Guide and Expert Tips on Buying Affordable and Comfortable Mattress Online

Have you ever wondered why you don’t get up fresh in the morning? Even though you have had eight hours of sleep? This is because your night was disturbing. It could be your gadget that had been ringing all night long or it can be your mattress that is troubling you. There are various ways to find out –

  • Continuous pain in the neck and headache.
  • Changing position all night to get sound sleep.
  • When your mattress makes it impossible for you to turn to any other position.
  • When you get up in the morning you have slight pain in your back and neck which goes away within an hour.

These few symptoms signal that your mattress is no longer benefitting your health. It can make your pain worse with time and there can be other back-related problems like swelling in your feet or numbness in the body. If you suffer from chronic pain in any part of your body due to illness or injury then you shouldn’t take your mattress problem leniently.

Ordinary mattresses have foam that absorbs the heat of the body. This makes you feel hot at night as your body emits heat which is absorbed by the foam. These days, smart mattresses are much in demand where temperature can be regulated depending upon the room temperature. This means, if you want, you can increase or decrease the warmth.

There are various kinds of mattresses in the market. Each brand comes out with special technology. It can get confusing when you reach the store to decide what brand is good for you. Some people prefer buying online as they try to save their time and energy by hunting every store for various options within their budget.

Here is the list of all kinds of mattresses available on the market:

  • Memory Foam
  • Inner Spring
  • Hybrid
  • Latex

Memory Foam 

It was manufactured by NASA in 1970 to provide good cushioning to pilots and passengers in flight. After its positive results, this memory foam was used for commercial purposes like a mattress. The benefit of memory foam is that it spreads your body weight evenly on an entire mattress which gives tremendous relief from joint pain, restless nights, and uneasiness.

It has open cells that circulate air within, which is good when your body releases heat during your sleep. This way, your foam will never be hot and will not make you uneasy while you’re asleep. Innovations keep happening and now, there are gel-infused, support layers, and improved circulation of air available now, separating memory foam from gel memory foam mattresses.


This is the oldest technology where different varieties of steel coils are used to support. Either the spring is attached to a single unit or wrapped like pocket shaped coil individually. Once the spring is set, then it’s covered with foam or pad so that it doesn’t hurt you when you sit on your mattress. The kind of material used for padding decides comfortable sleep.

Earlier, there was just one kind of mattress with springs attached to it. With time, this used to make screeching noise and disturbed people every night. However, with time, the material change has given a lot of benefits.


It is the advanced version or a combination of various types of features in one mattress to give you extraordinary relief. The high-quality foam is attached with the best innerspring. This will give you multiple benefits of foam and innerspring as well.

The pocketed springs reduce the increase of motion that happens when you turn or change your position. Also, the memory foam gives comfort by giving you relief on pressure points. It also manages your body temperature as the foam has open cells which circulate air and keeps it cool.


Latex mattress was introduced to consumers in the 1960s. However, the rate of creation was so high that there was a scarcity of mattresses in the market and not everyone could afford them. Ever since advanced technology has helped us in developing things faster, the production of latex mattresses increased thereby reducing their price.

Latex mattress ratings help sleepers to sleep without putting pressure on their shoulders, hips, and many other parts of their body. It helps in giving proper alignment. Latex matters don’t put stress in motion which means, your partner can sleep peacefully even if you’re tossing the entire night.

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