Top 10 Oldest Languages in the World Maybe

There are about 6000 languages that exist today. Language began thousands of years ago and determining the oldest of them is a hot debate. Researchers continuously search for proof of the earliest existing languages even though it is a very difficult task.

What is a Language?

Language is nothing but a set of symbols or words that is used for day to day interaction and communication.  The basis of language is the environment where you grow up and develop. It consists of written as well as manual signs and symbols. It is the way and means by which, humans, as social animals, interact and talk to one another. The main basis of language is words and the formation of various words into different types of sentences.

There are many types of languages that are spoken in this world and each language has its own set of syllables and definitions. There are various purposes that a language can solve. Some of this include communication, expression, amongst others.

Therefore, many contenders make the list for the oldest languages. Let’s take a look at the top ten oldest languages in the world.

10. Latin


Old Latin refers to the Latin language in the period before 75 BC. Latin was the language of the victors of many wars and battles fought on theItalian peninsula. It gained most importance when it became the formal language of the Roman Empire. All Romance languages are descended from Latin, and many words based on Latin are found in other modern languages such as English. Today, Latin is taught in higher education courses and still endures.

9. Armenian


Armenian is an Indo-European language spoken by Armenians. Its language has a long literary history, with a fifth-century Bible translation as its oldest surviving text. The last text found makes it likely that Armenian began around 450 BC. Today, Armenian is the mother tongue of over 5 million people.

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8. Korean


The Korean language dates back to 600 BC.The Korean language is spoken by more than 65 million people living on the peninsula and its outlying islands as well as 5.5 million Koreans living in other parts of the world.  The fact that all Koreans speak and write the same language has been a crucial factor in their strong national identity.

7. Hebrew


Hebrew is over 3000 years old, originating around 1000 BC. It is an ancient Semitic language and the official language of the State of Israel. For many years, Hebrew was a written language mostly for sacred texts thereby given the name of “holy language.” Today it is both a spoken and written language that ties the Jewish community together.

6. Aramaic


Research has shown that large parts of Hebrew and Arabic languages are borrowed from the Aramaic language.Diplomatic documents between Aramaean city-states dating back to the 10th century BC (1000 BC) prove this to be one of the oldest languages.Modern Aramaic, in its various dialects, is spoken in modern-day Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, and the various Western countries to which the native speakers have emigrated, including Russia, Europe, Australia and the United States.

5. Chinese


The first written records of Chinese language date back 3000 years to 1200 BC and the Zhou Dynasty. Over time, the Chinese language has evolved and nearly 1.2 billion people speak some form of Chinese as their first language. This is the most popular language spoken in the world.

4. Greek


The earliest written evidence of the Greek language dates back to 1450 BC. Greek is mostly spoken in Greece, Albania, and Cyprus, by roughly 13 million people. The Greek language has a long and rich history which makes it among the oldest of European languages.

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3. Egyptian


Egyptian is the oldest known language of Egypt. It comes from the Afro-Asiatic language family.Tomb walls bearing autobiographical writingsin Old Egyptian have been found dating back to 2600 – 2000 BC. There is considerable and varied literature in Egyptian. Today, Egyptian survives as the liturgical language of the Coptic Church.

2. Sanskrit


Researchers believe that Sanskrit, which heavily influenced many European languages, originated from Tamil. Sanskrit is the classical language of India, dating back to 3000 BC.Sanskrit is still one of India’s official languages, although its use in the vernacular is limited.

1. Tamil


Tamil language is more than 5000 years old and its literature is vast and varied. Tamil is one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world. Just 14 years ago, a survey concluded there were 1,863 newspapers published in Tamil proving the language is still used today.

Many scholars believe the origins of language are not suitable for serious study due to the lack of evidence. This list hones in on the oldest known languages still in existence today. Theory has it that the need for verbal communication arose because man formed groups to better hunt, thereby creating the need to communicate with one another. Language has evolved from the grunts and sounds of ancient man to today’s more sophisticated words and phrases.

383 thoughts on “Top 10 Oldest Languages in the World Maybe”

  1. lohith says:

    I seriously tell TAMIL is not an oldest languages in the world .. please do not miss guide the people.

    1. Santosh says:

      Ok can your provide the source on which behalf you are saying?

      1. Yakka says:

        So you are going to say Sanskrit? …

      2. Vinoth says:

        Hey u know tamil history u will search tamil history in YouTube

        1. S.Thiru says:

          very good punch brother

        2. kaliannan says:

          Thamilukku amuthentru per, inpaththamilengal uirukku ner.

      3. Sevaraj Kesavan says:

        The evidence is there. The problem is the non-tamil indians
        are do not get know about sangam literature in Tamil. Non-Tamil Indian researchers are trying to hide the evidence. that’s non-tamil indians are really illiteracy about tamil people’s culture.

        1. siva says:

          even whole world will accept the Tamil is a old language, bur north Indians won’t.

          1. jafar Sadiq says:

            it is true. No doubt. Even in Tamil Nadu, only neighbouring states VIPs get more status than Tamils in any field. Why jealousy… This is everywhere

          2. SUBRA says:

            i live in Malaysia and i very proud to say that i am TAMILAN

          3. tamizhan says:

            And they say we are Indians…

          4. S.Thiru says:

            This people are fist they don’t know about tamil History Or Jealousy

          5. Karthikeyan M says:

            100% true

        2. Vinoth says:

          Perfectly said

        3. Vanan says:

          True that…. this is called planned conspiracy against the tamils

          1. Kannan says:

            Sir, if u giv proof let us celeberate. But not of pavanar, as he was not a histiran. Wil u give so that we be prouder? Sincerely.

        4. sivabalan says:

          First stop speaking like tamilians and non tamilians. There are Tamil people who spoils Tamil culture and there are non- Tamil people who research on our history in depth and pull out valuable facts. Given that we are there in crores why are we not able to establish the facts and make our central government accept and again its because of the same Tamil people’s lack of seriousness towards Tamil.

          Unnecessarily Don’t start a useless word of wars here. Tamil is one of the oldest language on this earth. that is clearly established by various studies by various independent parties.

          1. Paul says:

            True true.. well said

          2. NavaneethaKrishnan says:

            Well said Bro..

          3. Great ! This is the right attitude.

          4. Kathiresan says:

            Yes, we INDIANS are poud because we are so diverse than any other nation in the world. Hundreds of languages are spoken in INDIA so a war can easily happen, but we INDIANS have still been together as a Proud And Powerful Nation. Who cares if a person speaks Tamil or Hindi, who cares if he/she is a Hindu or Muslim, As long as the INDIAN blood flows in him/her she is our Brother or Sister. Plus Indian cinema is the biggest in the world releasing more than 1000 films per year.
            Proud to be INDIAN.
            JAI HIND.

          5. MANIKANDAN D says:

            நான் சிவபாலனுக்கு ஒரு உண்மை சொல்கிறேன் இந்தியா தமிழுக்கு எந்த உதவியும் செய்யவில்லை.. ஆராய்ச்சிக்கும்

      4. Sujith says:

        What are you fighting for? When someone argues Tamil is the oldest language in the world or otherwise, , both are equally lunatics because no one could prove eighter cases…

        1. Vanan says:

          It has been prooven in the text of primary classical languages of the world… a book by the late devaneya paavanar. Indian government refused to accept it for case study due to its indepth research. They didnt want to fund due to fear of a wake of separatisme… u want proof i give u proof… dont judge us as lunatics… see urself and judge urself first for blabbing garbage

          1. Chakravarthy says:

            Please provide me the prove. I would like to know more

      5. Madhavan says:

        # Santosh, lohith’s statement is based on feelings. # Lohith according to you which is the oldest language?Kannada?

        1. Rudran says:

          “Kal thondri mann thondraa kaalathe mun thondri mootha kudi thamizh kudi”.

          My friends,
          it’s a waste of time responding to the likes of lohiths. Who is he to challenge any of this? What are his credentials?

          However, If he is really interested in proof it’s very easy to get. He could search ( I am not going to help him) for a study by CCMB in collaboration with Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Public Health and MIT.


        2. S.Thiru says:

          Jealousy people what to do ? Researchers believe Tamil History is minimum 50000 years.not 5000 years.

          1. Deva says:

            Me read an article that Tamil is 8,64,000 years old

        3. Ssp says:

          Thumbs up

      6. S.Thiru says:

        already don you don’t know that’s all

      7. suresh seervi says:

        GUYS SANSKRIT is the oldest language..!! 1) each and every Bhagwat geetha written in all languages says that all gods used to speak in Sanskrit. 2) all slokas were used to chanted in Sanskrit . 3) the prof of load Krishna existing 12000 years ago please see this ( and about Krishna and the whole mahabharata was written in Sanskrit. 4) some words in all languages on earth is taken from Sanskrit. 4) RAVAN WAS FROM LANKA HE ALSO USED TO CHANT GOD’S NAME IN SANSKRIT AND THE RAVAN USED TO STAY IN LANKA then further you people can think. and THE RAMAYANA BEGIN BEFORE THE MAHABHARATA 11000 YEARS AGO…..!! AND THE AGE OF SANSKRIT GOES OLDER THAN 22000 YEARS.

        1. ranjith says:

          Stupid ! vedas are said to be oldest in sanskrit! which dated around 600 BC to 1500 BC In Tamil Tolkapiyam is found to be oldest which dated around 200 BC ! do the maths!……liaten to Alex collier…go search of lemuria and kumari kandam Damn hindi and sanskrit backing indian government not ready to do research in india ocean regarding this cause it enhance the value of civilization that was sunk under the water, where they spoke tamil.. Mahabaratha, ramayana are story damn it.. dont take serials that are shown in tv as yur proof!

          1. A.C. Prabhu says:

            Nicely said Brother.

          2. Anand says:

            Hi Friends,

            Which is the oldest language ?

            Simply find in the way they are. For example, If you take mobile , the first mobile contains black and white screen and only you can communicate nothing else. But nowadays, mobile phone has everything . Similarly , Tamil language has the script which start with ka,nga,cha,,..etc. But the later people face so many problem in pronunciation so they invented new language which contain ka , kha, ga,gha, gna, ca , cha, ja …etc which is sanskrit. But there is no pronounciation problem in tamil language because all the words are pronounced with the existing word. the language doesnt contain any words which sound ga like that. Later for easiness people use those sound . but a pure tamil word doesnt contain the words. because they are later developed language sounds. Please dont use harsh words to non tamil people. They doesnt know the truth because the history is hided from them by politicians to get vote. Similarly mohenjadaro and harappa civilization . the peoples lived in those time were tamil people. you can check the coins at the time. In one of the coin , you can found a ox symbol. That ox you can now only found in kangeyam , tirupur district. Know the history properly and dont use harsh words. True tamil language doesnt contain those words also and a tamilan should not talk like that

          3. sandy says:

            u first ensure which one is older 1500 BC or 200 BC
            u people r tamil maniac. only lakir ke fakir. having no proof only showing self gratification. go to wikie pedia even Tamil word is not used. and go to civiliztion tamil is no where . but its human tendency to show his part better than other. and one things also Tamil people r not civilized even now because they do not respect others . think ¿

          4. kannan says:

            well said bro

        2. sachin says:

          Stupid Adisankracharya a Tamil Saint worked for Bhagwad Geeta to save Hindutva.

          1. Vasanth says:

            You idiot whichever shit language you speak, you have no moral right to call Tamils as idiots. The bloody shit language which you speak is just a cut copy paste of Sanskrit and Tamil.

        3. Gokul says:

          They spoke Prakrit , not Sanskrit and you do research with open mind.

        4. KATHIRAVAN says:

          you shit people yourself created god,and mention your language as god language.Shame on you people without TAMIL nothing in sanskrit.Your all words are begged from tamil

        5. Kannan says:

          Do u know rama,sita, ravana etc spoke Tamil?

