Top 10 Best Whisky Brands in India – Most Popular

Whisky is the most popular alcoholic party drinks all over the world. The Indian whiskey market occupies the third position in the world, right after China and Russia. Whiskey is one of the drinks with comparatively highest percentage of alcohol in it. Although it is distilled from matured oak casks and grains consuming whiskey has side effects and several disadvantages. Here are some of the most common side effects of whiskey consumption.

Whiskey Side Effects and Disadvantages

  • Stroke and Cirrhosis: – The high percentage of alcohol content in whiskey has a bad effect on the body metabolism. They also attack and affect the liver, heart muscles etc. studies indicate that people who consume whiskey frequently are more prone to liver diseases and stroke.
  • Addiction: – Frequent consumption of whiskey makes the host addicted to it. One of the worst things about whiskey addiction is that it results in mental disorder. Today, studies indicate that government, non-profit organisation, and medical personnel are working hard to help whiskey addicts to recover from the situation.
  • Pregnancy complications: – The number of women consuming whiskey is far rising these days, whiskey consumption has a much worse effect on women than in men. Consuming whiskey during pregnancy period can result in mental and disability for the fetus and also resulted in abortion in the worst cases.
  • Excessive impaired judgment: – The high alcohol content in whiskey often results in comparatively immediate impairment of the host’s judgment and senses. Studies indicate that people consuming whiskey tend to be harsh, violent, and sexually irresponsible.

Apart from the above-mentioned side effects consuming whiskey can also affect the medication the host is on, some reports indicate that whiskey and few medicine together in a human body is poisonous and can cause serious damage. Experts frequently warn that people with ulcers, pancreas diseases should avoid consuming whiskey as it can be fatal.

There are several brands which have their stronghold over the whiskey market in the country. Many of these brands are Indian Brands and they turn out to be affordable yet amazing in terms of flavor and quality. There are several expensive brands available in India as well but they are certainly less popular because the majority of the population likes to consume other brands. Do you which brands are the most popular brands in India? Is your favorite brand listed in the top 10 whiskey brands in India? Check out the answer to all your questions as we have listed the top 10 best whiskey brands in India.

So here is the list of the top 10 most popular and best whiskey brands in India:

10. Directors Special

Directors Special

This is one of the leading Indian whiskey brand “Directors Special” by United Breweries Group. The brand started in 1988, was earlier owned by Shaw Wallace, which was taken over by United Breweries in 2005. Since then Directors Special became an Indian brand and it contains 42.8% alcohol by volume.This popular whiskey is distilled from fermented molasses.There are basically two variants available for Directors Special, one of them is the regular Directors Special and the second one is Director Special Black which is a little more premium whiskey when compared to the regular one. In terms of popularity, the regular Directors Special is more popular and it the sales figure varies by almost 1.4 Million Units on annual basis.

9. 8 PM

8 PM

Featuring next o the list of top 10 whiskey brands in India is 8 PM, a brand by Radico Khaitan, a company which was earlier known by the name of Rampur Distillery and Chemical Company Ltd. The reputed brand was launched in 1999 and has reached the heights of popularity at present. The brand has also made it to LIMCA book of records and it was listed in the book of records in the first year itself as it was able to sell 1 million units of whiskey. The grain used in the manufacturing of this whiskey is of high quality and that gives a very lavish taste to the whiskey. 8PM is available in domestic as well as international market and it is loved by the people everywhere.

8. Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue

Also known as Seagrams Imperial Blue, this brand gives a fine blend of Scotch malts with Indian grain spirits. The brand was launched by Seagram in 1997 and has become one of the best selling brands in the Indian market, partly due to its strong advertising campaign. This whiskey has a perfect blend of the people who love the flavors of scotch and the whiskey contains 42.9% alcohol by volume. In addition to this, the brand sells over 9 Million Units per year. The brand was also the official sponsor of the World Series Hockey in February 2012. There are many other events arranged by the company in India and that works as a perfect marketing strategy for them.

