How to Join WWE from India?

The WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment is the world’s largest wrestling platform that offers worldwide fame and popularity. To be a part of WWE, firstly you need to prepare yourself. You must have good athletics skills, acting abilities and good looks to become a powerful wrestler among the crowd. You can learn to train your mind and body as well. If you eagerly want to join WWE, then read the below-mentioned steps to make a clear mind regarding wrestling.

  • Join the Football team or Join the Wrestling Team

A wrestler needs to be more powerful from their body. According to the WWE talent lookouts, a new wrestler should have a background like athletics, coach etc. Young athletes can play football or join any private wrestling team to enhance their wrestling skills. Apart from this, the athlete can apply for WWE tryout at their recruiting website

  • Work on your Strength

A wrestler needs to be strong enough from the upper body, core and legs. To sharpen your strength, you can join a gym or hire a professional trainer. They will help in enhancing core strength and focuses on your diet and exercise as well. It will be the best option to be in the WWE.

  • Cardio Exercise

Breathing is the main element to stay at the last round in the wrestling field. It just only happens when you focus on cardio conditions. Do regular exercise and 5 to 10 strength workouts whichever you love to do. It will help in enhancing flexibility in your body.

  • Join Gymnastics or Dance Class

Wrestling is all about power moves which come from dance and gymnastics. Dance forms like Bodyslams, Hurricanranas are relatable to wrestling moves. It will help you maintain coordination between your hands and body. Moreover, gymnastics moves help in lifting, flying and tumbling.

  • Focus on Diet

That does not matter in WWE fights, where you come from. The only thing is a matter that you have good physics and the ability to compete with wrestlers. A proper diet plays a vital role to make you strong and fit. You should eat steamed broccoli, brown rice and grilled chicken breast, eggs and veggies. Take many proteins and vitamins to reach fruits and vegetables.

  • Join a Private Wrestling School or institute

For being a part of WWE, firstly you need to join the best wrestling school. The wrestling instructor will be trained for competition and a proper wrestling ring. Such types of institutes offer 6 to 7-week courses in wrestling. Some popular schools are:

  1. AAA
  2. Ring of Honor
  3. Pro Wrestling Guerilla
  4. Global Force Wrestling etc.
  • Learn to take devastating moves

The pre-wrestlers should learn moves like striking, locking up, taking specific moves, communicating in the ring, moving the ropes, chain wrestling and many others.

  • Go for WWE Tryout

Before preparing for the final match, take at least 4 or 5 tryouts of WWE. Check the official website of WWE for regular jobs and tryouts.  The Jobs for various departments like talent, writing, and production are updated annually.

Who can apply?

  • One should have 18 years of age.
  • Have at least 4 to 5 wrestling experiences.
  • Appear in tryouts and clear it.

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