        6. Karthikeyan Tamil says:

          Dear bro,,,,,,,
          I dont know whthr u kniw that even the god system i.e., the overall belief and the cocepts of HINDUISM is from TAMIL CULTURE,,,,,,,,,,,,,

          Tamils divided our landscape into FIVE MAIN SECTORS,,,,,

          KURINJI (Land of Hills),,,,
          MULLAI (Land of Forest),,,,,,
          MARUTHAM ( Cultivation Land),,,,,,,
          NEIDAL ( Land dependent on Sea/Ocean),,,,,
          PAALAI ( Land of Desserts)
          And,,,, the ppl of each and every division worshiped a God mainly,,,,,


          Murugan ( Kartikeya) for KURINJI,,,,,

          THIRUMAL (VISHNU) for Mullai,,,,,

          INDIRAN ( Indra dev) for MARUDAM,,,,,

          VARUNAN ( Varuna Dev) for NEIDAL,,,,,,


          KOTTRAVAI ( MAA KAALI ) for PAALAI,,,,,,

          Even the main Gods You ppl worship are from Tamil Culture and Literature Only…..

          And Mainly,,,,,

          You refer to RAMAYANAM and MAABAARATHAM,,,,,,,



          BUT,,,,,, PLS TRY TO UNDERSTAND,,,,,,

          THIRUMAAL ( MAA VISHNU ),,,,


          Thank you…..

        7. Genus says:

          Dude is there any single proof to support Sanskrit is old language or whatever u said, I can say any cooked-up story about anything but in reality, it’s not true. we are not kids as parents (our government) teaches about god (says Sanskrit is old and hiding the truth) and we believe, you explore the existence of god by yourself and feel it. Rulers always need some theory to continue their leadership. Read the history properly, we can hide the truth but truth never dies. Still living
          We say our language is old, sweet and great. But we never compelled any to learn because its evergreen and will live forever. When someone come up with fear about their language’s difficulty to survive and imposes everyone to learn is bad. And their cooked-up story was trying to grab our pride, so we will not be salient. But I am ready to learn any language with my own interest.

      8. suresh seervi says:

        1) each and every Bhagwat geetha written in all languages says that all gods used to speak in Sanskrit. 2) all slokas were used to chanted in Sanskrit . 3) the prof of load Krishna existing 12000 years ago please see this ( and about Krishna and the whole mahabharata was written in Sanskrit. 4) some words in all languages on earth is taken from Sanskrit. 4) RAVAN WAS FROM LANKA HE ALSO USED TO CHANT GOD’S NAME IN SANSKRIT AND THE RAVAN USED TO STAY IN LANKA then further you people can think. and THE RAMAYANA BEGIN BEFORE THE MAHABHARATA 11000 YEARS AGO…..!! AND THE AGE OF SANSKRIT GOES OLDER THAN 22000 YEARS.

        1. Vinu says:

          Never sanskrit… idiot I f I don’t know history stop saying something funny

        2. Dineshkumar says:

          Mahabharatha was written in sanskrit. That is ok. But how can you say that people during mahabharatham period spoke in sanskrit. just as it was written in sanskrit we cannot accept that people spoke sanskrit

        3. AJITH says:

          whatever the fake one u believed and gave sanskrit is no more in usual speaking language….. and y u have to this ….. the world accept it……….Tamil still stand alive and gromming everyday

        4. Rohith says:

          Bt ravan nd the people were of tamil …if u say lord rama used sanskrit to communicate then the person who rama fought was a thamizhan…the one human who even fought the god…😎

      9. Jalal says:

        dei paraesi. appo hindi nu solriya?

      10. Vinu says:

        How u know is not old …if I see u ill slap u do u know how many letters and how u spell different terms idiot

      11. Samridh says:

        yeah, dude! the oldest languages in the world in Sumerian and Egyptian according to written accounts.

        1. Muthukumaran Vaithianathan says:

          Hi Samridh
          Now they are trying to decode Sumerian with Sangam Tamil.
          We need more research.

      12. Vijay Kumar Menon says:

        Sanskrit is the oldest language, not Tamil. Please don’t spread wrong notions in public. Mahabharata, written in Sanskrit, is 5000+ old. Please remember Mahabharata war happened 5162 years before (on BC 3147 November 29th). According to UNESCO, Rig Veda is the oldest book available. Vedas are much more older than few thousands of years, as popularly believed. In all Indian languages & many others, we can find translations, interpretations, poems based on Ramayana & Mahabharata. While these are in Sanskrit, there are no books in Sanskrit which are either translations or interpretations in any worldly language, including Tamil. No Hindu text is authentic which doesn’t comply with Vedas, according to all Acharyas.

        1. Rajkumar says:

          mister vijaya kumar , go and read history of mahabharatha and ramayana but they are fake and that was writen at time of after christ 400. read the history of indian then u come to know, u cant say that epic story is true by using place.

        2. Bala says:

          Sorry for Joining late in this discussion.
          Mr. Menon I believe you are a malayalee. Nothing wrong in it. Because you are also brother of Tamil.
          Dear brother, please read the book RG VEDIC STUDIES by R. Sundarraj.
          Do you know how many Tamil words are there in Rg Veda?
          If you Say Rg Veda is the oldest book, then what you say for the loan words which Rg Vedic people borrowed from Tamil?
          Scholars from all over the world have proved this. You have to read the books without partiality.
          If you have comparative thinking and mastering the Tamil and Samskrit languages then you are qualified to judge which is oldest.
          Until then silent is the wisest…

        3. Karthikeyan Tamil says:

          B.C. is not true………

          You are making reference to things of doubts and not 100 % true….

          But we make reference to true things….

        4. ramudu says:

          dear friend tell, what is the attestation for your theory?Tell exactly when the word Sanskrit introduced?

      13. pradeep says:

        how ur saying sanskrit is oldest coz sanskrit came into written form on 2A.D

      14. Karthick says:

        You are mad.Tamil is the first language in the world that is clearly explained. I am proud to be a Tamilian instead of Indian.

      15. adiiyer says:

        Hey Jackass.. at least learn the language you are using to defend your so-called “Oldest language in the world”!

      16. Miki Singh says:

        Tamil isnt the 1st language of the world. But surely the 1st language of India.

    2. Muthu Prasad says:

      wat made u to say this? u say hindi? 😀 😀 read some facts!

    3. Arun says:

      So what is oldest language ? Hindi ? Lol

    4. Vinoth says:

      Bro, Youtube is not a confidential website anyone can post anything…

    5. Vivek says:

      Your comment is as good as your English….

    6. Arindam says:

      miss guide hahahhaa????

    7. Mike says:

      Then what language ?Go back to school and learn history you idiot. Tamil is the Anciant language in the world .

      1. adiiyer says:

        Tujhya aaichi Gaand aai zhavdya.. tondat ghey tujhya Tamil la aani bochyaat ghal

    8. Tamilan says:

      So, can u provide a evidence where it says Tamil is not an oldest language in the world?

      1. adiiyer says:

        The day Kim Jong Un celibates will be the day Tamil becomes the oldest language.. Tujhya aaichya fodryaat ghaal tujha evidence aani zhaav swatahala.

    9. aravind says:

      I think you know better than the researchers that they found tamil is the oldest language. There were lot of evidences before which has been destroyed as the above post says. Don’t be so ignorant and be proud that its part of our India.

      1. Jacob says:

        Very true about Tamil Truly the oldest

    10. Raja says:

      I say happily that Tamil is oldest language. If you ask evidence read “tholkappiyam”

    11. Paramesh says:

      Tamil is the very oldest language,we have the evidence to show tamil is the oldest language. Do you have evidence tamil is not oldest language?

    12. Vanan says:

      Proof ur word on documented study… until then quit blabbering

      1. Vanan says:

        Tamil is the primary language that is in co existence with the natural forms of sound generated by human vocal cord… ellam sollum porul kurithanaveh… we wont talk without juice… the ball is in ur ground to proof tha tamils otherwise… beware… u were not pointing out any other language but tamil… meaning u may belong to a syndicate group that secretly does its work to tarnish tamil… the luminati of india!

    13. Preethi Varma says:

      Before any contention on the truth about the oldest language, I would personally learn to spell the word misguide correctly.

    14. pk says:

      It is true. Go and check. Don’t just put a comment as it doesn’t cost

    15. tamizhan says:

      I Seriously tell lohith is from karnataka…and he dont want people to miss the guide :p … but dont know which guide…

    16. VIGNESH says:

      Ok. Can you please provide the evidence, and also tell which one is very old language from your research.

    17. Rakesh says:

      Baseless comments are what is wrong with the world today.

    18. saravanan says:

      Please prove it if you really can. Tamil history is vast and once kumari kandam alias lemuria continent is revealed you will understand the real essence.

    19. Paari says:

      Foolish comment. Can you provide evidence for your comments

    20. Dinakaran says:

      Friends tamil is not 5000 years old it’s the First human civilization language we have proof in boombuhar tamil is more than 20000 years old

    21. Raja says:

      Do you know anything about Tamil

    22. Raja says:

      before making this statement, First you should learn or should know about that language , Tamil is the oldest surveying language,

      1. Neelavannan.V says:

        Not surveying that is SURVIVING

    23. parsuvanath says:

      To koun si oldest Lohit?

    24. Subra says:

      The United Nations (UN) also agreed, that Tamil is very oldest language in the world. It’s being spoken by world wide people like India, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and Myanmar. Stupids only arguee on that. Anyhow Tamil is an one of the Indian language. As a Indian, we should proud of it. Don’t argue.

    25. S.Thiru says:

      Hello friend You should Study History of Tamil Language Don;t say not you don;t Know about tamiil language Go and Study
      the History first and after that give a Comments.

    26. S.Thiru says:

      You Don’t know about Tamil Language History First You should Know Tamil History after that you never comments like that .

    27. S.Thiru says:

      How do you know? you don’t know Tamil Language History first go and study Tamil history

    28. Balaphp says:

      brother lohith,
      Tamil is the ancient language in the world they are not mis guiding. Its born 20000 BC. Read tamil epic thirukural and you will get know the power of tamil. see this if you want more info

    29. markkandan says:

      Mr.lohit how do u know tamil is not an old languages?…. i told strongly tamil is oldest languages in world…. because our thirukural and purananuru is a oldest poem….

    30. Sundar says:

      It is true.. both are oldest language’s. . But tamil is not 5000yrs old… more than 20000yrs old.. and first tamil.. nxt sanskrit..

    31. saravana pandy says:

      “Anuvai Thulaithu Ezh Kadalai Pugatti Kuruga Tharitha Kural” – Meaning Thirukkural has the power of splitting an atom and encapsulating content worth seven oceans in it.

      Thirukural says our power…just shut and go bro..

      1. ila says:

        Not to forget that ovaiyar spoke about anu or atom thousands of years back which was found by western scientists only a few hundred years back

    32. vicky says:

      shut the f@@k..!!
      Tamil is the Oldest..!!

    33. abishek says:

      no way tamil is the oldest and the best….. all the studies have proved it……

      1. abishek says:

        yeah right tamil is the oldest….. too bad u have the same name as me and disagree

    34. mani says:

      Day badu(useless fellow)

    35. Kapil Kumar says:

      I am agree with John Manoah who says
      why people are fighting over a language. It really doesn’t matter how old the language is. The best honor you could give to your mother-tongue is to respect other languages. Every language is unique and great irrespective of how old or how classical it is. I am a Thamizhan and while I am proud of my mother-tongue’s heritage, I would continue to respect and acknowledge every other language of the world. That is the best contribution to Thamizh according to me!

      So please stop this futile debate about whose is the greatest. Go on and do something else worthy. I just want to draw you kind attention towards the mother tongue of India Hindi for which celebrate “Hindi Diwas” on every 14th of September which is in danger we should together try to save it a serious note for detail please read

      1. Ezhilenthi says:

        இது என்ன அரைவேக்காட்டுதனமான பதிவு? Why do you post your wrong assumptions here? Hindi is not the mother tongue of India. India has 22 authentic languages. Hindi is also a regional language of few states. That’s all.

        1. Fair Point says:

          This is valid and true. But how to make all Indians believe this fact in constitution and accept / embrace / respect all languages and live together ? Over the last 10 years specially, places like Bengaluru lost their native identity with Hindi domination… God should teach them mutual respect and co existence

        2. rasu madurai says:

          india must approve Tamil is official language

      2. Vinu says:

        If u say again hindi badu first know the history otherwise close ur mouth or…….