7. Haywards Fine

Haywards Fine

Haywards Fine is another brand owned by United Breweries, which has earned a place on this list. It is an economically priced brand, which is gaining increasing popularity not only in India but also in the Middle East and Africa. The reason for the popularity of this brand is the fact that the whiskey is very much affordable and they have never compromised on the quality of the liquor. The brand is one of the highest selling whiskey in the country and you must certainly try the brand at least once in your life.

6. Old Tavern

Old Tavern

Another popular choice among whiskey brands in India is Old Tavern, which holds a considerable share in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and is also sold in numerous African nations. The whiskey has a very smooth flavor and a very distinctive taste. In addition to this, Old Tavern is also owned by the United Breweries Group. The package is available in different sizes and a 750 ml bottle costs less than Rs 300. This is the basic reason for the popularity of the brand in India and it is also one of the highest selling brands in India.

5. Original Choice

Original Choice

This brand is owned by John Distilleries from Goa. It is among the best-known whiskey brands in the country, though it was involved in a controversial case against Allied Blenders Distillers, which alleged that the name of their product bore too much resemblance to their product called “Officers Choice”. But they were granted permission to use their brand name by the court. This product belongs to John Distilleries and the whiskey was launched in the year 1995. The whiskey became an overnight success story for the company. As per an estimate, the company sells over 13 Million units of this whiskey every year and this whiskey itself contributes to over 95% of overall sales revenue for John Distilleries.

4. Royal Stag

Royal Stag

Royal Stag is a brand which entered the Indian market in 1995, under the label of Seagram, though it is owned by a French company called Pernod Ricard. It blends Indian grain-based spirits with imported Scotch malts to present this amazing drink. This drink is available in many countries and it is not just a whiskey but it is a deluxe whiskey. The whiskey contains 42.8% alcohol by volume and in addition to this, the brand sells over 18 Million units of the whiskey every year. This is the flagship product of the company and it certainly enables the company in making huge profits.

3. Bagpiper


Another popular whiskey brand in India is Bagpiper, a product of United Breweries, which was started in 1976. Besides being one of the most trusted in India, it is also included among the “Top 100 Brands” by the Impact International list. The brand has pioneered in bringing whiskey in tetra packs but apart from tetra packs, different packings are also available and the whiskey has a woody flavor which enhances the taste of the whiskey. The flavor resembles the one of the American Oaks and it gives an impression that the liquor is aged in the oak barrels. There are two variants available for this whiskey and one of them is the regular Bagpiper and the other one is Bagpiper Gold. As per the information available, the company supplies this whiskey in a total of 10 countries and the annual sales figure is more than 15 Million Cases.

2. Officers Choice

Officers Choice

The next name on the list is that of Officers Choice Whisky, a brand by Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD). The brand boasts of a very popular whisky, which is made by blending the best of Indian neutral spirits with Malt Spirits. This whiskey was introduced in 1988 and since then it is one of the most popular brand in India. The company also manufactures rum which is again very popular and other variants includes Officer’s Choice Blue and Officer’s Choice Black. The Officer’s Choice Black is the most premium product of this brand and it is aged in Charred Oak Barrels. In terms of sales, the company sells over 29 Million units of this amazing whiskey every year.

1. Mcdowell’s No 1 Reserve

Mcdowell's No 1 Reserve

Topping the list of best whisky brands in India is the brand called Mc Dowell’s No 1 Reserve, a product of United Spirits Ltd, which is a part of United Breweries Group. The brand was launched and 1968 and has slowly and steadily captured the whole market in India. It offers variants like Reserve, Diet Mate and Platinum Whisky. It was awarded a gold medal in 2006 by Readers Digest and was the best-selling brand in 2012. The company exports its products to countries like Africa, Canada, Japan, UAE and other Middle Eastern countries. In addition to this, the market of this whiskey is continuously expanding because of its extensive product line.

All these whiskey brands are the top choices of whiskey lovers in the country, with some of them even making it big on a global level.