Top 10+ Best Quality Wheat Flour (Atta) Brands In India

Wheat flour are staple nourishment of India and used to make chapatis, naan, paranthas, roti and so forth. In the past days people used to go to flour mills to get wheat crushed too flour. Presently because of enormous urbanization and new way of life in urban regions individuals want to purchase instant flour from the market. Wheat Flour is stuffed with supplements rich in starches. Wheat Flour is far nutritious and sound with regards to refined.

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Various Flour mill operators have begun advertising their brands of atta (Flour) in the nation. Many Corporate like ITC, Pillsbury have propelled these marked wheat flour in the market.

How to Determine The Quality of Wheat Flour

Below are some of the points that you can check to determine the quality of the wheat flour

Composition of Wheat Flour – One of the most important factors that impact the quality of the flour is its composition. Some brands add additional fibre to make the flour better. This way, the body can digest the dishes easily, and it also results in softer chapatis. You can check if the brand of flour that you like adds chokar to it as this will prove to be very beneficial as well. You can also check if the brand adds any other grain apart from wheat.

Type of Wheat – The next thing you can check is the type of wheat used in making the flour. Lokwan and sharbati wheat are considered to be the best. The advantage of the lokwan wheat is that the flour derived from it has a greater amount of bran and germ. So, the type of wheat defines the quality of the flour as well. While buying the flour, you can check what type of is used while making the flour and where it is procured. Most of the people prefer wheat procured from MP or Punjab.

Moisture Content – You can access the moisture control in the flour by going through the texture of the wheat. Higher moisture content is not good for the flour, making it prone to pathogens and other microorganisms. You can also see if the flour has lumps or not. The presence of lumps usually indicates higher moisture content which translates into poor quality flour. The moisture content largely depends on the drying process of the wheat before it has been processed into flour.

Protein Content – By going through the packaging of the flour, you will check the macros of the flour. These macros are derived after laboratory testing. Some of the flours have a higher protein content of 20%, while others may have as low as 5%. As a thumb rule, the higher the protein, the better the flour is. In addition to this, you may want a limited amount of gluten in your flour.

Minerals – While you are checking the macros of the flour, you must also check the added minerals and vitamins in the flour. Most of the premium brands would add an array of vitamins and minerals to make the flour healthier for you. This helps you absorb more nutrients from your daily bread, and it also enables you to ensure that your children get the right set of nutrients.

Ground Quality – Now, you might have a certain preference in the ground quality as well, but as very the general idea, very finely ground flour is not usually preferred. Some people prefer a slightly coarse stone grind. You can check the ground quality and see if it matches your preference.

Consistency – The last thing you can check is the consistency of the dough that you make out of the flour. Now, you must be using a fixed amount of water while making the dough. Follow the same steps and see the consistency that you are getting. This will say a lot about the texture and the quality.

Listed below are the top 11 best wheat flour brands in India.

11. Laxmi Bhog Atta

Laxmi Bhog Atta

Laxmi Bhog Atta is healthy wheat flour in India. This 100% chakki atta is sold at the best costs in the market. It has the integrity of natural supplements, vitamins, fibres with zero percent cholesterol and is made of entire wheat grain resulting in soft chapatis each time. Keeping in view, the need of the need of common man, the laxmi bhog atta guarantees the best service and taste to the commendable clients.

10. Hathi Atta

Hathi Atta

Hathi Atta is among the best and healthy wheat flour available in India. The atta is 100% chakki fresh and is rich in protein, iron and vitamins content. It is absolutely arranged by specialists utilizing conventional stone granulating systems and ideal quality ingredients. Hathi Brand Atta is expansive scale Chakki Atta providers in India. Their procedure of assembling chakki atta is of astounding which is high in protein, high in fiber and legitimately grounded. Entire wheat flour is rich in B-vitamins, vitamin E and protein, and contains minerals and dietary fiber than white flour.

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9. Samrat India Atta

Samrat Indian Atta

Samrat India Atta is utilized by numerous individuals in India. The atta is healthy, digest easily, pressed cleanly or more all is a perfect and nutritious choice to make an extensive assortment of foods and dishes.