      3. A.C. Prabhu says:

        What the hell? Mother tongue of Indian is Hindi? you do make laugh i will give you that. Seriously how come you northies be so dumb!!! Eat shit.

        1. E.madan Kumar says:

          Hello who said mother tongue of Indian is hindi .nonsense if you have guts come to Chennai I will show you the mother tongue of indian I will slap on your face then you cry Amma that is tamil

    36. kapil says:

      i am really sad this moment because other country people accept tamil oldest language but indian not accept :(

      1. Fair Point says:

        Doesnt matter if it is not accepted as oldest language. We Tamils should not attempt to prove anything to anyone. We should shed inferiority complex. But we should be different – we should preserve tamil in all forms, with mutual respect for others. That is our culture – but we should never lose our identity just because there is a dominating force

    37. Arunprasath says:

      Hello Mr.Lohith,,,knw and accept the truth or mind ur own ur day today works…kkk…researchers r nt a fool ,,kkk,,so hold ur b. Tongue.

    38. Kamkim says:

      Hey all , we just try to hypothize the truth that Tamil is oldest language in the world but we did not say that first language is Tamil.

    39. SIVA says:


    40. gobu says:

      போடா வெண்ண

      1. gobu says:

        Tamil is the best language

    41. kaviraj says:

      tamil is only oldest

    42. bala says:

      Thambi lohith nee entha mozhi pa….
      Thamizh eppayalo irrunthae irruku.ippo kumari kandam irunthuchu na nee lam pesavae maata

    43. E.madan Kumar says:

      Hello MRs what you know about tamil. Tamil is world first language in this world . Come to Tamil nadu and see Tanjore big temple and Chidambaram is world center point and how dare you say like that . If you have a guts come to Chennai I will what is tamil nadu and what is tamilan world 115 languages basement is tamil you know that . Now 15000 city’s name in tamil in all over world go and see the beach of Australia the Tamil word is in center of sea . If you have a guts reply me otherwise shut up your month go and drink a milk in your home nonsense

    44. tamilhaja says:

      i think lohith don’t know history. mr, lohi please find history. i know you loving sanskrit but. we con’t change history
      i can say 100000K times TAMIL IS A WORLDS OLD LANGUAGE.

    45. Raj says:

      Yes please don’t miss guide the people by saying wrong things like Tamil is the not the Oldest Language.

    46. Tamilan says:

      You….very jealous…. even the Americans say that it’s the oldest language….I think you are a sinhalees that’s y….just google and see you jealousy people..

    47. Dr.M.Bala Tharmalingam says:

      If your seriously telling something, then pls substantiate it with the evidences that may known to you.

    48. Dinez says:

      Unakku Tamil language pathi enna therium

    49. DHIVEK says:

      do you know about THIRUKKURAL ?
      it’s world famous
      it’s comes from tamil
      that’s one enough to say tamil is the old language .
      keep it in your mind
      தமிழ் யடா

    50. deepak says:

      Lol….go and learn History again….Tamil is the oldest language in the world..

    51. suhaa says:

      We tamizhans dnt bother wht u r thinking abt our language any more ,we knw abt our launguage and we knw its worth …….u dnt believe n ths ur prlm better u stay away frm this with ur freaking out words

    52. Nakkeeran Balasubramabyam says:

      As per Dr. Alex Collier’s research report “Tamil” was one of the oldest language and world first language.

    53. Bala says:

      Just Search History Of Tamil… Just Do It…

    54. Siva says:

      So many researches proved that TamiSo many researches proved that Tamil is the oldest language l is the oldest language …

    55. Siddhunaath kiran says:

      U r right

    56. Mohammed Faiz Mohammad Ali says:

      You should know Sanskrit is an artificial script made up of loan words from Old Tamil (Apabrahmsa). And it was created by a handful of scholars for literary accomplishments , thus was not a living language spoken by the omnibus.

    57. rajesh says:

      tamil only has history for language
      also classical one.



      vowel consonents syllabic






      sytex (word order)
      sematics (meaning)
      pragmatics (usage)

    58. Ambedh veera says:

      Its proved by many researchers in world wide. kumari kandam (kumari continent) is the first continent where tamil people lived.

    59. Vipul pawar says:

      Stupidity by lohit

    60. Karthik says:

      Hey you TAMIL is the Oldest and Goldest language in the world understand.

    61. Gowtham says:

      I regret for your ignorance.Even google can answer you doubt better..

    62. spadow says:

      Then tell me which is the oldest language?

    63. Swamee says:

      That’s the problem with North Indians.. Nothing is misguided here… That’s absolute true! There was no Sanskrit in India until the Arians invaded into India when the Dravidans were ruling here…
      Tamil was the first language of Sindus civilisation..U could the script of dravidan language (Tamil) sculpted in Harappa & Mohenjadaro even now..

    64. Kanagaraj says:

      Kindly search about the TRUTH. Vedas were Originally Written in TAMIL, and later RE – WRITTEN IN SANSKRIT.


      It you find it difficult to do so. Kindly follow the link below to the blog:

    65. Jose says:

      tell tell… but who cares

    66. Martin says:

      We have historic proof to say tamil is the oldest language in the world. What proof do you have to tell it is not. Search for keezhadi, your whole Indian history idea will change. And you will find what the Indian politicians are hiding from you.

    67. sathish kumar says:

      Well said.So do you think kannada is world oldest language? I think you are from kannada may i right? Stomech burning people are there in india about tamil history. I am a tamilan. Vazhaga tamil.

    68. Deva says:

      Can u please prove that. Are this guys mad to give us wrong information. They have done a lots and lots of research. And they proved Tamil to be the oldest among them. Not only this site check which ever u want you will find Tamil to be oldest language among all. AND ME HERE I TOO TELL TAMIL IS THE OLDEST AMONG ALL. Please shut ur mouth and sit. Now you are the one who misguide people.

    69. Zapkingude says:

      Bro, 60% of the total rock inscriptions found in India is in Tamil and oldest known inscription is from 500 BCE, Tamil Brahmi in Keezhadi excavations. You say you doubt Tamil in the list, why can’t you say about Sanskrit? Sanskrit’s first written inscription is never before 7th Century CE. Tamil has more hard proofs to be in more usage than sanskrit. Please learn history before commenting some thing in social media.

    70. Navee winner says:

      u don’t know about tamil history …it’s alive in the world ever …because,it’s not just a language it’s discover the culture throw over the world…(lohith – pls,don’t tell like this …….)

    71. bharathi says:

      Pls show the proof after that u guide us in right way…

    72. வெங்கட் says:

      யாருப்பா இந்த கோமாளி

    73. Eshwar says:

      Poda dei

  2. Tamil language is more than 30,000 years old and its literature is vast and varied. Tamil is one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world.

    1. lol says:

      As per you even Dinosaurs used to speak Tamil lol.. please read the next lines from where you copied this “Tamil is one of the longest surviving classical languages in the world.”.

      1. prabhu says:

        lol so as per you dinosaurs lived in 30000 bc…. very good history knowledge

      2. Vanan says:

        Hey lol u idiot… jurasic period were millions of yrs off… early humanoid era was around 100k yrs … archelogical evidence of modern men… 50-60k yrs… according french theologist ALbert Swayzer tamil language should have to be continuously used as primary conmunicating lingua in order to achieve literacy heights as the likes of tholkapiam. Muthal nool and all other previous lost texts… the idea of humanity is spoken in thirukural… meaning 50000 yrs of golden age can only bring men to think of such latitute… its all there as trxts and documents… maybe u were the last decendant of dino saur…big body small brain.

    2. Ezhilenthi says:

      Please don’t exaggerate any statement, post only the facts, telling lies or posting false statement is not good as per our Rich and Honest Tamil culture.
      Tamil is 5000 years old itself partially acceptable as the human civilization emerged, but it needs strong evidences and to be validated by carbon dating method

  3. Noname says:

    Tamil derived from singalese same like Hinduism did from Buddhism.. Who cares, neither of these languages will ever make it any step further as long as there are people fighting which one is better. Funny we all happily speak English…

    1. Achu says:

      Hinduism deriving from Buddhism? Buddhism was founded by Siddhartha around 500 BCE, centuries after the first Hindu texts were written (1500 – 1100 BCE).
      Tamil deriving from Sinhalese? Sinhala evolved from Tamil, Pali and Sanskrit languages, whereas the origin of the Tamil language is still up for debate. It is most likely one of the oldest languages that is still spoken today.

      Please get your facts straight.

      1. Yakka says:

        Well said .. I gave my reply below.. I pity his ignorant

        1. Shyam says:

          Mr.Noname…please dont just blabber something for godsake…better goto ur school back and learn some basics!!! Such a moron!

          1. praveen says:

            Shyam, Mr.No name first need to get a name . appuram dhaan school 🙂

      2. Kumar says:

        Lord Buddha was born as a Hindu and died as a Hindu. Buddhism was his philosophy and not a religion.

      3. Tamizhan says:

        vanthan endal vaailaiyee mithippan. Sinhalese derived from Tamil???? and Sinhalese(ppl) derived from Lion or what, Losers. Tamil is one of the old language Period. No Nonhalese

    2. robert says:

      what are you saying? Sinhalese is a combination sanskrit, tamil and few other languages. and what buddhism came from hinduism ? Buddha was born as a Hindu. My god which school did you go to? Don’t say you are the father of your father.

      1. Shyam says:

        Well said 😛

      2. PriyA says:

        LoL.. 😀

      3. Preethi Varma says:

        Super, one of those misbegotten morons, Hinduism derived from Buddhism, what kind of a imbecile, and Tamil derived from Sinhalese, heights of idiocy

        1. Nirmal says:

          super …

      4. Kumar says:

        Sinhala is the language spoken by Sinhalese. Sinhala originated from Pali.

    3. Bulll says:

      That’s utter bullshit. Get your facts right.

    4. Muthu Prasad says:

      seriously? did u just said tamil came from sinhalese? do u knw how old is ur culture, country and language? 😀 rofl….man u r funny!!! 😀 #amateurmoron!

    5. Nonoamesucks says:

      No name. U bloody dog. Go fuck yrself bitch. Para pundae.

    6. Lev says:

      2I Suggest you ask your mother if your father was Tamil or Sinhalese , Maybe she will be confused you Moron .

    7. Sam says:

      Hi Noname, if you don’t know which language derived from what don’t enter a wrong information. Tamil was not derived from singlese. First learn the history

    8. prabhu says:

      English ,.. fucks up all the languages in the word to survive … bitch let english fuck u too……

    9. Vanan says:

      Singalam? Buddhism? Dei wood head… u are never in the league… just shut up and throw ur garbage elsewhere. Read history u crack.

    10. saravanan says:

      We already have Illangai and ur so called srilanka mentioned in our history. So please know the facts before posting something stupid

    11. Swamee says:

      Wow.. What an imagination u have.. Tamil from Sinhala…? U should be a mad..

  4. noname2 says:

    Seriously man, where did get all these data?? R u retarded?? At least read ur self once the comment ur gonna drop…

  5. Yakka says:

    @ Noname

    Are you from Ravana Brothers? Nice try. Baby gave birth to mother. If there any other ignorants get the fact.

    Buddha himself was a Hindu born in Kshatriya (King) family. But remember the Hinduism that day was not like today. Of course it was corrupted to as it was today. So Buddha gave sermons of real vedas (Base of hinduism) and His own findings. Buddha mentioned himself as the knower of vedas

    Simplified version of sanskrit is Pali that is what Teravada Buddhism uses because Sanskrit is more complex for stereotype people. Pali mixed with Tamil (Brought from Indian invaders / Princess / Jaffna kindom people) also with vedda language gave birth to Sinhala. Sinhala was old too but not old as Sanskrit or Tamil. Sanskrit and Tamil are the mother of all language in this world. Sanskrit is the mother of Greek, Latin and all Germanic languages such as English.

    I can speak Sanskrit , Tamil, Latin.and Sinhala (Native).

