10 Easiest Ways to Become Rich

“I want to be a billionaire so freaking bad, buy all of the things I never had”, Bruno Mars. But the question is How to become rich?

Being rich has diverse significances for everyone. Rich does not only mean wealth but can also  denote the accumulation of possessions like health, intimate associations with family and friends, a satisfying profession, and entertaining interests.

Obviously everyone wants to get rich, but not all know what they need to do to acquire wealth. Becoming rich is not a cake walk. It is an assortment of luck, talent, persistence and skillful decision making. One needs to set oneself on a track that leads to a financially inspiring profession, then handle finances judiciously by investing, saving and also by reducing living expenditures.

Business Ideas

So if you want to get rich, there are only two things that you require – determination and desire

Given below are ways to become rich:

1. Invest in yourself

The first and foremost thing one can do is invest in oneself. Spending more time in refining skills, talent and gain more knowledge and experience about the field of specialization. Meeting people who might help you achieve goals. The more talented you are, the more valuable prospects open up for you. Get a mentor and learn how you can be the best version of yourself.

2. Start a business

The mantra is “If you are love doing something, never do it for free.” Work hard towards your passion and to ensure that your venture thrives, you must enjoy what you do. Plan and implement accordingly. Invest wisely, take personalized services and don’t be embarrassed of endorsing yourself. Be a pro & reflect a professional image.

3. Investment

  • In stock market – One of the laziest way to get rich – Though investing in stock market is an uncertain business still there are people who invest in it and make it big. Some products which are doing well, their stocks are priced way too high. And if investment in low cost business is planned, it is a huge risk as there is an uncertainty in survival of the business. Therefore, it is recommended to always start with small amounts and then proceed further if the good results are visible.
  • In real estate– It has become a common investment mode. Buying, developing and then selling a property is a sure shot way to actually multiply the money manifold.This market provides big gains but it is quite complicated as compared to investment in stocks.
  • In Mutual funds – Best known as “an investment of other investments”. Investments get expanded when your securities are pooled with other investors. It is professionally managed. You can invest in stocks, bonds, cash and merchandises like real estate and foreign properties. Like securities, the risk is also shared.

4. Rent out properties

One can maintain a 9 to 5 job and earn an additional income if you own a rental property. Just renovate and upgrade the facility will add value to it and will increase the money flow.People who work full time and rent out properties are likely to get rich early.

5. Online jobs

There are authentic sites on the internet where you can literally sit at your computer 24 hours a day and do online jobs. There are various websites where you can do freelance jobs associated with your skill. Most likely you will not get rich right away, you will probably never sleep, but you can make a substantial amount of money along with your additional income.The various kinds of online jobs are:

  1. Filling forms
  2. Surveys
  3. Offline typing
  4. Data entry

6. Create a YouTube channel

Make a viral video that generates billions of hits. This may not be the easiest way to get rich but there are multiple people who own a YouTube Channel and have generated lot of money just by creating their own shows. Though the entire process is cumbersome but it you have some talent to showcase, this might be a way to go.

7. Think out of the box

Innovative thinking is the key to success. You can bring up a new idea and start earning money. Few of the new trends are:

    • Rental – Things like Automobiles, clothes, books, jewelry and apartment can be put up for rent.
    • Tiffin service – Food is a basic requirement of a human being therefore it can never go out of trend.Tiffin can be providedto people who are working or studying away from home.
    • Food Truck – Usually, food trucks are put up outside malls, school, offices and industrial places wherein people can relish the homemade food while being on breaks. One can find basic food like vegetable stew and rice and other varieties as well.
    • Social Media– Even though it’s a new trend, it provides huge money making opportunities which are quite productive. Affiliate Marketing, managing the social media profiles of various brands.Can be done remotely as well.Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook can help greatly.
    • Baby Sitting& Day Care – If you like to spend time with children and keep them engaged all the time, it can be a great way to earn money. You will gain hands on experience in dealing with kids and they are a great source of enjoyment.
    • Pet sitting – It is creating a buzz. An authentic way to earn money and the only requirement is your love for animals. It is a privilegeand a great stress buster for people who love spending time with animals.

8. Multi-Level Marketing

MLM is becoming one of the easiest way to get rich. You don’t need any specific qualification or an investment but only a high level of stubbornness& the best MLM plan. But beware of the scams as well. It is a very low cost venture and you have the freedom to decide how and where to work.

9. Create a budget

Most of us are brought up in middle class families. We are taught that money doesn’t come easy and thus we create budgets to keep a track of our expenses. But indeed it is a way wherein we can make money by spending less and investing wisely. One can set the limits of expenditure and firmly comply with them. Avoid spending money impulsively on unnecessary and imprudent things.

10. Marry someone who is very wealthy

Many romantic fiction portray a poor man or a woman getting married to a rich person and then leading an exciting life. It is most definitely a lazy way to get rich but not that easy. Most likely the rich would expect one to be with them for the sake of emotions and not money. One will have to go totally out of the way and the surety of it working out is very limited.


Money is necessity of every being on this planet. Yet, always remember that there are no shortcuts to success. Luck, determination and ability to foresee are very important. Opportunity knocks on the door but if you don’t know what to do with it, nothing can help you. Make smart moves, learn and grab more knowledge &don’t feel shy to ask for support.

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