How to Change Aadhaar Card Photo Online or Offline

There are a lot of people who wish to change their pic on Aadhaar card because of some or the other reason. There is a misconception that it is not possible to change the photo on Aadhaar card but the fact is that the image on Aadhaar card can be changed. Some people need to change their photo because their appearance changes with time and other might need it because their present photo on Aadhaar card is not clear or blurred and the government has already created a provision for any such changes.

The same can be done through the offline medium and in this article, we have listed the process to change the Aadhaar Card Photo through the offline mediums.

Steps to Change Aadhaar Card Photo via Offline Medium

– To change the photo on Aadhaar card, you would require visiting one of the Aadhaar enrollment centers. After visiting the center, you can obtain the Aadhaar correction form from the enrollment center.

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– Fill in the details on the Aadhaar correction form and then proceed with the biometric verification of Aadhaar card. Once the verification is done, a new photo will be taken on the spot and the form will be submitted.

– It is also mandatory to pay Rs 25 as the fee for Aadhaar correction as most of the centers ask for the fee for correction and once you have paid the fee, the executive at the Aadhaar enrollment center will submit your form.

– The executive will give you a unique request number for tracking the request and once that has been done, you will receive your Aadhaar card within a month at your residential address.

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– You can also track the status of URN through UIDAI website and if the request is complete, it is also possible for you to download the Aadhaar card through online medium.

Changing Aadhaar Card Photo through Online Medium

As per the information available, it is not possible to change the photo on Aadhaar Card through online medium. The restriction is imposed to prevent people from misusing Aadhaar card and hence you would not be able to change the photo on Aadhaar card through online medium. If you want to change the photo on Aadhaar card, you would have to walk into the nearest Aadhaar Enrollment Center and fill in an Aadhaar Correction form for the same.

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  1. Chacko says:

    If the camera or the idea of the Person who taking the is not good, Our photo also will not good.
    Govt should allow to put Passport size photo from external.
    In Gulf countries, we are getting Civil IDs with Good Colour Photos. Now our system is very Bad.

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