  6. Yakka says:

    @No name

    It is Sinhalese not singalese. I assume you are not a native Sinhalese just provoking Tamils.

  7. Sidd says:

    Common yakka Santosh achu ignore the no name and Lohith they think that they r genius about the language histories u could clearly see that their stomach and willies burning in fire coz they couldn’t find their speaking language… educated dumbs….

  8. சுந்தர் says:

    உங்க தவறான தீர்மானத்தை உண்மை மாதிரி தெரிய வெக்கறதுக்காக எண் 10 – எண் 3 வரைக்கும் எத்தனை கட்டிங்-ஒட்டிங் வேலை பண்ணி இருக்கீங்க விக்கிபீடியாவுல இருந்து! பாராட்டுக்கள்.

    > “Researchers believe that Sanskrit, which heavily influenced many European languages, originated from Tamil. ”

    This is blatantly false. As ‘Neeyaa Naanaa’ Gopi asks, “எந்த விஞ்ஞானி சொல்றார்?” – which researcher says that? Can you give names of specific, peer-reviewed research which claims this? Sanskrit derives from a language which is now called Proto-Indo-European, which is also the mother language of Latin, Greek, etc. Tamil is in an entirely different language family, the Dravidian family. As in any two languages which live nearby, both Tamil and Sanskrit have borrowed a few words and concepts from each other, but neither one originated from the other.

    > “Tamil language is more than 5000 years old”

    மத்த மொழிக்கெல்லாம் “earliest written text”, “Diplomatic documents” வெச்சு ஆதாரம் குடுத்துட்டு, தமிழுக்கு வரலாற்று ஆதாரமே இல்லாம இப்படி ஒரு வாக்கியம் சொல்றதுக்குக் காரணம்? ஆதாரம் இல்லாம சும்மா உருவாக்கின எண் அப்படிங்கறது தானே?

    இப்படித் தவறான தகவல் குடுக்கறதால தமிழுக்கு ஒரு நன்மையும் வரப் போறதில்லை, இருக்கற வரலாற்றுப் பெருமையும் சந்தேகத்துக்கு இடமாத்தான் ஆகுது. அப்படி உலகப் பழமை தமிழுக்கு இருக்குனு உண்மையா நினைச்சீங்கன்னா அதை நிரூபிக்க வரும் தலைமுறையினருக்கு ஊக்கம் கொடுங்க, இப்படி அரைகுறை பதிவுகள் போட்டுத் தமிழைக் கேவலப்படுத்தாதீங்க!

    1. karthik says:

      excellent !!

    2. பரணி says:

      திரு. சமஸ் அவர்கள் எழுதிய, ‘தமிழ் ஆதி மொழியாகவேண்டுமா? அழியா மொழியாகவேண்டுமா?’ என்ற கட்டுரையில், செருப்படி கொடுத்திருப்பார்.

    3. anbu says:

      Hey loose u know tiruvalluvar and Sangam period.This is enough to evidence for tamil language is the best language.

    4. Timper says:

      Finally I got one thing.. Tat is tamil is very old language too but no profe..
      Also I wanna say you onething tamilans don’t have unity I feel they don’t love a tamil well..

  9. Samson says:

    Might be some tamil guy owned this website , so tamil is first.

    1. Vasanth says:

      I know that you are a mallu and you don’t have the right to comment here. Malayalam is just a cheated language which is 100 % tamil spoken with nose and your script is an insult to tamil as it is just a mirror image of tamil.

  10. Jay Ram says:

    “Sanskrit is the classical language of India, dating back to 3000 BC.”
    Does that mean around 5000 years from now.

    “Tamil language is more than 5000 years old”

    The earliest period of Tamil literature, Sangam literature, is dated from 300 BC – AD 300. – Wikipedia

    Rig Veda one of the oldest Sanskrit scripture dated around 3500 years back from now that means 1500 BC.

    These are the sources which I could reach and found the fact, kindly share your(Writer) sources and research.

    1. Arun says:

      The sangam period mentioned in wikipedia is third sangam period or final. Still two more sangam periods existed earlier and the same is said in wikipedia. First two sangams got submerged in Kumari Kandam (Lemuria Continent) and the texts created was destroyed along with it. Tolkappiyam origin period was also unkown but this was the only text survived in the second sangam period which got submerged by ocean. Scientists say that, world landmarks changed when there was melting of icebergs happened approximately 9500 years back. Some texts in tamil literature mentions name of rivers existed 10000 years back. Still, many literature works haven’t been translated. Recently, a wall of palace that existed 9000 years back was found near puducherry and the city existed as a port named yeyirpattinam. Under water Research haven’t been done in kumari kandam by government. Many of the works were destroyed by nature or wars and so the information are coming from the text so for found and translated.

      1. Arun says:

        About Eyirpattinam by TheHindu – Tamil edition – 12th oct 2013. Discovered by temple adventures scuba diving, pondicherry.

      2. munaf says:

        every one agree or not agree its true.tamil is a our human mother language .dont hate tamil if you hate then hate your mother or grand ma. ++++++++++++++++++++++grandma speak tamil.

    2. yokesh says:

      Jay ram dnt get slayed lyk a bitch……..

  11. Sudhir says:

    Dravidian people came from Africa to India in several waves from the south. Each wave came several thousand years later and pushed the earlier wave northward. So Tamil may have been spoken before Tamils came to India.

  12. Jeyakumar CM says:

    Dears… Pls watch the video in u tube to know about tamil from a great gentleman.

  13. kalaiselvan says:

    Thamizhan enru sollada thalai nimirnthu nillada

  14. tamilking says:

    to everyone , this is a just for the people who know tamizh, or not . have u know THIRUKURAL it was written great scholar THIRUVALLUAR, 2000 years back. In Thirukural u will find all the things which is necessary for good knowledge, how to run politics, family, kingdom, gods praising, friendship, etc etc, . that is with full knowledge he wrote everything 2000 years ago at that time some of the ancient languages just evolved, not TAMIL language, if a scholar have such knowledge, that divine language should get matured and evolved very early in life . and everyone has to study evolution of language takes centuries, . TAMIL IS NOT SIMPLE A LANGUAGE, IT IS HAVING CULTURE THAT SHOW HOW TO CULTIVATE A GOOD CULTURE , RESPECT OTHERS, EVERYTHING WHAT IS SAID IN THAT LANGUAGE IS 100% SCENTIFIC THINGS, NOT LIKE UNNATURAL HOMOSEXUAL IN OTHER CULTURE .



  15. Bullshit says:

    Which planet did you came from? Hinduism came from Buddhism?
    Tamil derived from singhalese?
    Give us 1 shred of convincing proof.

    Watch this:

  16. mas says:

    “lohith” nu oruthan koluthi potutu kanama poitan… Apram avam sathathaye kanom… Avana thavira Ellam adichikiringa… Nalla varuvingayya….

  17. BNC says:

    I would just say a few points.
    Thamizh (Tamil) is an ancient and classical language. Sanskrit also is.
    Tamil is spoken widely by people today in many parts of the world while Sanskrit is not.
    Both belong to different families and different groups of people.

    A friend above has quoted Wikipedia saying the Tamil Sangam (a conference) was held between 300 BC to 300 AD was the earliest literary evidence of Tamil.
    That is not the earliest Tamil conference. What we know is only about the last of the three Tamil Sangams. Prior to that, two great conferences have been held. [Don’t trust Wikipedia. It is written just by people like u and me. 🙂 ]

    Tholkappiyam, a very ancient work in Tamil, dates back to 1000s of years back.

    Tamilians were Indus valley civilization’s people. There’s no valid concept to say they were from Africa. They were pushed south due to many reasons, one among which is foreign invasion from central Asia. Indologists hold that the Indus Valley script is highly likely to be an early form of Tamil. [ If we consider this point, in such case, Tamil becomes the oldest of all languages first spoken within India. (a hypothesis). But we never knew what was happening in present day South at that time.]

    Similar to Sanskrit, English and other languages have derived words from Tamil. For example, the words Candy, Mango, kattamaran, etc.

    Finally, I say all classical languages are unique in their own form. That is the single main reason they are called Classical.
    Sanskrit has got nothing to do with Tamil. Tamil has got nothing to do with Sanskrit, except for the exchange of some words either way due to proximity.

    They both originated probably as ancient as humanity itself. It is almost impossible for us to draw a conclusion. And even if a conclusion is drawn, that is unnecessary.

    1. Kannan says:

      Very logical!

  18. hero says:

    Tamil is not the oldest language….please dont misguide the people…

  19. Pk says:

    False message… There is no mention of Sumerian language and its cuneiform and the Avestan language which predates Vedic Sanskrit. Though i am a hardcore supporter of tamil i disaggree with this ordering… Maybe this message is created by a Tamil guy… 🙂

  20. Rasainthiran Menayah says:

    Language and scripts are two different subject matters. Pali one of the contemporary language of Northern India, in script and spoken is missing here. It was surviving along with spoken and written Tamil and the oral Vedic language. The so called Sanskrit language is very misleading; but should be actually the “now dead” Vedic language. It was only a spoken language, before a “specific script” was invented in India for it. Previous to that; it used “the other scripts of India” to write its language. A lot of research need to be done in India on Tamil; Pali; Sanskrit and Vedic to actually determine the actual position of these languages in India.

  21. Mohan Boy says:

    To all mad bastards, who cares which language is the oldest? There are other important things to worry about, such as survival in this world.

  22. gal kolla says:

    Guyz, evre1 knows Tamils get language from Singalese, same with religun.
    Singalese kings gave tamil ppls land in lanka and southern india, b4 that they were slaves to persians. Singalese kings also tought them singalese language which come from sanskrit, pali and alien (check ur facts this is true, only white imperialists hide it). So tamil ppl had most scientific and musical language with beutiful religion buddhism tamil ppl prosperd

    recent rajiv ghandhi work with tamil ppl and invent new language: Tamil language. This language less scientific and beautiful, also convert to hindu bcs he racist. That is why tamil ppl suffering now. They have less good language. it is all racist conspiracy. that is why prabakheren kill rajiv ghanghi when he realze that his ppl were betrayed.

    -gal kolla

    1. Akshay says:


      1. kapil says:

        i m proud i am tamilan and indian some people forget ( Kumari Kandam )Tamil history 5000 years old (

    2. Akshay says:

      Dude.. Maybe srilankan government is feeding nonsense into your head.. If you knew any thing about history you would have known how much south easetern Asia was under Tamil kings.. Sri Lanka was just a tiny part of their vast kingdom. Sinhalese is just a poor pathetic offshoot of tamil. BTW wat do you mean Tamil ppl r suffering??? Tamil nadu in itself has a much stronger economy than whole of Sri Lanka. The small group of tamilians in Lanka are suffering because of racist Sinhalese Lankans who have denied them basic human rights. I’m shocked to know wat you have been told.. Rajiv Gandhi invented Tamil.. Wtf???

    3. saravanan says:

      Chumma ularatha naaye .therinja post pannu illana mooditu po

    4. vignesh rajasekaran says:

      The Lion national flag of srilanka is a tamil king’s are just saying opposite..tamils were living there before sinhalese arrived there from somewhere.

    5. Tamizhan says:

      mental disorder?? wtf r u talking about?

      nijamaave loosa irupaano

  23. Chris says:

    Anyone can say his/her language is the oldest in the world.

    Only way you can prove it is by authenticated written language. There should be evidence of the language written somewhere which can be verified by independent and accepted bodies that research on history.

    In that way, oldest surviving Tamil writing is not older than 500 BC. Check here for the earliest written samples of languages:

    Do not misguide people by writing something up. you have to tell us what is the proof. Where did you find a Tamil text from 5000 BC which no one else in the world has seen?

    1. aravind says:

      Come on dude, there were evidences which was totally destroyed and that is why people are not ready to accept the fact. Do some more research you will find the facts. These facts are not misguided. Its a truth.

      1. kba says:

        If it was totally destroyed, how do you know about it then?