8. Annapurna Farm Fresh Atta

Annapurna Farm Fresh Atta

Broadly the flour is been presented in year 1998, expected to help house makers by providing tasty and nutritious atta. Annapurna Farm Fresh Whole Wheat Atta comes at the best quality in the best cost. As the name recommend it is produced using entire wheat and henceforth is rich in protein, fibre, calcium and iron that keeps you healthy and strong. It ensures to give soft rotis, and the atta is stuffed in sterile conditions and cleaned three times when contrasted with others.

7. Rajdhani Chakki Atta

Rajdhani Chakki Atta

Rajdhani Chakki Atta is produced from most recent machines and innovation thus better quality and incredible taste. It is rich in grain that makes your roti delicate and fleecy. Rajdhani Chakki Atta is a healthfulness atta and comes in assortments, for example, Chakki Atta, Tandoori Roti and missi roti Atta. The atta is a good source of protein, iron and vitamins. It is a 100 percent whole wheat atta for better wellbeing.

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6. Nature Fresh Sampoorna Chakki Atta

Nature Fresh Sampoorna Chakki Atta

Nature Fresh flour is produced using the finest quality wheat grains. Nature Fresh prides itself on its determination of astounding, natural ingredients that are prepared appropriate, to create atta that is neither too fine, nor excessively coarse. This guarantees the rotis end up being fluffier. The Nature Fresh Chakki atta contains 100% wheat and does not contain any Maida by any means.

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5. Dinesh Flour Mills MP Atta

Dinesh MP ATTA 10Kg

A premium quality atta. Dinesh MP Atta is a healthy treat with purity and goodness. At Dinesh Flour Mills, we go an extra mile to source the high-quality golden wheat kernels from Madhya Pradesh – known for its wheat that is packed with high protiens , vitamins and fibers. With our best quality atta one can make soft roti, delicious paranthas, finger licking halwas , pooris, etc. Rotis which are very soft, fluffy and don’t turn black, fibrous and easy to digest. Established in 1970’s in Delhi, Dinesh Flour Mills is well known for providing value to its customers in the form of best cost, taste and quality food products, MP Atta being one of them.

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4. Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta

Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta

Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta was presented in 1998 as a high quality as well as nutritious contrasting option to the well established custom of buying grain and having it ground at the nearby flour process. Pillsbury has been perceived as a well known brand in the marked atta class, and is one of the main players. Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta is 100 percent whole wheat atta with fiber, natural ingredients and iron imperative for a healthy digestive system, overall wellbeing and transports oxygen in the body.

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3. Patanjali Atta

Patanjali Atta

Been figured as a freshest contestant, it is a prominent and surely understood brand offering an expansive range of food items at really fair costs. Patanjali has increased huge acknowledgment and acclaim within a short duration of time and has ended up inclination among Indian families. The superior elements of Patanjali Aarogya Atta are sourced specifically from the farmers crosswise over India, which additionally guarantees that Aarogya atta contains 0% Maida and is 100% finished Atta.

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2. Shakti Bhog Atta

Shakti Bhog Atta

Shakti Bhog Atta has a recognized in the field of nourishment items and is nation’s speediest developing and in addition offering wheat flour organization and has even a popularity and acknowledgment in the worldwide field. Shakti Bhog Atta is a standout amongst the most well known wheat flour in India. It is grinded from the best collect and accordingly is wonderful, clean and useful. Shakti Bhog Atta brand is high in fiber and protein and makes soft rotis every time. Also it is 100 percent cholesterol free.

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1. Aashirvaad Atta


Famous as the nation’s most leading atta brand, it is possessed by famous ITC Limited. It has a flawless mix of pulse, legume flour and entire wheat flour shaping and making an impeccable natural grain blend. Aashirwad atta is enriched with Methi and Oats and offered high fiber and protein and low glycemic record. It utilizes high thickness grains to enhance digestion and keep your body in good health. It doesn’t contain any additional additives or flavors. It provides delicate and yummy rotis in a matter of moments, it ingest water content in the body that further help in digestion. It is braced, incredible source of protein, fibre, iron and vitamins.

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So here is the list of best brands available in the country which provides high quality Wheat flour to the buyers who are looking for quality products only.



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