How to Make the Most Room in Your Flat: Tips and Tricks

So you have just moved into a new flat or have only just realized that the one you are currently living in is running a bit smaller than you need. You do not want to start hunting for a new apartment that takes you longer, and you also cannot afford to rent a bigger flat. So what do you do? You transform your existing flat to give off an illusion of a bigger one.

Some apartments in Thanisandra main road look so extravagant from the inside, all by putting in just a bit more effort. This article will guide you on exactly how to make your flat look and feel bigger, instead of having to construct or model a new one.


The furniture you place in your small spaces can make or break the look of a bigger flat. To help you create a sense of roominess, always leave a bit of space in between your furniture. If it gets too closely put, it may start to overcrowd your place and have it look even smaller than it probably is.

This is why you need to manage and buy smaller furniture and place it away from each other. Not only does this help give it more space, but it also looks more aesthetically pleasing as there is no apparent sense of overcrowding and no sense of tasteless styling.

Levels should be lower.

So, you go and get a bunch of wall mirrors or shelves, and you start to place them higher on walls. Try to avoid this. It helps to create a level and feeling of openness, which if you are looking to make your flat appear bigger, you would appreciate. And second because, it gives off a very aesthetic vibe to a room.

Apartments in Thanisandra main road are quickly becoming popular as they allow more people to customize their flats. You can place your wall hangings or mirrors lower to the ground as much as possible. And try to get mini lamps and decor to help style this tip even more.

Using either light or dark colors

Shades in between these two extremes can cause a space to appear even smaller. It is smarter to indulge in either a light color scheme or dark ones. This helps create contrast, which heavily and quickly impacts any room to appear much larger than it may be in reality. Anything from whites to super light greys or black and dark browns shades should be your go-to when designing a smaller flat into a bigger one.

Paint or wallpaper on ceilings

This gives off such a grand illusion by allowing any room to look much taller, which naturally helps make it appear larger. Playing with different styles on the ceilings can have a massive impact on your space’s size looks. Anything that draws the eye upwards will automatically make it look bigger. Flats for sale in Thanisandra easily allow people to hang their favorite paintings or fixtures.

Pull your furniture away from the walls.

Placing your furniture further away from your walls creates a more spacious look and feel. It primarily works when you have lounge sofas put just a bit further from where your walls are, and it significantly makes space look that much more extensive. As mentioned above, pushing stuff together can make a room look tight and closed down. This is why this tip helps to make it look more open.

Using stripes

This may not be for everyone, but if you can, consider using stripes in any form of furniture, this can help your rooms look much larger than they already are. They help to elongate that specific space covered by their pattern and gives the eyes an illusion of a more spacious area.

You can use stripes in many forms, such as rugs, to help elongate the floor. Or stripes used as wallpaper to lengthen and add height to walls. Just looking at vertical stripes even on clothing makes a person appear taller, so imagine using it for rooms.

Leave windows uncovered

Everyone needs curtains, but if you can, try to leave some windows open, for example, leaving windows in the sitting area or lounge uncovered adds more depth to a room. And it also helps to distract from the fact that this space is smaller. It will help as a distraction but also make the space so much cozier.


Several different tips were shown here in this article to make enough space and the right style out of living in a much smaller flat. Things like this can bring us down, especially when we have something in mind. Doing things like this to a room helps you smoothly and efficiently, work with what you already have to make it better fit your likings.

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