  24. DS says:

    Reading through all the comments expressed above, in response to the findings / research on the origin of world languages, I can only say that ‘ignorance is bliss’! I don’t mean the research expounded above, but the comments on the research. I wish that you folks who disagree with the conclusion, should take the time to read and research before you say a certain language(s) is either old or too recent to be on the list of “10 oldest languages of the world”. This is an excellent finding, and I applaud those who have provided this information to us.

  25. murugesan says:

    If you don’t believe then give evidence or prove otherwise

  26. Tamilan says:

    Tamil is the oldest and first language, all other indian languages are derived from tamil.

  27. Vahan says:

    Armenian is the oldest language. Since Hittite is Old Armenian and archeogeneric evidence considers Hittte to be oldest, we can certainly deduce that Armenian is not only oldest but is the originator of other proceeding Indo-European languages. You can learn more by referring to Langauge as a Fingerprint, by Vahan Setyan.

  28. Tamilan says:

    All the other south indian langaues are lay man languages derived from tamil for convenience and identity (political). Its foundation is tamil. In a way all are tamilians only. Our national language should be tamil.

  29. Guru says:

    In the war between Tamil and Hindi. English is dead. Rip the king’s.

  30. Mahesh says:

    where is kannada.. this is wrong info

  31. ISH says:

    well, that was a stupid comment-Tamil guy have created this post, so tamil is oldest language?
    If hindi wala have created this post, is hindi a oldest language (even a deaf person will not believe!)
    Accept the fact, if not just show the fact that “TAMIL” is not oldest language .
    Have Some Life Guys!

  32. PeaceAll says:

    To all the Tamils who are sincere about their language, rather than waste time aruging,
    1. Find out why anti-Tamil groups are vandalizing Wikipedia entries related Tamil culture & Lang and DO SOMETHING
    2. Learn to document FACTS otherwise some other wise guy will DO IT FOR you.

  33. Arunkumar says:

    Friends before starting a argument kindly be aware about what you speak . Two years back a American scientist have done his Phd in languages linguistic..things and he have proved that Tamil is the oldest language in the world . Before his proofs everyone said Egyptian Mythological languages are the oldest one. But he proved that Egyptian is derived from Tamil . And it has been proved by him in the united nations , USA national library everywhere . Henceforth kindly collect the relevant data before you oppose a particular language.
    Moreover we have solid proofs in Thanjavur Saraswathi Mahall Library , If anyone wants to see the proof kindly go to Thanjavur and see the proofs.

  34. Azal says:

    Sanskrit is the oldest language and it is the mother of all languages.

    1. PriyA says:

      Mother al Al lang?????? tell to English man.. Sanskirt is mother of English 😀 yu moron..!!

    2. Dilip says:

      Words are free to write. No one will question you. You also can say that you are ADAM.

    3. saravanan says:

      Almost all coastal regions around the world has tamil names. Tamil sailors followed turtles and explored the world. But sanskrit cant cross their very own boundries my friend.

    4. THACHOLI NAYER says:

      Hi, I think you will find the following links useful and So dont get confused, LEARN THE TRUTH AS IT IS…!!!!

  35. vijay says:

    pl Don’t say if u don’t know anything about Tamil

  36. Karthik says:

    Proud speaker of Tamil.

  37. Regan Jeya Antony says:

    The oldest language must be the “sign” language and that still exists… Then perhaps Tamil…. the “thirukkural” is a valuable asset for the human race. Even if anyone know Tamil will find it harder to understand or to translate it to the modern tamil. There are proofs that thirukkural was written in 300 BC. But the fact is that to be a scholar in a language to write these materials he should have been mastered in it. He has not created the language…he just mastered it. Thus one should consider the existence of the Tamil dates back…

  38. Aspalathos says:

    Where are indigneous australian languages as Pitjantjantjarra and the otthers several hundreed dated 50.000 years ago?!

  39. Every Tamilian and many Indians know that our Tamil Language is the oldest language. The concern is about its future and its growth. We all need to think more about its growth in the future instead of debating about its past. Its also true that Tamilians outside Tamil Nadu play a major role in developing this great language. Lets also not think, Language is just a communication means, its a culture and lifestyle. Vimal,

    1. Suresh says:

      “Kalthondry manthondra kalatil thondriyadhu thamizh Mozhi”

  40. Vignesh says:

    வாழ்க தமிழ்

  41. Smilin' Jack says:

    Latin an “ancient” language? Not hardly. Chinese is, as the Shan Hai Jing was written at least 2,000 B.C. But the statement, “Language has evolved from the grunts and sounds of ancient man” is really just a wild guess. There is no historical evidence for this. Did somebody have a tape recorder back then? No? Then that is just an unsubstantiated opinion.

  42. Ravi says:

    However we don’t know to speak proper Tamil,we go English convent and feel inferior to speak company will give job in tamilnadu if u know only Tamil.many of us don’t read the existing literature in Tamil.we never felt the taste of Tamil its core.we simply fight with others…..and we prostrate for money we never carry dignity we never help men beside we have thousands of caste and have greater affinity can be easily influenced by so called caste based leaders. we won’t eat on there houses of sc, feeling superior over others…. And we all feel proud to be tamilian…….tamilian had a great life once upon a time….tamilian sethu rombha naalaa aachu.veeramun kadhalum avan sothu….innaikku100rs ku mandiidum mada kootam………

    1. Thaniga says:

      So true… Who cares what language is the oldest? What difference does it make to us today? Does it help us punish the rapists who are roaming free in our country? Does it put food on the table for the millions starving? In our country as we are unable to be proud of anything right now we rest on laurels of yesterday or bask in the glory of achievements of NRIs who have probably never set foot in India… India… Now that’s a word I haven’t seen a lot in this blog.. Divide and rule policy is not dead… Our politicians are using that even now… Dividing us by caste, by race, by language… Why the hell should people register their religion or caste in every government document? Shouldn’t a name and gender be enough?.. We have bigger fish to fry here… Pride should come from our actions and not because our ancestors did something great 1000 years ago…

      1. Sebastian says:

        well said. thank you!

  43. Prakash says:

    Proud to be Tamizhan …. But still sad to see people in our own land respect English speaking ppl than Tamizh

  44. Suryaprakash says:

    This absurd claim of Tamil being the oldest language and mother of all languages is being fanned by some fanatics at regular intervals. Every human being every where in the world used some form of language to communicate to each other. No one waited for some language to come to them so they can communicate. These misguided tamil proponents are doing a great dis-service to Tamil language by provoking contempt among others by their absurd claims. Being an oldest language doesn’t necessarily make any language ideal but it should serve today’s needs. There are many deficiencies in Tamil which need to be addressed in present context. Instead the Fanatical tamil proponents are reversing whatever little changes that were made in the past.

    1. Thaniga says:

      So true… Politicians are very good at this…. Throw something that has no relevance in our day to day lives and inflame us and sit back to watch the bloodbath… While our country burns in the throes of casteism, racism, and poverty..

  45. samir says:


  46. Tejo says:

    Please dont confuse people with this type of wrong info\
    Tamil is not the oldest language
    Sanskrit is the oldest language and the mother language for all south indian languages
    Even Tamil is originated from Sanskrit

    1. Dilip says:

      Wow. Tamil is originated from sanskrit and u are originated from dinosaur. Wtf

    2. saravanan says:

      Mr.Tejo..Can you provide me the facts about sanskrit being oldest than tamil. Dont be foolish and say tamil originated from sanskrit.

    3. THACHOLI NAYER says:


    4. suresh seervi says:

      Sanskrit is the mother language for all languages in the world….well i can prove that Sanskrit older than 22000 years
      1) each and every Bhagwat geetha written in all languages says that all gods used to speak in Sanskrit. 2) all slokas were used to chanted in Sanskrit . 3) the prof of load Krishna existing 12000 years ago please see this ( and about Krishna and the whole mahabharata was written in Sanskrit. 4) some words in all languages on earth is taken from Sanskrit. 4) RAVAN WAS FROM LANKA HE ALSO USED TO CHANT GOD’S NAME IN SANSKRIT AND THE RAVAN USED TO STAY IN LANKA then further you people can think. and THE RAMAYANA BEGIN BEFORE THE MAHABHARATA 11000 YEARS AGO…..!! AND THE AGE OF SANSKRIT GOES OLDER THAN 22000 YEARS.

      1. Narendhranath Palani says:

        “gods used to speak in Sanskrit” – Is that because God knew only Sanskrit? Or may be god existed only in a period when only Sankrit was spoken? 🙂
        How old is a language is estimated by what’s the oldest existed written literature.
        “Sanskrit is the mother language for all languages in the world” – Thats baseless. You could only say one language was the root of another after studying the commonalities and evolution of languages. One can never say one language is the root of the every other language, without researching every single language in the world, which I dont think is possible.

      2. ranjith says:

        Stupid ! vedas are said to be oldest in sanskrit! which dated around 600 BC to 1500 BC In Tamil Tolkapiyam is found to be oldest which dated around 200 BC ! do the maths!……liaten to Alex collier…go search of lemuria and kumari kandam Damn hindi and sanskrit backing indian government not ready to do research in india ocean regarding this cause it enhance the value of civilization that was sunk under the water, where they spoke tamil.. Mahabaratha, ramayana are story damn it.. dont take serials that are shown in tv as yur proof!5

      3. mk says:

        Why all the gods mentioned in your list were born in North India.
        It has no existence proof except the creators of them. All are written in sans kit scripts doesn’t mean that the gods speak sans kit. If you don’t know about tamil then keep seeing the chat rather than posting some bull sit. Tamil language has documentation proof which has no sanskrit influence but sanskrit language itself has the influence of old Greek, Latin and Hebrew as per research results of non indians.

  47. tamizhan says:

    Jealosy assholes….

  48. tamizhan says:

    And now the jealosy expert Tejo will give the right information…

  49. John Manoah says:

    I don’t see why people are fighting over a language. It really doesn’t matter how old the language is. The best honor you could give to your mother-tongue is to respect other languages. Every language is unique and great irrespective of how old or how classical it is. I am a Thamizhan and while I am proud of my mother-tongue’s heritage, I would continue to respect and acknowledge every other language of the world. That is the best contribution to Thamizh according to me!

    So please stop this futile debate about whose is the greatest. Go on and do something else worthy.

  50. tamizhan says:

    Mr.Tejo…Sanskrit is completely derived from tamil….simple exlanation The name Sanskrit itself means “refined”, “consecrated” and “sanctified”… from where they refined ????

  51. த குமரன் says:

    தமிழ் மொழிதெரிந்தவர்களுக்கு மட்டும் எனக்கு ஆங்கிலம் தெரியாது “இந்த தகவல் சீனர்களுக்கு தெரியுமா ஏனென்றால் அவன் சீனமொழியைதான் பழமையானது என்பான் அவரவர் மொழி அவரவர்களுக்கு பழமையானதுதான் சிறந்ததுதான்” மொழி என்பதே ஒருவர் கருத்தை ஒருவர் புரிந்துகொள்வதற்காக ஏற்படுத்தப்பட்டது இதிலென்ன பழமை புதுமை

    1. kumarankaivel says:

      தமிழ் மொழி மிக பழமையானது எண்டு கூறுவதில் என்ன தவறு. ஆதிவாசிகள் கூட ஏதோ ஒன்றை பேசிக்கொண்டுதான் இருக்கிறார்கள். அது மிகக் குறைந்த அளவு தொடர்பு மொழியாக இருக்கிறது.
      நிறைய இலக்கண இலக்கிய செழுமியங் களை உருவாக்கிய மொழி தமிழ். வெறும் வயிற்று பிழைப்பு போதும் என்று எண்ணுபவர்களுக்கு மொழி அதன் பெருமை, வரலாறு பற்றிய கவலைகள் ஏது?

  52. Surendhar says:

    Proved to be a Tamilan தமிழண்டா

  53. Ratnam says:

    Thamilan :D! We rock!

  54. Ratnam says:

    Its funny, Most of the Thamils living in foreign countries are becoming white washed, forgetting there own heritage! sad!

