Top 10 Best Kashmiri Food Recipes

Kashmir is considered to be the Paradise of Earth because of its amazing and worth seeing beauty. Not only the beauty of this place is seamless but the traditional foods of this region are also heavenly. The foods that have evolved from the Kashmiri cuisine are alike rich as that of its beauty. As we date back to its history, the Kashmiri cuisine is made up from three different cooking styles including:

  • Muslims
  • Kashmiri Pandits
  • Mughals

That is the reason the Kashmiri cuisine is the blend of these three styles. Kashmiri cuisine is obsessed with the liberal use of spices and most of the dishes of this cuisine are having meat. Here is a list of the top 10 Kashmiri Food Recipes:

10. Chicken Pulao

One of the most common specialties of Kashmiri cuisine is the Chicken Pulao. This one some sort of the preparation of rice that is having an aromatic flavors along with the whole spices, Kashmiri chilies and desi ghee. Kashmiri chicken pulao is the rich dish that is having brimming flavor of tender chicken and desi ghee.

9. Nadroo Yakhni

This one is the Kashmiri curry that is really popular among different regions of Kashmir. The curry is made from the crunchy lotus stem and yogurt along with the flavor of cardamom, ginger, bay leaves and Kashmiri spices.

8. Haak

Don’t mix these leaves with the spinach as they look much like the spinach leaves. Tender the haak leaves for almost 30 minutes along with the mustard oil and typical spices. Haak is really a specialty of Kashmir that is cooked in winter for a filling and filthy meals.

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7. Kashmiri Style Mutton Ribs

You can call it the Mutton Ribs or more precisely, you can also call this Kashmiri dish as Tabakh Maaz. Mutton ribs are cooked along the creamy milk. Wrap the ribs in the besan batter and turn them golden until tender. If you are one of the fans of wazwan cuisine, then these Kashmiri style ribs is a must try dish.

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