Top 10 Kitty Party Games Ideas for Indian Couples

You might have heard about kitty parties. Although not every person have been to a kitty party but it is really common among the Asian people. This is a special type of party or usually a gathering occasion which is organized by the ladies or housewives.

If you do not know about kitty party, here is a short introduction about it. Kitty party is usually a gathering which is organized by the women of the society. Each member of the party contribute a certain amount of money known as kitty. The kitty is then handed over to one member of the group and a party is organized once in a month by using that money. Different members are given the opportunity to host the party at their homes.

Kitty parties are organized usually to increase interaction among the women and have some fun and entertainment every once in a while. It is quite popular among the Asian people especially the Indian and Pakistani women.

Kitty parties are commonly for women but couples also visit the party together. The women especially brought their husbands or boyfriends to such a gathering to introduce him to her friends. Games are played to provide entertainment and special games are organized especially for the couples. Below is the list of top 10 kitty party games ideas for Indian couples.

10. Place the Cap

You need a long stick, a thread and a paper cap to play this game. Now the paper cap should be attached to the long stick with the help of the thread. Now the each person in the couple need to stand apart from each other. One partner from each couple will try to put the cap on the other partner. The couple who got successful first will be the winner.

9. Blow the Balloons

You need a lot of balloons for this game. The male partner sits on the chair while the female partner have to grab the balloon, sit on her partner’s lap and burst the balloon. The couple who bursts more balloons in one minute will be the winner.

8. Heart Cards

Each couple is given a pack of playing cards. Each couple have to shuffle the cards three times and then find all the 13 heart cards from the deck and arrange it in a sequence from A to K. the couple who did it first will be the winner.

7. Shave your Partner

You need a shaving cream wooden ice cream stick for the game. The female partner have to be blindfold and apply shaving cream on her male partner’s face and clean it with a wooden stick. Prizes can be given to the cleanest, fastest and best shave, etc.

6. Bite The Chocolate Candies

You need 15 pieces of chocolate for each couple. One partner, say male has to make the statements while the other one, say female have to eat the chocolates. The statements can be made like “I never smoke” etc. If the statement is true, the other partner has to eat chocolate. The couple having maximum chocolates eaten will win.

5. Tie the Scarf

You need a lot of scarfs for this game. The couple will stand back to back. One partner pick the scarf and tie it around them. The couple who tied maximum scarfs in one minute will win.

4. Unscramble Love Phrases

A sheet of scrambled love phrases will be given to all the participants. Phrases like ovel em gaina (Love me again) and the couple have to outline maximum phrases in one minute.

3. Plastic Balls & Bucket

You need some balls and a bucket standing a little tilted. One partner have to stand near the bucket while the other one being at a distance. The second partner throw balls in the bucket. The first partner have to collect balls that doesn’t go into the bucket and throw back to partner one. Maximum balls wins.

2. Candies & Mirror

You need an empty bowl and a bowl with candies in them and a paper cup. One partner have bowl on his head while the other stand in front of him with a mirror in hand. The partner will have to coop out the candies and fill the head bowl with it by seeing the mirror. Maximum candies will win.

1. Cinderella’s Slipper

The female partners will take their shoes off and put in a corner. The male partners will have to find the shoe of his partner as the time begins. The one who finds the shoe first will win.