  55. Dhinesh says:


  56. THACHOLI NAYER says:


  57. Jegan says:

    In India, Draviiana Language (oldest form of Tamil an other south languages) was spoken widely in India ever since the modern humans(who lived in Indian Sub-continent) started communicating with each other. It evolved on its own. From that, Tamil evolved first as a complete language and subsequently Telugu, kannada, tulu, Malayalam and other Dravidian languages evolved on its own.
    As of today we have total 33 Dravidian languages spread all across India ranging from Bihar, Madhya pradesh, orissa and so on. Most of us do not know about this. Even in Pakistan, we have one dravidian language is still spoken.

    Meaning, before the arrival of Arians and their language, Dravidians spread all across India. As Dravidians were pushed towards south, the Dravidians languages spoken in north vanished. Those Dravidian languages still spoken in north are sanskritized. But still they are classified as Dravidian languages. Because they are Dravidian.

    Here in this article they forgot to mention Iranian Language. The older form of Iranian language is older than Sanskrit.

  58. Tamil is very oldest and first Language in the World.

  59. thamilan says:

    If anyone prove me continental drift is not possible in the world,then every thamilan accept …thamil is not an ancient language in the world….refer to lemuria continent and say whether thamil is not an efficient language to stay long in this world…satya maeva jayate…vaaimaiyae vellum…..

  60. Aathavan says:

    i m a telugu guy and i proud to say that i lived in Tamilnadu and i m a Tamizhan. i studied in Singapore and i traveled Malaysia,China and Indonesia . u all aware that tamil is the one of the regional language in Singapore and Malaysia . wen i traveled to China people are giving more respect to Tamil peoples because they know that Tamil is oldest language in world than Mandarin(Chinese) . In china also have some proof about tamil language.

  61. Thrivikraman says:

    im a telugu guy and my ancestors settled in tamilnadu before 600 years ago during vijayanagara period, so i feel like a hardcore tamilan than the some of the people from my caste living in andhra, ours telugu and theirs has lot of variations in which our telugu is much more close to senthamil and todays modern tamil…we still use some of the senthamil(classic) words withourself…telugu words like “cheppu செப்பு” and malayalam words like “parai பறை” resembles senthamil words like “chepputhal செப்புதல்” , “paraithail பறைதல்” means expressing what is in our mind, talking…the same thing in modern tamil is “paesu பேசு ,sollu சொல்லு” means “paesuthal பேசுதல்,solluthal சொல்லுதல்” in senthamil thal தல் is a verb, since sangam age tamil countries were ruled by many kings different tamil slangs have been used that turns to modern tamil,kannada,telugu,malayalam just like,nellai tamil,madurai tamil,kovai tamil,thanjai tamil if we speak modern tamil as well as kannada,telugu,malayalam grammatically it will become senthamil, during the sangam era the languages like modern tamil,kannada,telugu,malayalam are called as kodunthamil which means non grammatical tamil which was mentioned by tholkapiar as spoken in 12 ancient tamil countries(todays south india)…todays kannada speaking people were called by tholkappiar as karunaadar கருநாடகர் or karunaadahaththavar கருநாடகத்தவர் means the people living in black soil, karu கரு+nadu நாடு+ aham அகம் becomes karunaadakam in senthamil later called as karnataka in non grammatical way,still one can the see in india’s soil map maharastra,karanataka have large amount of black soil….there is not much difference between senthamil and modern spoken tamil …if you spoke the classic tamil non grammatically it will become modern tamil as well as some what the other south indian languages like malayalam,telugu,kannada…this is why “nam நம்” in senthamil turns to “namma நம்ம” in modern tamil and kannada…still all the south indians call their mother as “amma அம்மா” only in tamil…amma is a modern tamil word derived from the senthamil word ammai அம்மை, amman அம்மன் , so dear kannada and tamil brothers there is no point in fighting since we all are the brothers having same mother

    1. Kannan says:


  62. silambarasan says:

    Tamil is first oldest language… the world

  63. Ravishankar says:

    Dear Santosh,
    Nice work. But what’s the basis of your dating? Some crucial statements should ve been referenced. Egs. ” researchers believe that sanskrit has origins from tamil”.. etc. Bibliography is quite important.. hope u improvise on that..

  64. Gurumanickam says:

    North Indian idiots will never accept another south Indian language.

  65. Selvarajah says:

    No one is going to oppose this….

  66. Inba says:

    Always north Indians are jealous on south Indians

  67. Gokul Deepak says:

    Proud to be a Tamilan. தமிழண்டா!!

  68. S.Thiru says:

    That’s True tamil language age is above 50000 years

  69. Jaydev says:

    “Tamil” the oldest mother language, when the first human started to evolve.. “Tholkaapiyam” is the only proof!!

  70. Vignesh says:

    Thamilanda… Thamilanda…..

  71. AmsiRamesh says:

    Tamil is very oldest Language in the World.

  72. Sivasankaran Ramaswamy says:

    I fully endorse Thiruvikraman’s comment. All people speaking 33 dravidian languages are one and the same. There is no point in fighting each other. Dravidian group of languages are definitely oldest. But we should accept the fact that oldest and unique literature like Tholkappiam, Puranaanooru, Thirukkural are in Tamil only. I have mentioned very few of Sangam literature. There are many other unique literature of Sangam age which one cannot find in any other world languages. Tamil has evolved independently over thousands of years. One can really understand the greatness of Tamil if he/she can learn Tamil and its unique Sangam literature. Thank you all.

  73. தமிழன் சங்கர் says:

    தமிழ் மொழிய பத்தி தப்பா பேசுரவன் பல்ல உடைப்பேன்!

  74. suresh seervi says:

    GUYS SANSKRIT is the oldest language..!! 1) each and every Bhagwat geetha written in all languages says that all gods used to speak in Sanskrit. 2) all slokas were used to chanted in Sanskrit . 3) the prof of load Krishna existing 12000 years ago please see this ( and about Krishna and the whole mahabharata was written in Sanskrit. 4) some words in all languages on earth is taken from Sanskrit. 4) RAVAN WAS FROM LANKA HE ALSO USED TO CHANT GOD’S NAME IN SANSKRIT AND THE RAVAN USED TO STAY IN LANKA then further you people can think. and THE RAMAYANA BEGIN BEFORE THE MAHABHARATA 11000 YEARS AGO…..!! AND THE AGE OF SANSKRIT GOES OLDER THAN 22000 YEARS.

  75. hariharan says:

    A language is written for the use of all people in the world who wants to Communicate – It doesn’t matter which came first and which came last – Tamil is one of the oldest languages which was spoke when “Lemuria” continent existed – As days moved on People preferred to use easier way of communicating so then came Modern languages including English; Tholkappiyam, Silappadikaram, purananooru, thirukkural ……………….. and the list goes on if you analyse the age of Tamil Language – So end of Day If you know Tamil Happily communicate it and be proud to say that you know one of the oldest languages ever created in the world – if you don’t just Chill – After all again language is only for communication……

  76. Assyrian says:

    WHO ever that has written and sharing this article is the biggest donkey on this planet. Assyrian is older than egyptian. So:
    What about the cuneiform/Assyrian/Akkadian language?

  77. நான் தமிழன்
    முதலில் தமிழ் என்றால்
    ஆதாரம் என்ன உள்ளது???

  78. UTHAYA says:

    Tamil was found 20000-50000 years ago.. is it there any other languange more than 50000 years ago?? Before tamil, there is only aliean rude language.. if u dont believe please go read alex collier books, than ull know..

  79. janaq Shimplaku says:

    Oldest language in the word is albanian language
    You need to do more reserch.Is not posible to be greek and latin more oldest language from Albania

  80. Senthil Kumar B says:

    Thanks for the article, Mr. Santosh. 🙂
    please do some more research and try to find out that when and where the language can be originated..

  81. Anthony says:


  82. kapil says:

    i am really sad this moment because other country people accept tamil oldest language but indian not accept :(

  83. arivan says:

    உலகில் தோன்றிய முதல் மொழி தமிழ் என்பதற்கு ஆதாரம் தேவையில்லை.. அதன் வனப்பு, முதிர்ந்த இலக்கன விதிகள் இவைகளே போதும்.. இடையில் வந்தவன் திட்டமிட்டு அழித்த ஆதாரங்களை இன்று அவன் சந்ததி திட்டமிட்டு கேட்கிறது..! எஞ்சியிருக்கும் எம் இலக்கியங்கள் போதுமடா.. உன் கேடுகெட்ட மொழியை வெல்ல..!

    1. Prbakaran says:


  84. Akshay says:

    Very proud that Indian tradition, language and culture is prepared to handle any kind of situation and we have not lost our roots, no matter who tries their best to cripple it.
    Having studied Sanskrit for 10 years and am currently learning Tamil i feel really proud to associated with these ppl.

  85. ரவி says:

    ஹிந்தி திணிப்பை ஏற்காதவர்கள்…

  86. Balaji says:

    I am brahmin.but first i am pure tamilan.

    I proud to be an tamilan.

    But i also like sanskrit.bcoz its one of our languages.

    We should not hesitate any languages of india as like our politicians.
    Politicians use these for politics.

    Proud to be an indian that our 2 languages in the top.

  87. வழ்கா தமிழ்

  88. gokul says:

    i love tamil i proud to be tamilan. tamil is oldest of all languages

  89. saranya says:

    Thiurkkural , silapathikaram, tholkappiam are written in tamil and thirukurral tells all the need about the life and it tells
    how the man should be . Tamil is oldest and proudest language in the world! I proud to be tamil is my mother tongue

    history tells agathiyar is the creator of tamil. U see in ramayana agathiyar is also character in ramayana So it tells Tamil is oldest than sanskirit

  90. Selva says:

    Hi frens
    Read carefully above top 10 languages. They clearly mention about Sanskrit is originally come from tamizh.

  91. kishore says:

    Tamil. En Thai mole enralum. Srilanka Vila makkal sava karam. Engal Thai mole than

  92. MUTHU KUMARAN says:

    தமிழ் தனது பழமையை தானே நிரூபித்துக் காட்டும் அளவுக்கு ஒன்றும் தரம்கெட்டுப் போகவில்லை .அதன் ஆதி மூலம் தேடுவோர் வேண்டுமென்றால் தேடிப்பார்த்து தீர்த்துக் கொள்ளட்டும் தனது ஐயத்தை .

  93. Mohamed Shimran says:

    Dear commenters who say Tamil is not the oldest language!! watch this video

    who are you in front of Alex Collier??

  94. poovarasu says:

    அ ரு மை,நன்றாக உள்ளது,சரியவே சொல்லி இருகிங்க…..
    α ω є ѕ σ м є ρσѕт ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ

  95. arasu says:

    நல்ல பதிவு…….மொழிகளின் தாய் எனும் தமிழ் மட்டும் ஏனோ மாட்டிகொல்ஹிறது…….இவளை நாம் பெண் என வரிந்ததாலோ என்னவோ; இந்த இழிவு நிலை………மொத்தத்தில்; எவனுக்கும் தமிழ் என்றாலே புளி கறைக்கிறது……….

    வாழ்க தமிழ்; தமிழ் வாழ-வளர்க தமிழர்………..

    I am proud to be a tamilan; since mother of languages is mine……….thanks

  96. vchola says:

    World scholars and researchers accept the fact that Tamil is the oldest language and as a Tamil I don’t worry about fellow Indians opinions.

    Tamil Cholas made world empire which was bit earlier otherwise they might have prevented Moghuls!

    Vijayanagar empire was pushed down to south by Moghuls and Tamilnadu was lucky enough to survive its culture and language!

    So as a Tamil, I don’t expect my neighbour to accept everything accepted by scholars and researchers about Tamil.

    If you want to see one of the true Indian culture and architectural wonders come to Tamilnadu and explore!

    Also see more from this link.

    If you ask a Sindhi living in Pakistan whether he/she is proud about Cholas or India and you will wonder surprisingly their answer will be Cholas!

    Can’t respect don’t sneer!

  97. milan loha says:

    I don’t know which is the oldest language. But i have only one question which is strike in my brain?
    who is the tamilian & snskrit people god?
    what is the language they are used, its important & what are we used, its doesn’t matter.

