Top 10 Best Eyebrow Trimmers In India

Eyebrows are the important part of the beauty of the woman and for maintaining it she has to regular visit a beauty parlor.But visiting a parlor is not possible every time and to overcome this problem a device called eyebrow trimmer is invented. You can trim or make a stylish shape of your eyebrows with the help of this device without spending a lot of time.

An eyebrow trimmer helps you in trimming the eyebrows in the most fashionable ways. These gadgets are not only available at the pocket-friendly rates but are also manufactured by the most reputed brands in the country.The below is the list of the top ten best eyebrow trimmers which are obtainable in India and from this you can choose the product which suits your needs:

10. Wahl Eyebrow Trimmer

Wahl Eyebrow Trimmer

The top name in the list is of Wahl Eyebrow Trimmer which is an astonishing eyebrow trimmer that helps in the proper trimming of the additional hair on any part of the face. It comprises of the revolving blades which remove the undesirable hair from the eyebrows as well as the nose without hurting or exasperating the concerned region. This eyebrow trimmer is stress-free to use and you can also easily clean it by washing it below the tap water.

Price of the product: ₹ 449.00

9. Philips Eyebrow Trimmer

Philips Eyebrow Trimmer

This wonderful eyebrow trimming device originates with a two years warranty period. Its body is not only waterproof but also shockproof. This device runs on the battery so you do not have to plug in like other trimmers while using.It is a washable gadget which emanates along with a cleaning brush for the easy cleaning. The blades are also quite soft which do appropriate hair elimination from the eyebrows, chin, upper lips, as well as forehead.

Price of the product: ₹ 5,174.00

8. Panasonic Facial Trimmer

Panasonic Facial Trimmer

This product is a wide-ranging grooming choice for your face. The trimmer softly pulls out the undesirable hair through the eyebrows, upper lips, forehead and the chin.Due to the wonderful painless method along with the blades of the different sizes,this trimmer has become the unique product that is currently available.

Price of the product: ₹ 2,374.00

7. Conair Eyebrow Trimmer

Conair Eyebrow Trimmer

This smooth trimmer is a perfect gadget for the beauty conscious ladies. This product looks very fashionable and stylish too. It functions perfectly over the eyebrows the chin, nose, and forehead. It smoothly removes the facial hair. Hence, this eyebrow trimmer is an impeccable choice for delicate skins also.

Price of the product: ₹ 1,263.00

6. Bi-Feather King Hair Trimmer

Bi-Feather King Hair Trimmer

Bi-Feather King Hair Trimmer is an imported hair trimmer which is quite reasonable to buy. This product offers matchless feature at an equally low price and it also runs on the battery. The trimmer works quickly on any kind of facial outlines. It originates along with a cleaning brush.

Price of the product: ₹ 229.00

5. Remington Smooth and Silky Facial Pen Trimmer

This eyebrow trimmer is an ultimate option for the rounded eyebrows. It might be utilized as a grooming gadget which can extract the unwanted eyebrow hair through the diverse directions. The trimmer also comes with an extra comb which increases the overall grooming procedure.

Price of the product: ₹ 650.00

4. Remington Precision Trimmer

Remington Precision Trimmer

Precision Trimmer By Remington is an all-in-one eyebrow trimmer which is utilized for the body and the face. This trimmer offers easy hair elimination from the eyebrows, chin, underarms, forehead, and upper lips. This product emanates along with a torch light which is quite helpful in removing the hair with accuracy.

Price of the product: ₹ 1,699.00

3. Remington MPT3000 Eyebrow Shaper

Remington MPT3000 Eyebrow Shaper

MPT3000 Eyebrow Shaper by Remington effortlessly eliminates the undesirable hair from the eyebrows without any irritation. It does not lead to any side effects such as rashes or swelling after the use. The comb which is provided along with the trimmer untangles the eyebrow hair in the similar length which makes it easy to sort out the unequal hair.

Price of the product: ₹ 895.00

2. Westing House Ladies Trimmer

Westinghouse Ladies Trimmer

Westing House Ladies Trimmer provides a system of double blade. This product provides enhanced grooming of eyebrows. Entire undesirable, as well as stray hair, can be easily trimmed to the similar length.

Price of the product: ₹ 785.00

1. Braun Silk Finish Trimmer

Braun Silk Finish Trimmer

Silk Finish Trimmer by Braun is a good product that offers to groom for the face, arms, eyebrows and the underarms area. This product provides smooth skin in the end after the use. This brand is famous globally for its products. The price of this trimmer is little high from the other existing products but once you use it then, you will not be disappointed at all with your investment in this trimmer.

Price of the product: ₹ 1699.00

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