Top 10 Best Airports in the World

There are many airports around the world, which are considered among the best on the global level, based on their architectural design, facilities for passengers and excellent maintenance. These have been ranked by a company called Skytrax, on the basis of feedback given by air travelers across the world.

Listed below are the top 10 airports in the world:

1. Singapore Changi Airport

Change Airport in Singapore ranks as no 1 among the top airports of the world. This airport, which has annual passenger traffic of nearly 46.5 million passengers, boasts of excellent infrastructure, with movie theaters, spas, outdoor pool and a butterfly garden to entertain the passengers. Also, it is considered top rated for services like immigration processing, hygiene and security.

2. Incheon International Airport

The next name in the list is that of Incheon International Airport. It is the largest airport in South Korea, with nearly 39.2 million yearly passengers from all around the world. The airport started operating in 2001 and has been widely acclaimed for its cleanliness, ambience, excellent views, dining options and internet access.

3. Munich Airport

Another popular international airport is Munich Airport, the second busiest airport in Germany. Catering to more than 37.8 passengers every year, the airport has an amazing view, with numerous glass walls and ceilings. Additionally, its popularity is based on some of its great food joints and shopping options.

4. Hong Kong International Airport

Next among the best airports in the world is the Hong Kong International Airport, which is also one of the busiest ones, with yearly passenger traffic of 53.3 million. A unique feature of this airport is the presence of a golf course here, in addition to some excellent dining and shopping getaways.

5. Amsterdam Schiphol

The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport follows closely on the list of top 10 airports, with more than 49.8 million yearly passengers. Starting up in 1916 as a military airport, Schiphol is considered among the busiest airports in the world today, with great facilities like library, casino, shopping and dining options.

6. Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)

One of the busiest airports in the world, with yearly passenger traffic of 62.6 million people, is the Tokyo International Airport Haneda, which was established in 2010. The airport excels in terms of cleanliness, security and shopping and will be undergoing extensive expansion this year.

7. Beijing Capital International Airport

Featuring next on the list of best airports in the world is Beijing Capital International Airport, which has tremendous yearly passenger traffic of 78.7 million, making it the busiest in Asia and second busiest in the world, just behind Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta. The airport houses the famous Langham Place Beijing Hotel, which has earned the honor of being the second best airport hotel in the world.

8. Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is the biggest airport in Switzerland and one of the best in the world. The yearly passenger traffic at the airport is 24.8 million. Some of the best facilities offered here include an underground automated train called Skymetro, paid porter service, excellent cleanliness, security and dining arrangements.

9. Vancouver International Airport

With yearly passenger traffic of 18 million, Vancouver International Airport is the least busy one on this list. The airport has been expanded recently and has been adjudges as the best airport in North America for a fourth time in a row in 2013.

10. London Heathrow Airport

Another big and busy airport, with 69.4 million passengers every year is London Heathrow Airport, which has been acclaimed for best airport shopping and best terminal in 2011.

All these airports have been ranked in the list, in accordance with the points awarded for their infrastructure and facilities available at them.

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