  98. P. KAMARAJ says:

    It is Thamizh language that existed before the existence of soil on the Earth. If you have any doubt go through Lemurian History.
    என் மொழி
    என் நாடு
    என் இனம்

  99. தமிழ் வாழ்க

  100. nyana says:

    The oldest language was tamil like scripture it is still suviving till now so called tamil and it is still using partially in tamil nadu and few countries like sri lanka and malaysia, so please don’t take it confuse because it was one used vastly by everybody even the one who is against in it now. But I will tell yiu all one everybody has the rights to defend their language to so pleased don’t condem one and another we are all one race is call human. Thank you I’m from malaysia.

  101. k.saravanan says:

    தமிழ் தோன்றிய இடம் குமரிக்கண்டம் அல்லது குமரிமாந்தனின் இலமுரியாக்கண்டம்

    தமிழனின் பிறப்பிடமும் தமிழ் மொழியின் பிறப்பிடமும் குமரிக்கண்டம் தான். அக்கண்டம் நீரில் மூழ்கிப் போனது. முச்சங்க வரலாற்றாலும், சிலப்பதிகார உரைகள் மூலம் தெரியலாம். திரு. பி.டு. சீனிவாசய்யர், திரு சேசையர் திரு. இராமச்சந்திர தீட்சிதர் போன்றோரின் வரலாற்று நூல்கள் வாயிலாகவும், தேவநேயப் பாவாணர் எழுதிய “முதற்தாய் மொழி” வாயிலாகவும், நாம் நன்கறிகிறோம். தமிழன் தோன்றிய இடம் குமரிக்கண்டம், கையாண்ட மொழி தமிழ் திராவிட மொழியாகும். பல்லாயிரம் ஆண்டுகளுக்குப் பின் படிப்படியாக வளர்ந்த தமிழும், தமிழனும், புகழின் உச்சக்கட்டம் எட்டினர். பழந்தமிழ் நாட்டை உலகிற்குச் சுட்டிக் காட்டினர்.

    குமரிக்கண்டமும் அதன் எல்லைகளும்

    பழந்தமிழ் நாடாகிய குமரிக் கண்டம் அளவில் மிகப் பெரிதாக பரவியிருந்தது. ஆஸ்திரேலியாவையும் தென்னாப்பிரிக்காவையும் இந்தியாவையும் இணைத்துக் கொண்டிருந்த பெரும் நிலப்பரப்பே குமரிக் கண்டம் அல்லது பழந்தமிழ் நாடு அல்லது இலமூரியா கண்டம் என்கிறார் ஹிராடடஸ், இக்கருத்தை பேரறிஞர்கள் திலு.ஓல்டுகாம், திரு. எக்கேல், திரு. கிளேற்றர், திரு. கட்டு எலியட், திரு. தேவநேயப் பாவாணர் போன்றோர் ஏகமனதாக ஏற்றுக் கொண்டனர். மேலும் ஹிராடடஸ் அவர்கள் குமரிக் கண்டத்தின் எல்லையைக் குறிப்பிட்டுள்ளார்.

    1. தொலைமேற்கில் – கிரேக்க நாடு
    2. மேற்கில் – எகிப்து மற்றும் ஆப்பிரிக்கா
    3. வடமேற்கில் – மென் ஆப்பிரிக்கா
    4. தொலை கிழக்கில் – சீன நாடு
    5. கிழக்கில் – பர்மா, மலேசியா, சிங்கப்பூர்
    6. தெற்கில் – நீண்ட மலைத் தொடர்

    இம்மலைத் தொடர் ஆஸ்திரேலியாவில் தொடங்கி தென்னாப்பிரிக்காவில் முடிவடைகிறது என்பதை மனதில் கொள்ள வேண்டும். இவற்றின் மையத்தில் அமைந்த மிகப் பெரிய கண்டமே குமரிக் கண்டம் அல்லது பழந்தமிழ் நாடு அல்லது இலமூரியா கண்டமாகும்.

    இக்கண்டத்தை பதினான்கு மாநிலங்களாக அதாவது ஏழு தெங்கு நாடு, ஏழு பனை நாடு என பிரித்திருந்தனர். அந்நாட்டில் வாழ்ந்தவன் தான் தமிழன். அவன் கையாண்ட நாகரிகம்தான் திராவிட நாகரிகம். அவனுடைய வரலாறும் நாகரிகமும் தான் உலகிலேயே முதன்மை வாய்ந்தது. இவனுடைய மொழி தமிழ், தமிழர்கள் தமிழ்நாட்டிலிருந்து கடல் வழியாகவும், தரை மார்க்கமாகவும் உலகெங்கும் சென்று குடியேற்றங்களை அமைத்து தமிழ் மொழியையும், தமிழ்ப் பண்பாட்டையும், தமிழ்க் கலாச்சாரத்தையும் பாரெங்கும் பரப்பானர் என்பதே உண்மை. இதற்குச் சான்றாக பினீசியர்களின் நாணயங்களும், கல்வெட்டுக்களும் உதவுகின்றன.
    ChennaiIndian no está en línea

  102. k.saravanan says:

    “கல் தோண்றி மண் தோன்றா காலத்தே முன் தோன்றி மூத்த குடி”

  103. Babu says:

    Who all fighting for there language is geart. But Fight for freedom to our country. They are true indians.

  104. vijay says:

    Proud to be a Tamil

  105. தமிழன் says:

    மாற்றம் ஓன்றே மாறாதது.

  106. Devam says:

    Hello friends i am at Malaysia.I proud to to say that i am tamilan.TAMIZHAN ENDRU SOLLADA THALAI NIMIRNTHU NILLADA….VAZHGA TAMIL

  107. P.KARTHICK says:


  108. RANJITHKUMAR R says:

    yes, it is exactly

  109. SARAVANAN says:


  110. MAYUR says:

    fake!!!!!! NO WAY! sanskrit is the oldest language!
    Ramayana which happened more than 6000 years ago used SANSKRIT!!!!!!!
    TAMIL evolved from sanskrit

    1. Anand says:

      If you said ramayana is the evidence. Before Ram construct a bridge in rameshwaram, there is land called “Kumary kandam” where tamil language has scholar. Every thing went inside the sea water. Remaining part is Srilanka and current tamil nadu. if you have doubt , search as “kumari kandam or “Lemuria”. Thank you

  111. Sri Maari says:

    True. Pls our ariya sollunge pls

  112. Dhelip says:

    Tamil than ulagin mutual moli Tamiyan yandru sollada thllai nimirnthu nilla da

  113. Renold Benedict says:

    I am from Mangalore, we people speaks Lagnguage Tulu as local communication and I found most of the words sounds very near to Tamil word for example


    One- Onnu – Onjee
    Two-Randu – Raddu
    Three-Munu – Mujee
    Four-Nalu – Nalu
    Five-Anji – Ainu


    May be much much more!!!

    1. Ramanna says:

      Defenitely. Tamil,Kannada,Telugu,Malayalam,Tulu,Kodava,Kuyi,Kuvi,Badaga,and another 30 or so minor languages spoken in India originated from one language which may be called old Tamil or Dravidian. Hence lots of words in these languages are same.

  114. Kiran says:

    1st Sanskrit
    2nd Kannada

    1. Basava raju says:

      Kannada is blender of Tamil and Telugu
      Telugu is mixer of Tamil and sanskrit

  115. alex says:

    What about the Georgian alphabet??? It was created BC!!! Armenian alphabet was created much later than the Georgian one!!! To be notorious by showing foolishness, is not a good business…

  116. subramaniam says:

    This sems to be a very long thread. Tamil is one of the oldest language . So is Sanskrit. which is older is very subjective. Why worry which is older when the are old enough.
    tholkapiyam is the only work that survived the second sangam age . Its believed to be more than 5000 years old. lets be proud of it. The vedas also is agreed by experts that t could be around 5000 years. Sanskrit has lithuvanion and Germanic old words in it. It is undeniably an indo european language.
    Like it or not sanskrit is till partly used by tamils while they speak. Thani tamil iyakam all failed. tamils still say thesiya thinam which is sanskrit. Some sanskrt has become prt of our spoken language. So sanskrit and tamil are like two eyes for India. No use debating on their antiquity

  117. subramaniam says:

    Many have exagerated the kumarikandam beyond proportions. To say that the south india was connected to Pangaea and madagaskar takes million of years ago to the Pangaean age.
    The kumarikandam in silapathikaram and other sangam literature could not be that wide . I dont think it connects madagaskar and australia. Just because of madagaskar’s similar vegetaion and the closeness of the australian aborgines may have added to this conclusion.
    I think its half the projected size.. what is thoughtfull is that it surely incorporated todays srilanka. Thus its quite surprising we dont find any trace of kumarikandam except the twang of the jaffna tamils.

  118. subramaniam says:

    SURESH SEERV…God is linguistic. Its a joke to say he only spoke Sanskrit!. Pray in Madarin and he will still hear.

  119. ლევან ნამორაძე says:

    შენი უცოდინარი ……..! :-)))))

  120. Joy says:

    Strange. If Sanskrit originated from Tamil how can it be older?

  121. MOAMANI says:

    by the way Arabic is the mother Hebrew

  122. Bala says:

    Kindly add Tamil to the list….

  123. Jnaneshwar says:

    Guys wikipedia is shit. Sanskrit exists in every yuga. The heritage of sanskrit cannot be measured. There’s no doubt that Sanskrit is the worlds first language . some idiot has written this article

  124. Nikoloz says:

    Guys you just missed one really still spoken in the world and its Georgian. Example: საქართველო. It will be good if you will correct it. Thank you.

  125. DC says:

    What about Euskara? That is older than Latin.

    1. EP says:

      I thought the same. The genetic evidence indicates the culture predates the indo-european migrations so the language may even older than Tamil and Sanskrit but I believe the oldest written document is from AD 1000.

  126. Suhaa says:

    u dnt like or believe u better stay away frm this, dnt post ur freaking out comments here

  127. க.கோமதிமுத்து says:

    சொல்றவன் சொல்லிட்டு போகட்டும்.நம் தமிழ் மிகவும் பழமையானது என்பதற்கு ஆதாரம் கேட்பவர்கள் எதையொ மனதில் வைத்துக்கொண்டு கேட்கிறார்கள். காய்த்த மரம் தானே கல்லடி படும்.

  128. Ramanna says:

    Friends, I have a hunch that African languages may be the oldest languages in the world. Anthropologically, human beings evolved from Africa. They definitely must have communicated using some kind of language and the present African languages may be the direct descendants of ancient African languages. When man spread to other parts of the world the variant of African language would have evolved into various other languages.

    I do not subscribe to the theory that Samskrith is the oldest language, as propounded by some. The meaning of Samskrith is refined, processed etc, which means it was artificially made from already existing languages , like Prakrit. Whether the Prakrit languages have its roots in Tamil is to be researched. If found correct then we can say Samskrith originated from Tamil. The best way to find whether Tamil is the oldest language is by research. Compare Tamil words and grammer with that of other languages, Research, without prejudice is the only way to find out the truth.

    1. SMOOD says:

      Sanest comment here.

