How To Join Ramakrishna Ashram Mysore: Procedure & Eligibility

The Ramakrishna Ashram in Mysore is a spiritual and cultural center that follows the teachings and ideals of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda. Founded with the aim of promoting spiritual growth and service to humanity, the ashram welcomes individuals from all walks of life who seek to engage in spiritual practices and selfless service.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this esteemed institution, this guide will provide you with insights into the procedure and eligibility requirements.

About Ramakrishna Ashram Mysore

Ramakrishna Ashram Mysore
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Before exploring the process of joining the Ramakrishna Ashram in Mysore, it’s essential to grasp the core principles and teachings that guide this spiritual center:

  1. Spiritual Learning: The ashram offers a conducive environment for the study of Vedanta, meditation, yoga, and other spiritual disciplines.
  2. Service to Humanity: Inspired by the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda, the ashram actively engages in various philanthropic activities, including educational initiatives, healthcare, and relief work.
  3. Inclusivity: The ashram’s doors are open to individuals from all religious backgrounds, and it promotes interfaith harmony and understanding.
  4. Moral and Ethical Values: The teachings emphasize the importance of living a life guided by moral and ethical values, such as truth, compassion, and selflessness.

Eligibility Criteria

The Ramakrishna Ashram in Mysore is known for its inclusive approach and typically does not impose strict eligibility criteria for participation. However, it is advisable to consider the following factors:

  1. Age: The ashram welcomes individuals of all age groups, from children to senior citizens.
  2. Religious Background: There are no religious barriers to entry. People from all religious beliefs and traditions are encouraged to participate.
  3. Gender: The ashram is open to both men and women, and there are no gender-specific restrictions.
  4. Language: While programs and teachings may be conducted in multiple languages, a basic understanding of English or the local language (Kannada) may be beneficial.
  5. Health: The ashram’s activities, including meditation and yoga, are generally suitable for individuals in good health. However, if you have specific health concerns, it’s advisable to consult a healthcare professional before participating.

Joining Procedure

Becoming a part of the Ramakrishna Ashram in Mysore is a straightforward process. Here is a general outline of how you can initiate your journey:

  1. Locate the Ashram: Begin by finding the location of the Ramakrishna Ashram in Mysore. You can usually find this information on their official website ( or by contacting them directly.
  2. Visit the Ashram: Plan a visit to the ashram to familiarize yourself with the surroundings, programs, and the community. This will give you a firsthand experience of the ashram’s activities and environment.
  3. Attend Satsangs and Lectures: Many ashrams, including the Ramakrishna Ashram, conduct regular satsangs (spiritual gatherings) and lectures. Attend these events to gain a deeper understanding of their teachings and philosophy.
  4. Participate in Spiritual Practices: Engage in spiritual practices offered by the ashram, such as meditation sessions, yoga classes, and study groups. These activities are usually open to anyone interested.
  5. Volunteer for Service Activities: The ashram often organizes service-oriented activities, such as educational programs, healthcare camps, and charitable initiatives. Volunteering for these activities is an excellent way to get involved.
  6. Formal Membership (Optional): While not mandatory, some individuals choose to become formal members of the Ramakrishna Ashram. This involves a commitment to follow the ashram’s principles and teachings more closely. If you are interested in formal membership, inquire about the process at the ashram.
  7. Stay Connected: To continue your journey with the ashram, stay connected with the local community and participate in activities and programs regularly.

Resources and Further Information

To assist you in your journey of joining the Ramakrishna Ashram in Mysore, here are some helpful resources:

  1. Official Ramakrishna Ashram Mysore Website:
  2. Contact Information: You can find contact details for the ashram on their official website ( Feel free to reach out to them for information about programs, schedules, and activities.
  3. Visiting the Ashram: To plan your visit and get a sense of the ashram’s environment, check their website ( for visiting hours and guidelines.
  4. Online Resources: Some ashrams offer online resources, including recorded lectures, books, and articles, which can help you learn more about their teachings.


Joining the Ramakrishna Ashram in Mysore can be a transformative journey that leads to spiritual growth, self-realization, and service to humanity. The ashram’s inclusive philosophy and commitment to spiritual values make it an inviting space for seekers of all backgrounds.

For the most up-to-date information on joining the Ramakrishna Ashram in Mysore, including details about their programs and activities, please visit the official Ramakrishna Ashram website ( and use their contact information to get in touch with the ashram directly.

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