forests in the World:

10. Boreal Forest

boreal forest

It is the largest land-based biome. The forest is dense and it also controls the climate of the place. It is rich in its flora and fauna. It is one of the most dangerous forest in the world, as a lot of dangerous animals live here and there fore it is not considered safe for humans.

9. Aokigahara Forest

aokigahara forest

It is located in Japan and it is also known as the suicide place and a lot of people go there only to commit suicide and more than 500 people have committed suicide in this forest. Apart from that, the forest has very tall trees and is very dense, which makes it a place for various wildlife animals and venomous reptiles. Hence, if you visit the place, you might see wild animals plus a lot of skeletons hanging on the trees or lying on the ground.

8. Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Rainforest

It is the eighth dangerous forest in the world and is located in Australia. The place really looks beautiful in pictures but in reality, it is very dangerous. It is rich habitat of various wild animals that are capable of taking human lives. It is dense and is rich in its flora and fauna. If you plan to visit the place, you oughtta be careful.

7. Jiuzhaigou Forest

Jiuzhaigou Forest

It is located in China, and the forest is extremely beautiful and dangerous. It is very dense and it is also a home for various wild animals. It is also snow covered, and it is combination of nine valleys of Tibet. There is a natural habitat as well and there are few villages in the forests. The locals know their way out, but a tourist does not, so you have to be really careful and aware when you visit this forest.

6. Epping Forest

Epping Forest

Located in Essex, England, this forest was very famous for its crimes as it was a hide out for a highwayman Dick Trupin. He used to rob and kill people on the way, and after his death, it is believed that his soul remained there still haunting the place. Apart from that, the forest is extremely dense, which makes it even more dangerous and scary.

5. Redwood Forest

Redwood Forest

The Forest is located in the US, and it has several tall trees and is very dense. The trees are so tall, that it gets really difficult to see the top of the tress. It looks very mysterious and is also very dangerous for obvious reasons.

4. Black Forest

Black Forest

It is located in Germany, and it is called black forest because of its dark, mysterious and spooky feel. The forest is undoubtedly very beautiful but it is also very dangerous.

3. Beech Forest

It is located in Australia and is very dense, but most of the area of this forest is used for planting potatoes. But still, the forest is very dense and that is what makes it very dangerous.

2. Jog Falls Forest

Jog Falls Forest

It is located in Karnataka, India. The forest is dangerous because of its huge waterfalls. It is very dense also a place for various wild lives.

1. Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest

It is the dangerous and the largest tropical forest in the world. It covers various places and is dense, rich in its flora and fauna and it is also the favourite place of various wild animals.