World’s Top 10 Greenest Countries

Every country in the world today keeps on developing both in the residential and commercial sides of the table. Even though these developments bring goodness to every single nation, it cannot be denied that these are always accompanied with minor and severe destruction in the environment. However, there are still a lot of countries who promote green environment despite the great developments they’re experiencing. The top 10 of these countries are the following:

10. Colombia

Colombia is a country that’s fortunately bestowed with abundant nature, where thousands of living species are dwelling. Even though there were some reports in the past that said how the development in Columbia destroyed Mother Nature, the federal government here are making some eco-friendly programs to restore its original great condition. 76.8 is Columbia’s EPI (Environmental Performance Index).

9. Cuba

The federal government of Cuba has minimized the usage of pesticides in the farmlands. This is to make sure that harmful chemicals will not spread into the environment and destroy it. The sea level is even lowered so that the salt water doesn’t have the chance to mess up with the rich soil. Its EPI is 78.1.

8. Austria


With the Environmental Performance Index of 78.1, Austria is one country in Europe that maintains the great condition of its environment. This pushes the country to build the so-called “passive houses”, in which heating or cooling systems are not used.

7. France

Such country became one of the greenest countries in the world when Nicolas Sarkozy, a former President of France made an effort in making legislation that compulsorily asked the French people to conserve energy and help in preserving the abundant environment in the country. Its EPI is 78.2.

6. Mauritius

This may be a small country in Africa, but going greener is one big step made by the federal government as well as the residents of this country. As a matter of fact, its Environmental Performance Index reaches as high as 80.6. Green practices are observed in this small island nation, and it is all thanks to the great efforts of the country’s Finance Minister named Rama Sithanen.

5. Norway

Oslo, Norway

This is another country in Europe that enjoys its greener environment. It makes sure that there are no greenhouse gases that will be releases from residential and commercial facilities within the entire country. Its Environmental Performance Index is 81.1. Norway makes sure that the commercial facilities in the country are all operated with the use of flexible eco-friendly energy systems.

4. Sweden

The government in Sweden is aiming to omit the use of fossil fuels within the entire country. The target year is in the coming 2020. Moreover, the country today is majorly using eco-friendly renewable energy, making sure that the environment won’t get damaged. Its EPI is 86.0.

3. Costa Rica

The Environmental Performance Index of Costa Rica is 86.4. This country has this aim to be carbon neutral, and it is expected to be reached in the year 2021. The country makes sure that giving pollution to air and water because of greenhouse gases will never happen. The residents here are currently using renewable resources.

2. Switzerland

Mount Eiger, Switzerland

This country is one of those nations that are constantly protecting the environment through their efforts of implementing eco-friendly programs. Its federal government continually builds some parks that will help preserve the abundant nature. One good example is the Alpine Park. Its EPI is 89.1.

1. Iceland


Iceland is the greenest country in the world with the Environmental Performance Index of 93.5. This country is actually just a small one, but it is big enough to implement some major eco-friendly programs. Its main focus is the utilization of geothermal landscapes in producing heat and electricity.

These are the top 10 greenest countries in the world that everybody should know. The efforts of their governments and residents in having a greener place to live in are really something that other people and nations should admire.