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Nysa Devgan is a daughter of Bollywood star Ajay Devgan and Kajol and is a happy-go-lucky girl who enjoys the life. She is the heart and lifeline of Ajay Devgan and Kajol and was the first child of the couple. She was born on 20th April 2003 and is currently 15 years old. She also has a younger brother with the name Yug Devgan who is seven years younger than him.

Her grandparents are Veeru Devgan and Veena Devgan his grandfather being a stunt and action choreographer and his grandmother being a film producer. Her maternal side of grandparents includes Shomu Mukherjee and Tanuja. The well-known actress Tanuja Mukherjee is her aunt.

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Net Worth

Not available

Income Source

She is currently 15 years old and enjoys life around her with her friends and family. She is a fond lover of studies and is well regarded in it. She also has a love for traveling and it can be known for her recent trip to London with her parents.

Real Name: Nysa Devgan
Nickname: Nysa
Age:15 Years
Date of Birth:  20th April 2003
Height: Not available (Still a child)
Weight: Not available (Still a child)
Marital Status: unmarried

Personal Background

She is the daughter of Ajay Devgan and Kajol and is born into a filmy family with her grandparents on both sides involved into cinema. She has a younger brother named Yug Devgan who was born on 13th September 2010 and is seven years younger to her. She loves her brother very much and her whole family. She is an apple to the eye of her family and is much loved by all in her extended family.


Her entire clan since being involved into cinema, she too is more likely to step into the cinema field. But her parents don’t want to force it upon her and want her to be involved into what she loves about. She is more likely to make a great career of herself.

Personal Life

She was born on 20th April 2003 and was the first child of Ajay Devgan and Kajol and is loved by her parents and grandparents.

More Information

She has a whole career ahead of her and we all wish her the best for it. She will surely grab the spoon and make the best for her life ahead.