Top 10 Most Intelligent Animals on Earth – (Smartest Animals)

Humans have the ability to learn, do and many other things. We are called smart animals because we know how to survive and have brain activity. Humans are put on the top of the list when it comes to smartness among the animals. However, that does not mean, others are not smart. There are animals who are smart enough and termed as clever.

Here are the top 10 smartest animals of the world who deal the daily life with their smartness.

10. Pigs


One might easily say that pigs are not smart and dirty. Well, as per science and experiments, you might be wrong, if you think on the same line. Pigs are actually one of the cleanest animals and smart as well. Pigs however rollover mud to stay cool. Pigs have great ability to learn and imitate. Experiment shows that they can even learn sometimes as fast as a Chimp.

9. Cat


Cat is often trained by the owner but may not be as fast as dog. However, they have a tremendous ability to adapt. Their smartness can be understood with their behavior. It is often said that the cats have survived for long time in the history due to their smartness.

8. Dog


Dog is another intelligent animal that are frequently seen. The level of smartness of the Dog can be easily understood with their training session. They can learn things very soon and can grab things very quickly. They can also act according to the situation.

7. Cephalopods


It may be a squid, octopus or cuttlefish, the cephalopods are certainly one of the smartest animals found deep down the sea. Their brain is complex formed and also has certain human brain features. The Cephalopods are having feelings of boredom, they have curiosity, and they can use tools and can use their muscles accordingly.

6. Elephants


Elephants might look big and innocent but they are smart enough. They have family feelings and they often communicate with each other with the vibration of the feet. The level of intelligence and the smartness was proved by an experiment when a cub of elephant was able to identify herself on the mirror.

5. Crow


They might look ugly but they are very smart. It is said that their brain has engineering quality and can manage unwelcome situation. They use many tools with their beak, feathers and others to carry and eat food or other stuffs. The smartness of crow can be found on many tales as well.

4. Squirrels


They look very cute and innocent but at the same time they are very intelligent. It has been noticed that they can be deceptive especially while hunting. The rodents which try to hide from the Squirrels hardly escape from them. They are very good at strategies and implementing them.

3. Fox


They are said very clever and cunning animal. They can confuse and deceive others. The plan and strategies made by Fox is considered as mastermind. It is very interesting to see the strategies plotted by it and how prey fall into it.

2. Dolphin


Dolphins are known as kind hearted and emotional animals. However, they are not fool either. They are very smart and often considered as one of the smartest animals. They know the use of tools and how to evade particular situation. The strategy and technique is very much required in the wild life and they are perfect at it. It has been seen that Dolphins use sponges to protect their snout while hitting the sea floor in the coral areas.

1. Chimpanzee


They have many features like human. They are the ancestors of the human mankind and share many qualities. They have complex brain structure as well and have human like capability. However, their brain is not so finely engineered as compared to the human but they have the capability to do almost everything that human does.

Every animal has different brain structures and functioning. However, the animals generally outsmart others to become the smartest animals of the world.

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