  129. Kishore says:

    I am proud being Tamil…

  130. m.sundar says:

    Nan Tamilan endru solluvatharku perumai padukiren ivlo plamaiyana moliyai yarum kanndu kollavillai oru tamilana itha pathingana neenga seiyum ovvoru kandu pudippai tamilil peyar vaingal

  131. SATHISH says:


  132. மகா.பால்துரை says:

    தாயிற் சிறந்த தோர் கோயிலுமில்லை என்பதைப்போல தாய்மொழியே அவரவர்க்கு தெய்வீகமொழி என்பதில் மாறுபட்ட கருத்தில்லை.
    ஏனைய மொழிகளை இழிவாக எண்ணாது தத்தம் தாய்மொழியின் சிறப்பினை ஆய்வுசெய்து அகிலமெங்கும் பரப்பிட முனைதல் வேண்டும் அதைவிடுத்து சுவடிகளை அழிப்பதோ,நூலகங்களை எரிப்பதோ அறிவுடைமை அல்ல.
    உலகின் தொன்மை மொழிகளுள் தமிழும் ஒன்றே ஏனையவை வழக்கின்றி போயினும் இன்றும் நிலைபெற்றிருக்கிற தென்றால் அப்பெருமை நம் முன்னோரையே சாரும்.
    இன்றைய தமிழர்கள் தமிங்கலர்களாக இருப்பது வேதனைக்குரியது.
    உலகத்தோடு ஒட்டி நவீன தொழில் நுட்பங்களைப் புகுத்தி தரணியில் உயர்வடையச் செய்வது ஞானமுள்ள ஒவ்வொரு தமிழனின் கடமை!
    பழம்பெருமை பேசுவதில் பயனில்லை.வாழ்ந் மொழி என்பதினும் வாழும் மொழி என்பதே சிறபும

  133. tamizhan says:

    its total bull shit……..guys why do we even want to still fight for a article that started 1.2-1.3yrs ago………let it kill……….besides we all know that tamil has been proven as the worlds oldest and the most literate language,,,….tats why tamil still exists after being the worlds oldestest language………I am a dravidan……..which means im a tamizhan daa……….so stfu and show some bloody proofs bofore you speak……….if u say that ramayana and mahabharatha happened more that 5000-10000yrs then u should also know that a pandian king participated in mahabarath war………this fact is less known to people and also kumari kandam had its own moutanis and rivers like ‘parul’ ….so one doesn’t simply create a imaginary river ,,which means it really exsisted……….it should take more than 3000-500yrs for a language to make sangam and promote the language………besides the oldest proofs for tamil is from third sangam think about the 1st,2nd, assholes!!!!!!!!so the tamizh is the best!!!!!!

    1. Rajan says:

      You may get more information about the history of Sanskrit and Tamil and other languages of India in the web site –

  134. Nakkeeran Balasubramabyam says:

    As per Dr. Alex Collier’s research, report “Tamil” was one of the oldest language and world’s first ever language.

    “The first ever language spoken by the human being is Tamil”

  135. Nakkeeran Balasubramabyam says:

    Check what Dr. Alex Collier has to say on Tamil:

  136. Anand says:

    Chapathi guys, have some burnol. Tamil da.

  137. SMOOD says:

    Most countries of the word have never even heard of Tamil… You folks fighting over Sanskrit vs. Tamil need to chill, because your arguments transparently have nothing to do with this article… You may as well be fighting about chicken vs. egg. The commenter who stated that the original human language likely came from Africa is correct. Now, if you want to argue that Tamil was spoken in Africa along with the dawn of humanity, you should say that. But be prepared to back it up… As another commenter noted, there are isolate languages such as Euskara (Basque) and a slew of languages in North America that linguists can’t label into families. Who can argue that *insert your language of bias* is older than that? Have you got a time machine?

  138. T.R.Kallapiran says:

    This is not an excercise to find which language is better. Actually a study should be done without any preconceived decisions. There is a reasearch methodoligy. And the conclusion should be reached beyond any doubts.
    We have to study deeply before rushing to conclusions.
    காய்தல் உவத்தல் அகற்றி ஒருபொருட்கண்
    ஆய்தல் அறிவுடையார் கண்ணதே- காய்வதன்கண்
    உற்ற குணம்தோன்றா ததாகும் உவப்பதன்கண்
    குற்றமும் தோன்றாக் கெடும்

  139. Balaji says:

    tamilan da

  140. Arunkumar says:

    Guys actually world’s First language is PARTHIAN Peoples who are speaking in 1st century. Second language is CELTIBERIAN comes in 100 BC. After that Sanskrit is come on 150 BC But very rare peoples are speak that language.After that our Legendary Language is comes TAMIL on 200 BC. all the language i mentioned above is dead no one is speaking that languages now except TAMIL. Only TAMIL is still speaking by peoples. some guys mentioned above mahabaratha,,ramayana,,etc were wrote in SANSKRIT. I accept that but that was written by the people who are living in that period on their mother tongue. Even ramayana period also TAMIL peoples are lived in Srilanka. nowadays they are called EELAM Tamilans. Actually they speaks the original TAMIL nowadays TAMIL was not original. ALL the languages before born Tamil are dead that is why Tamil is the first language in the world. This is true this is fact. I am proud to be a tamilan.

  141. Vigi says:

    Tamil people say Tamil is the oldest
    If you see history when British came to India they kept tamilians as slave
    They took some tamilians to srilanka
    To get their work done.
    If Tamilians were oldest then should be intelligent and but instead they were slaves under British
    How European countries had their industrial revolution but our so called Tamilians who thinks them as oldest in this planet no growth till now.
    Indian government saved them from srilanka

    1. Pradap says:

      Do you know the territories ruled by rajendra chola…go and learn history dude

  142. John says:

    Hello people, tamil is not the oldest language.. oldest language is dravidian … after 100 BC dravidian language splited in to more than 30 language which includes all the south indain languages tamil, kannada, telugu, malayalam, etc.. these languages were in to one language togather..

    1. Kishore kumar k says:

      Im sry to partially againat ur point.. Dravidian which u say is a sanskrit word.. The proto language which could hav given birth to all these languages could not b named as dravidian.. And the researches , as far as I know.. States that the proto language which gave birth to all these languages shows a maximum similarity to tamizh.. And tamizh is still very stable as it was at the begining, most of the words are not transformed as it happened in English or other languages… So I to an extent beloeve tat tamizh is the oldest.. May be a little different form of thamizh as proto language.. Is the oldest

    2. Barathi says:

      Learn some more history before You post… Dravidam is a newly arrived thing , before that tamil is the ancient of other languages.. as u wanna know jus think a logical thing.. the only language had organisation for welfare of language at earliest stage is Tamil, hence called as “Tamil Sangham”

  143. Durai Thiyagarajan says:

    தமிழ் வாழ்க….

  144. Vignesh Arvin says:


  145. Mathaiah says:

    Of these languages which have a written record, only a dozen or so have some record that extend to more than 2000 years. Tamil, Greek, Chinese, Latin, Sanskrit, Hebrew are some of them. One of the languages that could have existed for a long time is Tamil. the only language from india to hold the official or cultural heritage language or minority language status in other countries like singapore, malaysia, srilanka, mauritius, seychellas, canada, reunion(france). and tamil is the india’s first classical language.

  146. praveen says:

    Tamil-The First Civilization of Our World
    Thamizhan Dawww…

  147. Akila says:

    Kalthondri manthondra kalathu mun thondriya mootha tamil..

  148. Purushothaman says:

    Sanskrit is a dead one communicates in that language do there is no point in taking pride to say blah blah Sanskrit is the best.

  149. A VENKATESAN says:

    I proudly say Tamilan.

  150. Kishore kumar k says:

    Tolkaappiyam is the oldest book of tamizh… Yup! And we hav to b noticing tat it is a book of grammar of tamizh.. Which means tamizh was structurally comple by that time itself… So atleast some hundreds to thousands of years before tholkaappiyam thamizh should hav been originated…
    But also sanskrit is old.. So there must hav been a proto tamil-sanskrit language that gave birth to both of these sructurally stable languages tamil and sanskrit, which evolved so well to the present forms… But I am not sure about this but in a way satisfies my heart.. The 2 classy languages had a common ancestor.. Proto-lang… But again im saying im not sure about the real truth which only the divine knows… Comments are welcomed

  151. PRABHU says:

    Tamil, a language spoken by about 78 million people and recognized as an official language in Sri Lanka and Singapore, is the only classical language that has survived all the way through to the modern world. Forming part of the Dravidian language family, which includes a number of languages native mostly to southern and eastern India, it is also the official language of the state of Tamil Nadu. Researchers have found inscriptions in Tamil dating back to the third century BCE, and it has been in continuous use ever since. Unlike Sanskrit, another ancient Indian language that fell out of common usage around 600 BCE and became mostly a liturgical language, Tamil has continued to develop and is now the 20th most commonly-spoken language in the world.

  152. Ashur says:

    aramaic is only used by assyrians in india

    1. nike says:

      Please stop ✋ fighting for we are humans.

      LOVE is the only possible language ever God created for humans in the entire universe.

      If anyone understands, good.

      The ones who understood about the word love ❤️, go and love your near and dear ones.

      No point in explaining to the ones who doesn’t understand the word (God=Love).

      If still the ones whose mind will never understand why is God=Love. Try to seek help from your resources, if you wish to or else start counting stars in the day as well as night.

      Happy searching for the

  153. Kaali thasan says:

    Sanskrit is the oldest language in the world, which has been accepted not only by Indian govt. but also NASA too. NASA people read GEETA and Vedas in Sanskrit for Scientific help, they don’t read theses in Tamil, why… ?? cause they are written in Sanskrit instead of Tamil, even though Sanskrit is the root of Tamil(according to some people), And Sanskrit is not a dead language, which has been using by Brahmans even now a days too in all over India. There are some foreign countries like Germany where the Sanskrit language is compulsory unlike Tamil language. Tamilians are proud of their language which they think oldest but limited in some small regions, where as Sanskrit is there almost of all over the world…. the best example is the use of swastika, May be it is because of some LAZY people who think their language as the oldest but do not try to spread it out…. if it happens, India may would get the pride of 1st rank in the world history…. cause both Tamil and Sanskrit are very old language. Time to wake up kids…. don’t sleep and dream…
    Now… okay, for sometime I assume that, Tamil is the oldest language and Hindi is the Indian 1st official language… If the whole country except Tamil Nadu has no problem, then whats your problem guys… Once again u should be proud of that, cause u think Sanskrit is the root of Tamil, Hindi is the root of Sanskrit… directly or indirectly, Tamil is the father of all Indian languages…??? So why do you guys think in a manner like Anti-nationalism ??? Do not forget that Indian Constitution has written by one Tamilian, If he didn’t approve Tamil as an official language of India.. then what other guys can do ??? He had the right to protest for it or he could write down the whole constitution in Tamil… but he didn’t do so, cause he doesn’t think the way like you people think … In the Indian border area, military peoples are there from all over India; neither to protect you nor me, neither to protect central India nor Tamil Nadu. they are martyred day by day by protecting India, and you guys are simply sitting in your sophisticated home ruining their values of sacrifices, because of an ego, which is the actual nature of anti-nationalists, not less than a terrorist, a terrorist harm the country physically but you guys harming it mentally… the whole world is progressing in a way of development and you guys are still in the same place arguing about a matter relating to language, which is your ego problem… because of some people like you guys the civilization of India is not ascending up, its descending down…. wake up guys try to think something better than this which can improve India, if family head is improving, that means the family members are too improving…. including the new generation too….

  154. Sethuraman says:

    Is Hindi is an official language of India?who says,foolish.Having any history ?how many people speaking Sanskrit?only brahmins are speaking,persons are very low.My mother tongue Tamil is enough.The next language is English.Other than Tamil we want to learn only English.We lerant English we can travel all world.If we learn Hindi no use.May be use in Northern India for touring time.Because Tamilians are mostly well settled.Hindi speaking people are coming here in Tamilnadu for jobs.I suggest If they want to learn an another language pl.learn Tamil or English.Sanskrit learning is an utter waste.But I want to tell mother tongue is an important one to all people.

  155. Sethuraman says:

    Then,god knows only Sanskrit,we don’t need that God.

  156. Sethuraman says:

    Sorry for my poor English.

  157. justacomment says:

    This is the only reason why we are not developing….Fighting amongst ourselves…committing the same mistake over and over…the same reason why we easily fall prey to divide and rule…the same reason why invaders invaded us when we were at the golden pinnacle…when we were called the Golden Bird…Atleast we should feel proud that two of the world’s oldest languages are from our country…

  158. justacomment says:

    I am a Bengali but I’m proud that my country India hosts so many cultures, languages and traditions together…We live together even if we are so much different from each other but still we are a family…we experience each other’s cultures also….Even if I am a Bengali, I have had Mundan in Tirupati when I was 2, eaten in a Sikh langar, experienced Tamil cuisine, enjoyed Sikkim, felt the heat of Agra, and so many other experiences…I watch a lot of Tamil and Telugu movies….So by the end of the day we belong to one nation, India…

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