Top 10 Best Mouthwash Brands in India

Mouthwash is one of the things that are needed by everyone in their day to day life. They are good and are very useful as they prevent the mouth from the bad odour and also gives the person the desired confidence while speaking to a person. The fact being, if you had anything made of garlic or anything, which will make your mouth smell and will give you bad odour, then it becomes impossible to brush, and how can you even brush when you are just outside your house, then the mouthwash comes handy and save you from the embarrassment of bad smelling mouth. It is handy and comes in small bottles as well, which you can easily carry in your bag or in your pockets as well.

They are the true saviours. Imagine you are out on a date and just before the date started you ended up eating something from the roadside, which had lots of onion or any other thing, then the first thing you’d want is to get rid of that smell or imagine you want to go for an interview, and your mouth is smelling bad, then in such cases the mouth wash is the best thing that will save you from the embarrassments. There are many brands of mouthwash available in the market.

List of Top Mouthwash Brands in India

Here is a list of Top 10 best Mouthwash brands that are available in the Indian market

10. Befresh Alcohol Free Herbal Mouthwash

Befresh is an ayurvedic company and they manufacture the mouthwash, which is alcohol free and it gives a fresh feeling. It is full of herbs and gives a refreshing feeling after its use. It is one of the best mouthwash brand available in India.

9. Scope


Scope is one of the mouthwash brands available in India and is one of the best mouthwashes. It prevents the mouth from germs and makes it fresh and refreshing.

8. AM PM special Denatl Rinse Mouth Wash

AM PM is the eighth best mouth wash brand available in India. There are many benefits of this mouth wash as it is anti plaque and anti cavity, has a self dispensing cap, has a fresh mint taste.

7. ACT

act mouthwash

Act is one of the best Mouthwash brands available in India. It has several properties likes anti plaque, anti-germ and prevents the mouth from smelling bad.

6. Sensodyne


Sensodyne is best for those who suffers from sensitivity. It makes the gums stronger, gives a fresh feeling and allows you to eat anything you want. It is one of the best mouthwash brands that is available in India.

5. Himalaya


Himalaya is an ayurvedic product and they manufacture one of the best mouthwash in India. They have many differetn kinds of mouthwash such as Himalaya HiOra-K Mouthwash, Aquafresh tingling fresh mint mouthwash. These mouthwash are good and comes in different price range.

4. Colagate Plax Sensitive Mouthwash


Colgate plax sensitive mouthwash is one of the best mouthwash brands available in India. It is alcohol-free and protects the gums and teeth and maintains the hygiene and makes the teeth strong and protects from plaque and bacteria.

3. Oral B

oral b

Oral B is one of the famous mouthwash brands available in India. The procter and gamble company manufactures this. They have a fine smell and makes your mouth fresh after its use. The different types of mouthwash available are alcholol free mouthwash, crest, crest pro and crest pro healthy clinical deep mint.

2. Pepsodent

Pepsodent was incorporated in the year 1993 by Hindustan Unilever Limited and since then they have been manufacturing one of the best products in this sector. There are many kinds of mouthwash available such as pepsodent germi check, and germi check herbal fresh.

1. Listerine


Listerine is the best Mouthwash brand available in India. This mouthwash gives the best freshness one wants and it refreshes you as well.

It comes in various types and the price ranges. It is alcohol-free and it protects the gums and makes, is anti plaque and also refreshes your mouth.

How To Choose The Right Mouthwash in India

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right mouthwash for you:

1. Consider Your Oral Health Needs: Different mouthwashes serve different purposes. If you have sensitive teeth, look for a mouthwash that helps with sensitivity. If you have bad breath, choose a mouthwash that has antibacterial properties. If you have gum disease, look for a mouthwash that helps fight plaque and gingivitis.

2. Look for Ingredients: Read the labels carefully and look for ingredients that are beneficial to your oral health. Some common ingredients to look for in a mouthwash include fluoride, alcohol, and essential oils.

3. Avoid Alcohol: If you have sensitive teeth, avoid using mouthwashes that contain alcohol as it can cause discomfort and irritation.

4. Check for Seal of Approval: Look for the Indian Dental Association (IDA) Seal of Approval on the mouthwash packaging. This seal ensures that the product has undergone testing and meets the necessary standards.

5. Consult with Your Dentist: If you are unsure which mouthwash to use, consult with your dentist. They can recommend a mouthwash that is best suited for your oral health needs.

6. Consider Taste and Freshness: Choose a mouthwash that has a taste and freshness that you enjoy. This can encourage you to use it regularly, leading to better oral health.

The Pros and Cons of Using Mouthwash

The Pros of Mouthwash

There are some reasons due to which people use mouthwash, and those are for reducing gingivitis, freshening up breath, reducing plaque, controlling tooth decay and lot more. The building up of tartar is slowed down if someone uses mouthwash.

Get rid of cavities

There are a variety of mouthwash available in the market, and if you want to reduce cavities, then you can use mouthwash. It helps in reducing cavities, which has more fluoride in it. It can be effortless for mouthwash to remove bacteria which has been clung to your teeth and it will continue to decay your teeth but mouthwash can give protection for the cavities and teeth’s enamel can become stronger.

Gum disease

If anyone is suffering from gum disease,   then it can be quite easy to fight from it. Several people are suffering from inflammation in their gum tissue, and the mouthwash can help in fighting with the bacteria due to which one should use it. There is a chlorhexidine present in it which helps in reducing periodontitis.

Whitens teeth

If there are stains on your teeth, then you can use mouthwash because it also helps in removing stains. The teeth can become white with the prolonged use of mouthwash.

Fresh breath

The mouthwash can freshen up your breath, and it will give a minty fresh, which will boost confidence in your life. Bad breath can make you face a lot of embarrassment, and that’s why you should use mouthwash.

Cons of Mouthwash

Not only mouthwash has advantages, but it has some disadvantages also. Most of the mouthwashes contain alcohol and cover up the bad breath without removing the original problem. Here are   the cons of it:

Sore irritant

Most of the mouthwash contains alcohol, and if the alcohol has a high concentration, then it can cause a burning sensation in the skin.   The people who normally get sores in the mouth might irritate the skin by using mouthwash. Not only the sores can get hurt, but those won’t even heal easily.

Bad breath coverage

Bad breath can also be caused due to chronic halitosis which can be masked up with normal mouthwash, but if you want to get away with it permanently, then you can take the help of the dentist. Mo can only provide a solution to bad breath for some time. If someone is suffering from dental problems, then that person can have bad breath and using mouthwash will be like ignoring the issues.

Harmful if consumed

The accidental consumption of mouthwash isn’t safe, and that’s why one should make sure that he/she doesn’t swallow it, and that’s why it is not recommended for the children.

Dry  mouth

Some people might face the problem of dry mouth after using facewash, and excessive and regular use of a mouthwash which has a lot of alcohol in it can make your mouth dry. It can ultimately lead to cavities, bad breath, and sensitivity in teeth.

Mouthwash Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about mouthwash:

Q1. Can mouthwash replace brushing and flossing?

No, mouthwash cannot replace brushing and flossing. While it can help kill bacteria and freshen breath, it cannot remove plaque and food particles from the teeth and gums like brushing and flossing can.

Q2. Are there different types of mouthwash?

Yes, there are different types of mouthwash available, including those that contain fluoride, alcohol, essential oils, or other active ingredients.

Q3. How often should I use mouthwash?

You should use mouthwash as directed on the packaging, typically after brushing and flossing. Some mouthwashes may recommend use once or twice a day, while others may recommend use more frequently.

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