Top 10 Best Toasters Brands In India

A hot, fresh buttered toast is one of the easiest delights for breakfast. The toaster was innovated in Scotland in 1893 and has turned into a typical machine in practically every kitchen. With the speediest innovation that gives high technology functions, for example, toaster spaces, browning choices, programmed control and other extra elements.

A pop toaster is a little yet fundamental kitchen apparatus that permits you to toast distinctive sorts of breads. The slices of breads are embedded vertically in spaces that heats up as indicated by the settings you toast the bread. Once your toast is prepared, it appears out of the openings.There are various brands which offer toasters with best quality and components.

The top 10 best pop up toaster models which are accessible in India with price are given underneath.

10. Usha


The Usha brand offers different sorts of toasters. The model of PT 322 is the best one with great quality. It has distinctive components, for example, six browning alternatives, push control board, simple clean piece plate, and warm/defrost capacities. The apparatus consumes 850 watts power. Other best elements are that it has wide spaces and bread slicing centering. The brand offers 1 year of warranty and is available at the price of 2000/- to 2200/-.

9. Black & Decker

Black & Decker pop up toaster

High on style and usefulness, the Black and Decker ET-122 Toaster is the ideal cooking machine in your kitchen. Get ready firm and crunchy toasts in the morning is possible in a matter of a couple of minutes with the assistance of this toaster. It is easy to utilize, which makes it perfect for regular usage. The reduced size and configuration does not require much space so empowers you to place it on the kitchen end-table or on the ledge. This pop up toaster comes with 2 years of warranty and is available at the price of 1800/- to 1900/-.

8. Oster


Oster (TSSTTR9260) highlights 7 cooking settings with 2 openings of slices. Different components are that it has customizable temperature handle, auto close off capacity and double auto changing aides. The deep toast openings give uniform and balanced toasting to various sizes of breads. This pop up toaster is available in market with price of 950/- to 1000/-.

7. Maharaja Whiteline Primo

Maharaja Whiteline Primo


The smooth and compact design of the Maharaja Whiteline Primo 750-Watt Pop up Toaster makes it run well with the stylistic layout of your kitchen and does not consume up much space also. Likewise, it also saves power utilization as it requires just 750 watts of energy to work. This intense pop up toaster is uncomplicated to clean and accompanies electronic control to give you extreme security. This pop up toaster is available in market at an affordable price of 900/- to 1000/-.

6. Prestige


Prestige PPTPKB pop up toaster is intended for high quality execution. The apparatus is furnished with wide spaces, 6 fluctuating level of browning capacity, cool touch handle, non slip base, and neon light pointer. This pop up toaster has 800 watts of power utilization. The brand gives 1 year of warranty at the best cost of 1400/- to 1450/- in the market.

5. Nova


With Nova BT 305 Pop up Toaster treat yourself with hot breakfast each morning. It has cool touch body, making it extremely suitable to handle while toasting the bread. You can toast your bread browner or less brown according to your taste by controlling the temperature. It is simple to clean as its crumb plate assemble every one of the bits and scraps of bread which falls amid toasting. It accompanies defrost and warm alternatives. In case if you need to cease with your toasting procedure there is a cancel option available. This pop up toaster is available in market at the price of 900/- to 1000/-.

4. Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards AT-204 2 Pop up Toaster has multi functions to make you rediscover the delight of appreciating toasts for your breakfast. The stunningly composed external plastic cladding keeps the body cool at all times to shield your fingers from burning. This model accompanies extra controls to Defrost and Reheat according to your need. It is a more settled and solid brand which is known for giving one of the best client services. This toaster consumes 650 watts and is available in market at price of 1200/- to 1300/-.

3. Pigeon


Pigeon pop up toaster gives the kitchen an ultra modern look. The solid apparatus is included with 6 levels of cooking control which superbly brown the toast as per inclinations. This toaster is little in size and light weight item which makes it convenient to use. The keen machine is accessible at the extremely sensible cost of 799/- to 899/-.

2. Bajaj Majesty

Bajaj Majesty

Bajaj Majesty ATX 4 bread pop up toasters is easy yet greatly advantageous kitchen machines. The outside body remains cold and touchable and the speed of toasting is astonishing. The product has matt finish and consumes 759 watts of energy to work productively. Comprised of fantastic plastic, the machine has a cost of 1100/- to 1200/-.

1. Philips


Appreciate great toast time with this durable Philips toaster (HD2566/79). Highlights 2 vast bread spaces that fit an assortment of bread, removable crumb plate, 7 toast settings and defrost feature. It additionally incorporates clean cover. The item consumes 800 watts of electricity. The product comes with 2 years of warranty and is available at the best cost of 1600/- to 1650.